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  1. I am developing a dashboard interface to Historian SE from Vantage Point, and would like to pull a listed report of the tags that have gone out of their range for the last 24 hours Does anyone have an idea of how this can be accomplished? Thanks.
  2. In motion control, there are many ways to calculate Drive resolution and conversion constant combination based on the units, the application and mechanical ratios from the motor to the output mechanism. However, inside the Drive properties in RSLogix5k, under Drive/Motor tab, they offer a quick tool to calculate them. That tool aims at rational combination of DR and CC to prevent decimal places error in the motion application. Does anyone know the exact method or formula they use to calculate those values? I am working on a application with several axis and I want to use that method of formula to calculate DR and CC for every drive based on the mechanical ratio using a spreadsheet. So I need to know what is "under the hood". Any help welcome! Calderón.
  3. Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to get in RSLogix 5k, using GSV (or different method) the real (raw) position value (encoder counts?) of a servo motor MPL-B430P-MJ72AA which has absolute mult iturn encoder. I know, the motor uses a max resolution of 2097152 pulses per revolution and up to 4096 turns. That means, its absolute position goes from 0 to 8589934592. Regardless the units/resolution/conversion constant combination configured on the drive, the system should always know the encoder position. Is there anyway the user/program can access that information? Thanks! Daniel.
  4. CLX Processor speed

    Ok. thank you very much. Closed.
  5. CLX Processor speed

    Thanks Eddie that works for me. Do you have more detailed information on the processors themselves? Calderón
  6. CLX Processor speed

    Hello, I know scan times depend on task type and logic insida each one of them. Neverthless, I'd like to know what processor working frequency is for ControlLogix CPUs so I can compare them between different manufacturers. Doesn anyone have that information? Thanks in advance.
  7. Motion Instruction inside AOIs

    Thanks, I can´t post the program and I know it makes it more complicated. The AOIs rung conditions are always true, i.e. we don't have rung conditions for the AOIs. BTW I found this tech note in AB's KB: http://rockwellautomation.custhelp.com/cgi...p?p_faqid=42520 With that info we could make them work better. Thanks again.
  8. Motion Instruction inside AOIs

    Hi, We are working with some motion control instructions that we have bundled inside an AOI. Basically what we have is MSO, MAPC, MAS and MSF instructions, in such way that we control them through input and output parameters. So far, it is working but sometimes, apparently random, when we deliver a stop command, the axis stops but we can see the .EN bit of the MSO instruction remains Set, no matter its rung condition is already false. When this happens, the Axis won't turn on again and we have to manually Reset '.EN' in the MSO, trigger an MSF and then try again. We don't understand why the MSO '.EN' bit is still Set regardless of the servo state and its rung condition. This only happens sometimes and when it happens, we have the problem to start again. When we do not use the AOI bundled Motion Inst, there is not such issue. Does anyone have a clue? Thank you in advance.
  9. PLC Programming standard

    Thanks bob. Thats a good start.
  10. PLC Programming standard

    Paul, very useful your opinion about the operating modes. I have always wondered about the use of separated intks and prmsvs for either auto/manual modes. Now I have a better idea about their use. Regarding the code generators, absolutely that's one of my targets in this campaign, but I think if any of you could send some kind of template or a simple piece of code (i.e. excel file with an example) that simply I could read and understand so I don't have to start from scratch I would be great. Thanks again for your time.
  11. PLC Programming standard

    Thanks Bob, I understand the confidential stuff and that's what I meant when I wrote about "generic standard". Thanks for the scan-time related tips. There's some topic I would like to know your opinion about: What do you think about the use of Permissives and Interlocks? I've seen that some companies use Permissives as conditions to start some device, and interlocks as required conditions for the device to be ON state. Do you think the use of both type of condition is always necessary? Regarding the devices/PIDs operating modes. Generally there are Operator and Program mode, but then you have Auto, Manual and Cascade. What do you think is the optimal use for those combinations? thanks again for you opinion and suggestions.
  12. PLC Programming standard

    Hi, I've been programming PLCs for a while many types of Machines and processes and I've dealed with a lot of different types of field devices (e.g. Motors, Valves, Drives, PIDs..) as well. Now, I'd like to start developing some kind of programming standard in order to be more efficient and program faster the PLCs. What I mean is to attain some level of standarization that describes how to name Routines, Devices, Programs (nomenclature).. and code segments for each device type I have, so I could simply copy, paste, replace, tag-based names. As I've worked with a lot of companies I know there are a lot of corporate standards out there. But I want to develop something generic so it can be customized according with the project I have. Since here we have a lot of PLC-Monsters, it would be great if you helped me with suggestions, docs or examples you simply have got around your career as PLC Programmers. Well thanks in advance and I' looking forward to hear from you. Daniel.
  13. Hello, As you could read in the title, I need to migrate a 4 axis 1394 Turbo rack to Kinetix 6000. Regarding the logic (GML), what do you think would be the best methodology to use in order to get it programmed in the RSLogix 5k software? Any soggestions are welcome. Best Regards. Daniel.
  14. FTView SE Server on Win XP

    Thanks Fuzzy.
  15. FTView SE Server on Win XP

    Thanks Fuzzy.