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  1. 2 HMI's 1 plc.

    We use Mitsubishi FX3u PLC and Beijer T7A HMI. Adding extra HMI (one or more) is not a problem at all. Periodically, we do it on customers demand. You only, have to tick option "OPC UA Server" in the project for the main HMI. In the project for other HMI, You have to add "OPC Client" as controller instead of the main PLC. All HMI to be connected with network cable through Ethernet. Note, that PLC is not affected. It means any PLC can be used. Beijer guys told, that these HMI are much better than their older E1000. A couple years ago our managers decided to migrate to Mitsubishi GOT panels, but recently decided to return back to Beijer. They offer a lot of advanced options to use and really good.
  2. MX Component C# Samples Missing

    Thank You very much Nightfly for the example. Please, inform what it was used for? In which project?
  3. MX Component C# Samples Missing

    I am interested in C# examples for Mitsubishi PLC as well. Read in one forum that this language is not popular among PLC programmers. Several years ago I looked for a project to communicate between PC and Schneider PLC. The only example I found was written for Visual Basic.
  4. FX3uc power connector

    Thank You for the answers. It looks like the connector is very special and available at the Mitsubishi only?
  5. FX3uc power connector

    Bought by chance in the internet the Mitsubishi PLC FX3uc-64MT/DSS. When delivered, discovered, that there was no power connector included. Can somebody recommend, please, where and what should I look for, to test the unit? Is it commercially available?
  6. Thank You Jeremy, this is very interesting. If I find Red Lion HMI, will try the scripting. Another questions: what operating system are used by HMI? Beijer IX use Windows CE, the Siemens panels as well (?). Mitsubishi GOT have their own operating system. What about others? A couple or years ago some HMI with Android were offered in the internet.
  7. Hi to everybody. Last years I use C# for programming Beijer IX panels and enjoy it. Found some solutions which may be usefull for other HMI as well. The questios is, what languages they demand for scripting? In Mitsubishi GOT manual is written "C-like language". What about other platforms used usually with Allen Bradley, Schneider, Omron, Siemens...?
  8. QR Code on HMI

    Hi gleblanc, thank You for the answer. My monitor has 800x600 resolution. Is it not enough?
  9. QR Code on HMI

    Thank You Mark. It is very interesting. I will try to get it. On which OS was it tested? Shoult it work with Windows CE?
  10. QR Code on HMI

    Just tried the qrencode-win32. Works OK, but this is not what is wanted. I do expect a script linked to some tags, and every time when the script is launched, an appropriate QR code image is renerated and shown on the HMI screen. Unfortunately, I haven't got the suitable software to test the example from Siemens. Did somebody try it?
  11. QR Code on HMI

    Dear MrAutomation, thank You for the answer and good advice. We use Beijer iX Panels as HMI. They based on Windows CE operating system. I will try solution You recommend. Does it work with Windows CE? Before, an example for generating a QR code for Siemens WinCC was found: http://support.automation.siemens.com/AR/llisapi.dll?func=cslib.csinfo&objId=51418740&mlfbclusterid=34502257&nodeid0=16502367&load=content&prodLstObjId=21848767&subtype=130000〈=en&siteid=cseus&aktprim=0&objaction=csview&extranet=standard&viewreg=AR As far as I know, WinCC use for HMI the Windows CE as well.
  12. Hi, Did somebody try or know how to create a QR code on HMI screen? The goal is quickly read data from PLC with a smartphone. regards, Wal
  13. Memory cassette FX3U-FLROM

    Don't think it is password protected. The PLC was delivered new to our customer in China. Sometimes things happen. Important to know that You tried this solution and it worked. Thank You very much.
  14. Memory cassette FX3U-FLROM

    Thank You Crossbow, I loaded program and parameters into memory cassette, then made transfer from the the cassette into PLC. After that switched off PLC and removed cassette. After second start, the parameters mismatch was noticed. Is it possible after pressing button on the memory cassette for transferring program and parameters, that parameters are not being transferred into PLC? What is safer, ask service Engineer simply put the cassette into PLC and run, or ask him (her) to transfer program from cassette, then remove it and run without the cassette?
  15. Memory cassette FX3U-FLROM

    Dear Crossbow and Theo V, thank You very much for the answers. After first try to transfer program from memory cassette into PLC noticed, that PLC parameters migrated to default state. So, registers D0..D255 were not latched (as they were set in my project) and that caused problem. What was wrong?