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  1. LOOKING FOR A GOOD LAPTOP CASE I have one of these that takes 4 pallets. I've been using it for about 10 years. They're sturdy, and can hold just about anything. They are definately worth the price.
  2. Compatibility Question

    Now if the contractor that I'm working with would only figure it out. The point of my asking was I wanted to see if what they're telling me is the truth. We're having a big sitdown next week to discuss their lack of progress and this is a large issue at hand. I've heard that Data-Linc has very good tech support as well, but these guys don't seem to be interested in contacting tech support for any issues that we've run across for the entire project. They implemented Iconics (my choice) without ever sending any of their people to the Iconics classes, and they wonder why much of the stuff they did, didn't work. I appreciate the replies, Ken, I figured it was possible, and it's just their failure to do research and ask for help when needed.
  3. Compatibility Question

    That is what I was thinking would be a work around for switching between modes. Problem is, this RTU panel is eventually going to be polling 42 different stations. So, unless the modem is able to store 42 different numbers and have them triggered to be dialed by the PLC, I don't think that solution is going to work either. Is there another device that should be used in conjunction with the PLC that would make this type of task easier to get running? Ugh, and now just thinking about this, I think I just found yet another problem with what has been supplied to us.
  4. Compatibility Question

    I believe that the same PLC and Modem is on the far side as well. These are standard POTS lines. This panel is supposed to dial out to a pumpstation, poll for information from the remote PLC and return the information to the local HMI. The contractor is claiming that they can get the modem to dial out, but once it's connected, it won't switch modes to transfer data. I can't recall the term they used at the moment about 'switching modes'.
  5. Gentleman, I currently have a project going on where a Contractor is to configure a Allen-Bradley CompactLogix 1769-L32E to use a DataLink DLM-4000 dialout to a remote station. Basically it's an RTU panel. Problem is, contractor is saying they've talked to both AB and Datalink and they're both claiming that it cannot be done with the Spec'ed equipment. My question to you, is this true? I did not write the spec, a third party did, and they're claiming that everything should work. Has anyone had any experience with this hardware in this type of configuration? Thanks alot.
  6. I do not know if there is one, but in all honesty, I cannot see a need for such bandwidth in a standard control network. I monitor all traffic on our control network daily and have traffic graphs for all devices going back several months. I have yet to see any sustained traffic over 1kps. I also have the system configured that the plant operators can pull up video surveillance over the network for various areas, and even with that running, we're not anywhere near using 100Mbs. If you like I'll post what some of my traffic graphs look like, but I cannot imagine a control network using enough bandwidth to warrant 1Gbs everywhere.
  7. Kepware has a product called Kepware Redundancy, priced around $1300.
  8. The best method would be to block the machine from accessing the internet at the firewall. How to do that would depend upon your firewall. Mine, I just add the MAC address of the machine to a Deny list and they are blocked from leaving the network.
  9. SCADA Hacking...Your Impressions

    I'm actually well aware of measures to take to prevent hacking. I guess I'm more interested in any anecdotes regarding poor implementations you might have run across in the field. Sanatized stories of course, don't want to embarrass anyone. Also, if you guys have heard of anyone that has hacked a SCADA network I'd be interested in any of those stories. I've found three instances on Google News so far, and all of them were people with intimate knowledge of the network. I'm looking to see if anyone has a documented case of someone with no previous knowledge of the network attacking one and actually making a noticeable process change. I've seen the CNN video of that generator self destructing, but I don't think their actual test was an adequate test of what a hacker could actually do.
  10. I'm currently doing some research for an upcoming presentation on SCADA Hacking and I'm wondering if maybe some of you guys that have extensive experience in PLC networks feel about the security of the networks that you work on. Mostly I'm wondering in your experience, what have you guys seen in the way of security? What do you feel are good security practices? What are some of the biggest issues you've seen that could be exploited? Feel free to post any comments or anecdotes that may apply. My presentation shall be video taped, and posted online a few weeks after it is presented. I shall return then and post a link to the video for anyone that is interested. Thanks.
  11. Nuisance Bubble Popup From Windows XP

    If you can find which registry key it is, and your group policy keeps changing it every night, then you can go to that key, and change the permissions for it so that no one has rights to change it. Basically remove all rights to that key. Then when the GP tries to change it, it will just fail on that particular update and move onto the next one. That might work out for you. I just went through the entire GP listing and there is nothing in there for turning off balloons for the printers. There's one for offline file reminders, but nothing for printers.
  12. AutoCAD Elec. 2006

    1. I would advise the person at work to check their credit card statements, because chances are, they're going to start seeing some fraudulent charges on it. 2. go to 'whois' and type in the domain name.
  13. AutoCAD Elec. 2006

    The other big No-No there is that if I recall, no Microsoft software is valid without a COA, and since you can't download the COA, it's not properly licensed. I get dozens of spam messages a day advertising sites like this. They're all scams.
  14. AutoCAD Elec. 2006

    Just to protect yourself, I would contact Autodesk directly and find out if they support a company doing that. It sounds fishy to me. Registration Service Provided By: ESTDOMAINS INC Contact: +1.3027224217 Website: Domain Name: MY4SOFT.COM Registrant: Domain Admin ( P.O. Box 65 All Postal Mails Rejected, visit Monster null,2680 AB NL Tel. +45.36946676 Creation Date: 13-Mar-2007 Expiration Date: 13-Mar-2008 Domain servers in listed order: Administrative Contact: Domain Admin ( P.O. Box 65 All Postal Mails Rejected, visit Monster null,2680 AB NL Tel. +45.36946676 Technical Contact: Domain Admin ( P.O. Box 65 All Postal Mails Rejected, visit Monster null,2680 AB NL Tel. +45.36946676 Billing Contact: Domain Admin ( P.O. Box 65 All Postal Mails Rejected, visit Monster null,2680 AB NL Tel. +45.36946676 I wouldn't touch that with a ten foot clown pole.
  15. Nuisance Bubble Popup From Windows XP

    Download TweakUI from Microsoft and install it. It has an option in there to turn off all Bubble messages as well as a bunch of other things that I think you'll like.