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  1. CX-One AUTO UPDATE topic

    Great minds etc...e-mailed Omron NZ with issue. Waiting for response.
  2. CX-One AUTO UPDATE topic

    Same problem as kku. Tells me there is an upgrade. The InstallShield appears and that is all she wrote. Any ideas??
  3. RSLogix5000 warning

    Why risk an issue. Just create some BOOLS (I use SYS_BOOL as an array). Then each ONS has it's own BOOL assigned. Neat and tidy......
  4. As they are all identical but there will be some sort of control in front of the PID's. Why not use an Add On Instruction? Then set the routine up as a Periodic event. Use a counter to incrementally step through the valves 1 - 80 and then repeat. I find the use of AOI's for identical code saves scan time and memory. Just my two cents.
  5. Flow Control via VFD Controlled Pump

    Try this..... on VFD flow control bit active... and not timer.dn MOVE an initial value into the VFD.SPProg, at the same time start the timer. Once the timer.dn is complete MOVE the required flow rate value into the VFD.SPProg. The initial value can be a % of total flow by using a simple calculation. Hopefully this helps.
  6. American Wiring & Safety Standards

    What a coincidence..... I work for an OEM and we export to the USA (Citrus industry). I am currently reviewing our standards to ensure that we are meeting all the requirements for the USA market. Wizard made a slight mistake: NFPA 70 (National Electrical Code) is a Federal code and different versions apply to different states. This covers building and infrastructure electrical requirements. Only of limited use for an Industrial machine application. NFPA 79 Electrical Standards for Industrial Machines. This is the manual which gives the information that you will require. UL508A Standard for Electrical Control Panel. If you go to the Rockwell Automation (USA) site and search for "American Standards" it will show a PDF file "Introduction to North America Standards." (ul-wp001_-en-p.pdf). This will give a good starting point for further information. Feel free to PM me for further information/help.
  7. ControlLogix

    As an OEM I use AOI (Add On Instructions) to lock proprietory code as required. General code is usually left in the unlocked state so the client can easily access. Even if you check with the client and they are happy for all the code to be locked, you know that within 6 mths they will change there mind..... not all of our systems have remote access to make this easy.
  8. Siemens Vs Allen Bradley

    Don't forget that AB uses DINT's and REAL's internally when running code. I utilise DINT's for HMI comms ie. 1st bit for push button, 2nd bit for FLG (Confirmation). I utilise 6 DINTs for HMI and internal function control. Have only just started on S7 so will see how it goes......
  9. Factorytalk View Studio

    Logix_HMI_Password.pdf I had the same problem before and here is one way around the problem. Tag: HMI_Login controls whether the protected GOTO buttons are visible or not. I create a numerical input that connects to Tag: PasswordEntered. If the password is correct then Tag: HMI_Login is Latched. After a set time the Latch is reset.
  10. Small HMI for Outdoor Use?

    Fitted a Maple Systems MAP460D to a Water De-ioniser. Spends all day outside..... although a small roof was placed over the cabinet/panel to keep the worst of the weather off . Or you could try a Hope Industrial Systems touch screen. Haven't had much experience but a good price .... even when it was sent to NZ.
  11. replacement for AB Panelviews

    We normally use a PV1500 or a Beckhoff 17" (with Intouch 9.5) for AB PLC's. A client specified L61, Intouch 9.5 and a Hope Industrial Systems 19" Touch Screen. Apart from the cost of the PC and Intouch License the HIS was REAL good value for money (even when shipped from US). Worked out cheaper than a standard PV1500+. More options to look investigate.
  12. RS View Studio After Runtime Download, no Exit Button

    dang... here I was thinking/hoping that AB had fixed the problem.
  13. RsLogix 5000 v17 Released

    And the difference from V16.00 to V17.00 is????
  14. Transfer my activation

    As noted by TW the use of a USB stick is perfect for this. I have both a desktop and laptop with Logix 500 V8.00, Logix 5000 V16.00. and View 5.00. The licences for these applications are all on a USB stick. Want to use the laptop...... insert stick... start application and then remove stick. Want to use the desktop....insert stick... start application and then remove stick. Rockwell DEFINITELY does not like this...... would prefer I buy individual licenses. If you still have master disk activations this is one way to go....... beats the hassle of Factory Talk Activations.
  15. RS View Studio After Runtime Download, no Exit Button

    Been there and seen that......... this did seem to be a re-occurring problem with V4.00. Laptop and desktop (XP Pro) had same problem downloading to a PV1500+. And yes the pop-up window does not exist. It seemed as previously noted that the transfer program is not receiving the end of transfer bit so it waits..... although when I reloaded the MER file on the PV the updated file was there. Another Rockwell mystery. Have now updated to V5.00... no probs so far...