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  1. Hello,   Currently, we have a machine using C200HX-CPU64 and C200H-MC221 connected to sero U-series. Now we upgrade the servo and replace set of G5-series (R88D-KT15H + R88M-K1K030T-BS2), cable between MC and driver is R88A-CPG001M1. The encoder was set to absolute  The issue is: MC221 can read the feedback position  from driver when we rotate the motor shaft but when we set RUN command (Servo ON) to Servo lock bit n+5 (bit 09),  Busy flag n+16 (bit 01) turn on and then Task error flag n+11 (bit 00) turn on, the MC occurs error 073: ABS encoder error (ABS I/F ERR) We tried many times but not successful.   We changed another new MC221 (downloaded all settings and programs), do the same step as above but this time MC occurs error 086: Wiring error   Does anybody have the suggestion to help us to solve this issue? This is very urgent case.   Thank you in advance. Canh    

    Did you upload Setting , Expansion Instruction and the memory (HR, DM, TC) from running CQM1?
  3. Hello, I have two problem and need the help 1. I want to adjust contrast and brightness but I don't know how to access system menu? 2. I need make the communication cable between XBTOT 2110 (COM2 RS422/485) & S7-200 Please help
  4. Could upload program from Schneider HMI XBTOT2110? If any, please tell me how to. I need your help. Thank you.
  5. NT-Support Tool V4.8

    Hi, I need to download Japanese program to NT31C but Japanese cannot display on English System. I installed NTST 4.8E (English) and also NTST 4.8J (Japanese) but in System installer, it shows OMRON Direct Access (E), mean English only. Please help me to find a Japanese one. Thanks
  6. How to delete program in Omron NB HMI?

    I want to delete program in omron NB5 (initialize) but cannot find in manual how to do that. Please help me.
  7. How to change port on CX-Designer project?

    Many thanks to uncle Jay.
  8. How to change port on CX-Designer project?

    Hello, Ethernet port on NS12 had fail now and I want to change to serial port A. Anybody know how to change ETH to SERIALA that no need to change host in object by object? Thanks so much.
  9. Upload/download GP3000 via COM port

    Could make a USB cable for download/upload?
  10. Upload/download GP3000 via COM port

    Hello, Could GP-Pro Ex software upload/download from/to GP3000 (AST-3501T) via COM1/COM2 on GP? Thanks
  11. Omron G series Encoder cable

    Hello, Does anyone know pin out of absolute encoder cable R88A-CRGA003C and pin out of encoder connector of motor R88M-G75030H-S2? I know right model of increment encoder cable is R88A-CRGB003C but the delivery is too long, so I want to replace another suitable connector of R88A-CRGA003C to connect to R88M-G75030H-S2. Please help! Thank you in advance.
  12. Problem with CQM1H program

    Hello PDL, That's what I need. Thank you very much.
  13. Problem with CQM1H program

    Hello, This is the second time I encountered problems on CQM1H program. I attach CQM1H-CPU21 PLC program and NT31C screen. The problem: alarm page (page 14 and page 24 on NT31C) have shown that in the program I do not see any command to assign LR0 with # 14 or # 24. When the screen displays these pages, at that time LR0 again with #14 or # 24. Please help. Thanks in advance. May han.cxp May han.rar
  14. Problem with NS recovery update on NS12-V1

    I have retried with two fresh CF card (128MB & 64MB), but not succesful. I discoveried that there is another CF card behind CF slot. I have searched on the internet, this CF card is system ROM. I think the system program in this CF card has been corrupted. And if copy image from good CF card, it can run again?
  15. Problem with NS recovery update on NS12-V1

    Hi, Now I have a problem with NS12-V1 I uploaded System (via System menu) from NS12-V2 to CF card and then I downloaded from CF card to NS12-V1. The result is system error #10. Turn the power off and on again, NS check hardware ok but system error #10. I have tried to recovery system on start up with version from 6.2 to 8.4 but no result, When I insert CF card and turn NS on, display black screen only and orange LED lit. I also change many CF card but not better. Please give me an advice. Thank you.