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  1. SLC 5/05 online editing

    Thanks, I give it a try
  2. SLC 5/05 online editing

    I have a network of SLC 5/05 PLCs that I recently converted from 5/04s. Ethernet network is working fine and all plc network diagnostic counters are ok. I am having a problem with online editing. When I start an online edit, it works but when I go to test edits and assemble, I get probems kicking me offline. Any ideas what the problem maybe? I can up and download without any problems. Thanks,
  3. CPU318

    If your having issues with specific hardware selection, call siemens US tech support. They are excellent in getting back to you. Although the have a paid service, they still answer all calls usually get back to you in 2-3 hours. They also have a good website with a technical forum and literature downloads. Phone number is 800-333-7421. Website link is:
  4. DF-1 Half-duplex message-based RF Communication

    I have done several scada projects using 900MHZ spread spectrum modems. 900Mhz, 2.4Ghx and 5.8 Ghz all end up being line of sight for long transmission distances. Typically you are limited on power as the frequency goes up. I know that 900Mhz RF modems can only have 1 watt of power for transmission to comply with FCC regulations.
  5. Midline Instruction S7-300 processor

    Thanks, I will check the logic out with this in mind.
  6. Midline Instruction S7-300 processor

    I have a processing line in one our facility that was programmed by a vendor. It has several midline output instructions used in the logic. (#) They have M addresses associated with it. As soon as the preceding logic prior to the midline output is true, it is my understanding a 1 is stored in that memory location. Do you have to repeat the (#) midline instruction wtih a INOTI instruction in front of it to place a 0 in the M location? Help files are not very clear on this issue. Any assistance is appreciated.
  7. Small siemens PLC

    It does sound like a good fit for a S7-200. Siemens has a small HMI text type display the OP73. You would need to buy the software. They were selling the display, cable and software for a bundled reduced price. Check with your Siemens distributor. The OP3 will allow data entry, text display and multiple menus as well as language switching.
  8. Step 7 lost license

    If is was a license copy to begin with, you can contact Siemens support and they will usually send you a floppy with a new license for it in a few days.
  9. I have a Wonderware system that runs a few VB6 programs. Anyone have advice on converting VB6 code to Since VB6 is no longer available. has a conversion utlitity but wanted to know if anyone has used it or would it be better to just rewrite code in
  10. S7 Lite Licence ?

    S7 lite works fine but you will not be able to use it to connect to any processor by profibus or ethernet.
  11. 1785 ENET Sidecar and BootP

    You may be able to use the "Force Renew command" from you AB BootP utility to force the 1785-ENET without cycling power.
  12. TD200C how to change screens from program

    Try the Siemens Knowledge database. There may be an example in there. link
  13. Panelview Plus 600

    Developer should have a selection to go to terminal setup screen. From the setup screen you can get the IP setting. You can set your ip based on this and connect directly by a crossover cable or if their is space on the hub, plug in there with a standard RJ-45 cable. There also should be a serial port on the unit, you can connect using it. You have to setup rslinx to have a driver for either ethernet or serial to connect to the unit.
  14. S7-300 Indirect addressing programming

    I did end up change the above mentioned addresses in the final program. Thanks for your assistance
  15. S7-300 Indirect addressing programming

    I have a S7-312 processor and have an application that needs to index through and convert 40 DINT's to S5Time format. I have used FC 40 and using the pointer register to read and write to the FC block in the code below. But I need to be able to increment through the the memory words to process all 40 entries. I am new to S7 any suggestions appreciated. L P#0.0 T MD 0 L P# 160.0 T MD 4 L DBD [MD 0] T MD 12 Call FC 40 IN :=MD12 RET_VAL :=MW14 L MW 14 T DBW [MD 4]
  16. Analog input with ML1500

    I would take a look at the ultrasonic application and make sure you have it configured for the correct tank dimensions. If it is a cylindrical tank with a flat bottom, little setup should be needed but if bottom is angular in shape, you will need to take that into consideration with the configuration of the transmitter. Most ultrasonic transmitters allow for taking this into consideration but the actual way they input the calibration data varies widely. Your vendor should be able to provide assistance, if needed.
  17. S7-300 Indirect addressing programming

    Thanks for your reply. Iwill give it a try.
  18. S7-300 over DP has opc and drivers available for most products
  19. Ethernet/IP to DH+

    Thanks for all that posted. We do, in fact have a KF2 onsite. I will take this approach to keep the cost down since we will be upgrading shortly. Thanks again
  20. Ethernet/IP to DH+

    I am aware of AB Controllogix Gateway but was looking for a more economical third party unit since this is only a short term install till we upgrade the DH+ network to eithernet.