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  1. Step 7 - Entering a Label in LAD

    Jump goes into rung you are jumping from. Label is in a box format above the rung in the network you are jumping to. Label is not shown connected to power rung.
  2. S7 300 Getting online

    There use to be a limited version of S7 programming software you could download from siemens website. It could not work on a network but if you connect directly to MPI port with their cable it works well enough for stand alone applications.
  3. Remote IO Scale Module is Failing

    How is the system wired? is it daisy chained or trunkline/dropline? Sometimes daisy chained systems can be a problem. Check overall length of run and connections at each junction.
  4. 200 series remote comm's

    I assume you are going to install modems at each location and dial up the remote site by conventional phone line. This will be slow and depending on the phone service in India, you may get fustrated with disconnections caused by line noise. But it can be done. I would talk to siemens for suggested modems and settings for the software.
  5. Import WinCC graphics

    Have you tried exporting graphic page from one project and importing it into the new one?
  6. Siemens S5 100U Download

    Are you downloading all the blocks or just modified blocks? Have you tried downloading all the blocks?
  7. 5/03 comms problem

    What values are your DCS writing down to the PLC? You maybe writing values outside the range of the integer data table causing the error.
  8. 5/03 comms problem

    I have been in the middle of DCS to PLC communication problems before. It has been my experience that the DCS end is more the touble than the PLC. Have you looked at the hardware/software combination that is the interface on the DCS? Is it a separate interface card that can be reseated or even reboot the firmware?
  9. Intellution problem

    You said you changed the IP address on your Fix32 station because of corp standards. Does the Fix Station sit on the corp IT net? If so, does the fix32 have two ethernet cards in it? One for the SLC 5/05 and one for the corp IT net? I am assuming that the SLC 5/04 talk to the Fix32 via Datahighway. The TI565 uses tiway? So the only PLC with ethernet is the 5/05? Just a few questions to clarify what your situation is. I have worked on both Fix32 and Ifix for years and Fix32 can be unstable sometimes. Depending on configuration.
  10. Timer limit

    Cascading timers - counters as suggested above usually solves the problem
  11. Remote Access

    If you can load any of the commerically available remote softwares on their scada system (PC Anywhere ect...) you could take remote control of the main scada computer. This would require siemens S7 programming software to be also loaded on this PC so that you could use it to troubleshoot the system. You also could just have a PC loaded with Siemens programming software that is connected to the profibus and also the facility computer network. You could then just remotely access it to troubleshoot problems.
  12. AB point I/O modules

    We are relocating a portion of a mixing line to another facility. We are redesigning the controls using compact logix and we were thinking of using point I/O with ethernet/IP communication cards to distribute tihe I/O. Wanted comments from people how have used point I/O and thier opinions of it from a installation and/or service perpective.
  13. Is PanelView Plus RIO Transfer Possible

    I just installed two panelview plus in the last few months. 1 had rio module. Lead commander is correct, using the ethernet or serial connection is the only options.
  14. SCADA - Kingfisher

    I am not familiar with the particulars of a Kingfisher unit but connecting any SCADA software to hardware is similar. You should have a driver in the SCADA Software that lets you configure they way you connect to the hardware. If your connecting by ethernet, serial ect... You configure this connection. Then you create tags, which are addresses in you hardware (kingfisher) that you want to either read or write data. This is a large overview. After this you have information coming back and forth from SCADA software to hardware you need to create you graphics for display.
  15. You should be able to install S7 5.4 SP3 then install the drivers for the USB PG interface. I have a HP notebook running XP pro and this works fine. You may try removing the drivers from the PC and make sure S7 5.4 is shutdown when you load the drivers. Plug the hardware in and the computer should auto detect then select to load driver from media you have it on.
  16. one millisecond software timer in S7-300

    In Siemens you can make your own timer by using an ADD statement with a reset input inside an FC, then calling the FC whenever you need a timer. It uses a couple of addresses from a data block - the accumulated value, a 1-shot, and a timer done bit. The minimum time base of the standard S7-300 timer blocks provided by Siemens are 10MS.
  17. We are discussing the use of Thin Client Terminals instead of plant floor PCs at one of our facilities that uses Wonderware. Wanted to know if anyone has implemented this type of system and the pros/cons they encountered.
  18. upload with simbols

    I you downloaded file from the plc and do not have the original, you will not have the comments. You will have to use any drawing files and recreate these in the ladder.
  19. Thin Client Terminal Servers with Scada

    Thanks, I will keep this info in mind if we end up going with thin clients
  20. S5 95u ? what program to use

    software toolbox has a package available to program the S5 PLC Look at
  21. Dash Numbers

    Under the system above you would have to use individual numeric entry for each item ## would be one #### another. You could have the operator enter the data all as one entry into a numeric entry example 7777777 then you could separate the data based on this entry and place it on the display in the correct format ##-####-#
  22. Dash Numbers

    Assign each grouping to a tag in your plc. ## first tag #### second tag. Program logic to take the tags and create the correct 11 or 7 digit number. That way the operator sees ##-####-####-# on the PV and your plc program can assembly the correct number. If you have to have the dashes on the display. An akward way to address it but it should not be difficult to do.
  23. I would agree with the prior postings, find a local distributor that will support you. They may throw in some training for free if your going to standardize on their controls in your plant. You may want to consider the cost of programming software as well as the hardware, also, if they charge for technical support outside the original purchase. I worked on 484s when I first came into the field, I thought they were long since gone. Just amazing there are some still out there.
  24. RSView Machine Edition Newbie Question

    Read through the post, some great tips. I have but a few PV+ in using RS Machine. If your dealing with the communications, the one item mentioned worth watching for is the local and target. Make sure you get the target setup. If your using a PLC 5, as noted in the postings you will have to deal with import/export from RSlogix5 then bring the tags into the application. You can test the communications by writing the app over to the PV+ then just using the setup screen on the PV+ to view and make sure it is setup as your target settings. Regards,