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  1. PLC2 Program needed

    I did several plc2 to plc5 conversions and would agree that it is better and most of the time faster to rewrite the program than to use the conversion utility. Only the simple relay only type of logic converts clean. Any sequencer or math do not convert correctly.
  2. File Name: S7-CPs for Industrial Ethernet File Submitter: Rod_Hackney File Submitted: 25 Mar 2008 File Category: Manuals, Tutorials S7-CPs for Industrial Ethernet Configuring and Commissioning manual Click here to download this file
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    S7-CPs for Industrial Ethernet Configuring and Commissioning manual
  4. File Name: counters and Accumulators File Submitter: Rod_Hackney File Submitted: 25 Mar 2008 File Category: PLC Sample Code Counter/Accumulator examples Click here to download this file
  5. counters and Accumulators



    Counter/Accumulator examples
  6. Cutler Hammer D50 PLC

    Check out this link It is to Eaton's website and provides information on the D50 series unit. Also, has a demo kit available for the D50 on this page.
  7. Memory Bottleneck

    I would check available memory on the processor as compared to the program additons you are adding. Also, check revision of S7-400 you are using, you may have a problem that a firmware upgrade could fix. A call to Siemens should get you an answer. Siemens will usually get back to you in a few hours even if you do not have a current service contract.
  8. VFD on Profibus

    If it is being added to the end of the profibus, it will require the addition of a termination resistor as well as the removal of the resistor from the prior end node. If you are using the Siemens quick connect DP connectors, termination resistor is built in and can be turned off or on by a switch on the side. Like any other bus, you will have to assign profibus address and make sure the node number is not used by an existing node.
  9. TP27 Error

    Did you load the program into the TP27? It should have a configuration done in either wincc compact or protool siemens utilities. If it is connected via profibus, there will be termination resistors on each end of the network between the siemens processor and the TP27. I attached the installation manual for the TP27 Tp27.pdf
  10. Communicating with external devices

    Does the density meter put out? an ASCII protocol? If you can define what the meter can send out on a serial string, I am sure the forum can assist. Post more specifics about the meters serial protocol.
  11. Controllogix connection to S5 PLC

    With AB not supporting interbus you may want to go another direction. Both AB and Siemens support profibus. You can get a profibus module for S5 from siemens and AB has third party vendor prosoft that makes a profibus board.
  12. preserving DB content

    You could open the DB block you wish to make changes to and do a Save As from the menu and give it a DB block number not shown in your system. This will create another DB block with the contents of the one you are going to edit. then you can close it and open up the original to edit it. If something goes wrong with the original you could always open the backup and save it with the originals name to restore the original settings.
  13. File Name: Siemens S7 STL Programming Set File Submitter: Rod_Hackney File Submitted: 5 Mar 2008 File Category: Manuals, Tutorials Siemens S7-300 S7-400 STL Instruction Set Click here to download this file
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    Siemens S7-300 S7-400 STL Instruction Set
  15. File Name: Siemens S5 Manual File Submitter: Rod_Hackney File Submitted: 5 Mar 2008 File Category: Manuals, Tutorials Siemens S5 user manual Click here to download this file
  16. Siemens S5 Manual



    Siemens S5 user manual
  17. SLC 5/04 Communication Thru NET-ENI

    I have installed a few of these on SLC 5/04 units. Take a good look at your ENi configuration, this is usually the problem. You can post your ENI settings as well as RSlinx settings and I am sure this forum can assist.
  18. File Name: Siemens S7 quick start guide File Submitter: Rod_Hackney File Submitted: 5 Mar 2008 File Category: Manuals, Tutorials Siemens S7 quick start programming guide Click here to download this file
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    Siemens S7 quick start programming guide
  20. Starting career in automation

    There are numerous sample codes available for download on this site. Look at your menu bar at the top of your screen when in the forum section for the download code section.
  21. GE IC693MDL330 Output card

    I am assuming that the IC693MDL330 is a typical AC output card that uses a triac ouput. If this is the case you have two options: 1. Add an interposing relay. 2. Add a burden resistor in parallel with the load sized in resistance to a value capable of bringing down the voltage resulting from the leakage current, but not so low as to create undue heat generation.
  22. Rate from HSC

    The following is from an AB tech note I used sometime ago, Hope it helps. Calculating a Rate value from a MicroLogix 1200 or 1500 High Speed Counter The MicroLogix 1200 and 1500 processors do not have a built in function to count a rate value on the high speed counter inputs. This example shows how to calculate a rate value by the use of an STI. For this calculation the STI must be unused for any other function. For High speed DC pulse inputs any of the 1762 or 1764 bases that support DC inputs may be used. First the STI settings need to be entered including STI ladder file number and setpoint. The setpoint will also double as the rate period for the calculation. For this example it is desired to have the final rate value be in hertz, so the setpoint has to be a minimum of 1 second and only in increments of 1 second. So the setpoint will be 1000 msec. Values other than whole second values are possible however the unit value of the rate will need to be considered when the calculation is finished. For example if the rate period was to be 0.5 Sec (500ms) do not divide the setpoint by 1000 as show in ladder file 4 but just divide the accumulated value by the setpoint with the final answer resulting in kilohertz. Input filters, for the HSC inputs may need to be adjusted to allow for high speed counts to be read.
  23. RSLinx Driver for Allen Bradley 5/01

    I am running RSlinx Classic version 2.52 and there is a driver for the 1747-PIC listed. It is listed as 1747-PIC/AIC+ Driver.
  24. Serial interface between S7 300 and LabView

    It is my understanding that you are connecting together a S7-300 with a PC running labview. It sounds like you have a serial interface box you are trying to connect. The standard S7-300 series has a 9 pin serial port on it. Its protocol is MPI. You will need to make sure your serial interface supports MPI. Also, the labview will have to have a Siemens MPI serial communication driver running to allow you to read/write to the plc. I would check the with national instruments about labview communication drivers and siemens about interface to the specific S7-300 series processor you have.
  25. Error-code 8093 from SFC14

    so your running a Lenze drive as a DP slave. Have you double checked all your settings on the Lenze? I had a simliar problem so time ago with another drive manufacturer and it was profibus settings on their drive.