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  1. Contronet and Devicenet Tools

    I wanted to see what Allen Bradley and/or 3rd party tools my distinguished PLC colleagues are using on their Devicenet and Controlnet networks for troubleshooting. All comments are appreciated
  2. Certifications

    Also, to pauleng's post, we have a tech that checked into east carolina. It is a full accredited program BS in engineering technology but is not ABET accredited. Some companies want ABET accreditation as they oversee most engineering and engineering technology programs. I belive Old Dominon College in Virginia has a program that is ABET acredited but requires some labs be done on weekends and some summer week courses. Also, I believe NC State also has a similar BS Engineering Technology program for a BS completion if you have a AS degree in technology aready.
  3. Certifications

    Check out ISAs CAP and CCST programs. CAP is for automation personnel, CCST is for Techs Both are being sought out more in the process industries
  4. Developing a new specification for ControlLogix programming standards for outside vendors. Wanted to get the forums insites. Any assistance appreciated.
  5. Configuration Standards for HMIs

    Developing standards for HMIs for outside vendors to use. Looking for comments from the forum.
  6. Ethernet Switch manufacturers

    The company I work for is opening a new facility and it provides the opportunity to install ethernet network from the ground up. Most lines in the facility will use ControlLogix processors with a few other manufacturers PLCs mixed in. We currently use Moxa ethernet switches at our other facilities but wanted to get the forums opinion on ethernet switches and your experiences.
  7. Ethernet Switch manufacturers

    Thanks to all that replied, I will checkout the suggested manufacturers. We are planning on going with fiber and the suggestions here will be helpful.
  8. DH+ network questions

    Yes, are are correct if just unplugging a daisy chained network would not break continuity. It would be maintained by the connector. Suggest based on wiring being changed at node during installation / new installation.
  9. DH+ network questions

    If your going to have to be able to remove the node without disturbing the network, I would suggest the use of the Trunk/Drop topology.
  10. Using WinCC with a OPC server

    Based on the manufacturer of your plc, you should be able to access the diagnostic registers with wincc or an OPC server. You might want to post the PLC that you are using and what you are trying to access for comment. Post it under the appropriate PLC manufacturer forum.
  11. Panasonic FP-X and Proface Screen - HELP!

    Can you check the Panasonic FP-X program. Maybe something in run mode is locking up the port. Check for port settings in the Panasonic and the program.
  12. funtion bloc

    There are several S7 guides posted in the download areas. Check them out.
  13. You can use the DBload and DBdump feature. It is available from the Wonderware application manager. Will allow you to import/export tag database.
  14. I reviewed the email you sent. It reflects that the supervision pc is running Microsoft server and the Wonderware program. In order to make any changes to the Wonderware program, you have to have a development license. IF you only have a runtime license, it will not let you open a program called window maker that wonderware uses for modifications. I have not seen you wonderware configuration but there are two basic ways that wonderware might be transfering the files. If can be using an internal script that is trigged by an event (the specific time to transfer the files) . The other means would be that Wonderware would run a executable which would be a program written to transfer the file. It would be written pehaps in visual basic or C and compliled. The only way to see the specifics is to open you wonderware configuration with windowmaker and check your configuration for setup. If your not familiar with window maker there are several downloads/tutorials available with wonderware. It would be good to know the version you are running.
  15. AB to BACnet/IP

    I have used field server products in the past and found the product as well as the tech support very good. I can speak only for the overall product as I did not specifically use the bacnet protocol converter.
  16. You will need to specify what architecture you have. Is the supervisory pc running wonderware the main server in the system? Does the reporting pc run Wonderware? If so is it another full server version or is it just a client node? Or are you running a database and using odbc to pull data from the supervisory computer?
  17. Step7 and Com Port1

    I have not had a problem with Step 7 locking any ports on our companies PCs. We have numerous locations and they all have PCs running step 7 as well as other softwares that use the com ports. I would suggest looking at WinCC as it is an HMI product you may have a driver being loaded that uses the com port.
  18. Low cost scada!

    IF you know VB programming, it is not to hard to program a small HMI in it. There are numerous support sites that sell drivers you can use with VB. Software toolbox has a good selection.
  19. reducing scan times

    If you can post your code in a PDF file, I am sure this site can give assistance. I do not have the S7-200 software but have used it in the past. IF your not getting a scan error and shutting down the plc it may be a logic glitch in the program that is only happening under certain circumstances.
  20. 1774 PLC

    I would be careful putting 1771-ASB modules and PLC5s into older racks. In the 90s, I did quite a few PLC2 to PLC5 conversions and ran into version compatibility issues on older hardware.
  21. Windows Based Step 5 problem

    I am running V7.2 had issues with prior versions running on XP.
  22. CompactLogix Ethernet Communications

    As stated above it is best to talk to Atlas Copco tech support and see what protocols they support. Then you will have a list you can compare to ABs capabilities. If you do not find a match between the two, do as paulengr suggested, find a device that can translate between the two.
  23. Siemens WinCC questions

    I just added a WinCC tutorial to the available downloads on this site. Check under Siemens manual downloads and you will see the zipped up tutorial. It covers most of the questions you stated.
  24. File Name: WinCC Tutorial File Submitter: Rod_Hackney File Submitted: 19 Aug 2008 File Category: Manuals, Tutorials WinCC Tutorial Click here to download this file
  25. WinCC Tutorial



    WinCC Tutorial