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  1. Siemens Vs Allen Bradley

    I would compare a Siemens S7-200 to a allen Bradley micrologix controller, a siemens S7-300 to a compactlogix controller, a siemens S7-400 to a ControlLogix processor. Siemens S7-300 and S7-400 use same programming software support IEC 1131 programming languages. Siemens S7-200 has its own software
  2. RSView Text Messaging

    Does the second site have a direct line or is it use a dialing code to get out like entering a 9 then the outside phone number. I have seen site that have direct lines and also ones that have to have a prefix entered to get an outside line.
  3. Wonderware InTouch 9.5 Remote Monitoring

    Are you stating that the Wonderware I/O Servers are the two floor computers and that the operators on the floor run the systems from them? Your computers in the control room just store the application files and your floor Wonderware I/O servers read the files upon startup? If so, can you just install a wonderware client node in the server room to check the status of the floor computers?
  4. PID Implementation - Developing a plan

    With a long delay you stated, you might want to look at the advance process control addons for ControlLogix. I ran into a system we had to replace the PID with the IMC control in order to tune the long delay. When we used a PID, we had to detune the loop so much to get it to work that large process upsets did not respond fast enough.
  5. Allen Bradley's Devicenet verses Ethernet I/P installation

    Our company looks at them from different perspectives. We use devicenet as a "device" bus off of the ControlLogix system to interface field equipment, "MCCs" ect... Use ethernet/ip to connect systems together.
  6. Log data from CompactLogix

    I have used what Bob O stated, XL reporter on a few projects. It is fairly inexpensive easy to use but you will need an OPC server at the least to server up the data to XL reporter. The best way to go is what Pauleng stated that gives a more longterm solution robust solution.
  7. HMI with Mobus RTU can run at low temp (-40C)

    Can you go wireless and place the HMI in the cab and the controller on the trailer of the truck? This would allow the HMI to be portable from truck to truck with similar hardware on the trailer.
  8. Entivity Think & Do problems with Access database

    I do not have any experience specifically with Think & Do software but I have done a number of other HMI type packages that wrote to an Access databases. If it works most of the time and only periodically does not function, I would look at the scripting that triggers the sql command to write the data to the Access database. Can you look at your date stamp and see when it is occuring is it around the same time of day? This may narrow to problem in the script.
  9. iFix 2.1 upgrade to 5.0 any gotachas?

    For iFIX software releases 2.6 and above, there are 3 different brands of hardware keys that are supported: Rainbow Sentinel Superpro; Aladdin M1 HASP, and Aladdin M4 HASP. Each of these keys has its own required drivers and installation requirements depending on the version of the iFIX software that is installed. So you are sure to need a new hardware key which will require you to trade in your existing key. i would recomend running Windows XP Pro with at least service pack 2. I would not run it as a service just drop it in the startup group. Prior versions of iFix have be a problem running as a service under windows. I have had mixed success with ifix 5.0 running as a service. you also may want to check the version of the driver your running for any updates.
  10. We are currently using controlnet to network our drives to Controllogix PLC systems. I had a vendor wanting to use Ethernet/IP for a network of VFDs on a Controllogix project. It would be a dedicated network. I wanted to get the opinions on this issue. Thanks for your input in advance.
  11. RSLinx Professional with Wonderware

    John is right. If one of the machines is running rslinx and you want to use it as an OPC server you need RSLinx Gateway version. My simple example was depending on each Pc having its own device driver accessing the same plcs.
  12. Process supervision-help for beginner

    usually a basic plc driver for a HMI supervisory software (like Wonderware/intellution/WinCC) will allow connection of multiple PLCs of the same type. Example would be connection of multiple Siemens S7-300 PLCs. The plcs would have to be networked together with the HMI supervisory PC on the same network.
  13. InTouch 7 - Windows names cross reference

    Paul is right, wonderware does not have a built in tree like menu. I was just commenting on how people typically setup an overview screen and just buttons to open/close related graphics from it and how you might be able to follow the designers layout of graphics.
  14. RSLinx Professional with Wonderware

    If both access the same network of PLCs it may be just as easy for a few points to add them to the device driver on the Wonderware machine.
  15. InTouch 7 - Windows names cross reference

    I am not sure about the cross reference function with 7.1 but if your dealing with a limited number of screens navigation buttons should be present that open or close windows to create the tree-like overview of the graphics. If you can find the overview graphic (most systems have one) you can go from there. You will need a developer license to do this.
  16. Datas to OPC through Serial to Ethernet converter

    Is each Scada a I/O server (it collects data from production PLC)? If so, the OPC can get data from each respective Scada server. Does each plc have ethernet card in it not being used? You would need to network the Scada PCs to the OPC PC.
  17. Project BackUp- Intouch

    I usually backed up the PDB, PIC and Local directories in the intouch directory. This is where your main files that are not loaded during installation reside.
  18. Another Siemens Starter

    Try the siemens website. I believe some examples can be downloaded
  19. Ethernet Addressing Question

    Pauleng makes a good point about 1771 I/O. Our local AB distributor was pitching the special IFM adapters that allow you to plug 1771 swing arms directly into a 1756 chassis for a few PLC5 upgrades we have scheduled. Getting rid of the 1771 I/O structure is a good idea if it can be done in your project.
  20. FIX32 Demo

    If your wanting FIX32, I believe it is still supported you may be able to get a disk from your local GE distributor. GE now owns Intellution
  21. Wonderware 9.0 Alarm page

    Did you check the configuration of the point in alarm in the Wonderware Database. Do other alarms acknowlege? If so, check the configuration of the specific point.
  22. S7-200 Com . Protocols

    The port on the unit does PPI an Siemens protocol.
  23. AB Foundation FieldBus (1757-FFLD)

    We have two processes that we are replacing with controlLogix. We are working with a system that has 14 field instruments and we are connecting them with AB's Foundation Fieldbus module (1757-FFLD). We are using AB's RSFieldbus Configuration Software (9324-RSFBC) for configuration version 2.0. It has been, to say the least, an interesting experience. We have one up and running but still having some issues with the second. I wanted to see if anyone else has used this module and get their experiences with it. Thanks,
  24. Certifications

    You are correct pauleng, the program you spoke of is not ABET accredited. There are Technology programs that are ABET accredited and in most stated these four year program graduates can set for the EIT and after experience the PE exam. You are correct that ABET Engineering program is the way to go but ABET accredited Technology programs are also a good alternative as they are usually more flexible for working adults. I would stay away from anything not ABET accredited. Check ABET website for programs in your state.
  25. PLC 3 Communications

    We have a PLC 3 that controls part of a process. We are planning on upgrading this process area but it will not be for a few years. WE have immediate need to integrate a SLC 5/05 PLC with some of its information into the PLC 3. The PLC 3 has a Data Highway card in it but if I remember correctly, this is the original DH not DH+. Other than hard wiring another SLC5/05 near the PLC 3 and hardwiring the outputs to the PLC 3 does anyone know of a viable communications option for this?