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  1. CJ2M

    There are different data types you can use in the PLC and HMI(refer to CX-Programmer help) INT : whole number , like 15 REAL :floating point number ,like 1.5
  2. Telemechanique PLC TSX 17

    Hi Could you send me the link also? Thanks
  3. I didn't find any check box to display Date in the X-Axis in RSTrendX Properties. Is there a way to do it? Thanks
  4. RSView32 minimized auto run

    Thank you,I'll try with the macro.
  5. RSView32 minimized auto run

    Even with Minimized in the Run option of the shortcut it runs Maximized
  6. Hi All, In need to run a RSView32 project automatically,like with the "/r" option in the shortcut but Minimized instead of Maximized. Any idea how to do it?
  7. CJ2M CF Card Formats

    Hello JonE, I had a similar problem and found that CJ2M supports up to 2GB CF cards,so I "shrinked" the card using the following procedure:
  8. GE 9030 Uploading

    I found a CD of Versapro with LM9030 9.05 inside,I installed it in my laptop running XP without any problem. As you said I uploaded from the 9030 and then imported to Proficy Machine Edition. Concerning the firmware I'm thinking about copying the EPROM from a newer CPU using a EPROM programmer,then replace the old EPROM.Is this correct?
  9. GE 9030 Uploading

    Thank you Steve
  10. GE 9030 Uploading

    I have a GE 9030 I'm able to go online and upload the Hardware configuration using Proficy Machine Edition but not the Logic. I receive the following message: Error 8097 : Server Error - Transfer Error : Remote disconnect has occurred [ 0x6A][0x02] The selected memory could not be uploaded from the connected device Looking at the Proficy Help I found that this message may be related to communication via Ethernet module ,but in this machine there is not and never was an Ethernet module. The PLC was programmed in 1994/1995. May be someone can help Thanks
  11. Omron C500-ASC01 Basic Module

    Thank you!
  12. Omron C500-ASC01 Basic Module

    I need to upload the program and make some modifications in an old Omron C500-ACS01 Basic Module installed together with C1000H CPU. I got the C500-ASC01 Operation Manual and understand that it is possible to do it with a PC and Hyperterminal but there are not specific instrucions in the manual about how to to do it. May be someone can help me with this issue. Thanks.
  13. Omron ETN21

    I'm trying to configure the Omron ETN21 ethernet module to access it trough VPN without success. I am able to connect to other PLC's in the same network and also to connect to the moudule locally but not remotely trough VPN. I know the problem could be in the routing table but it is not so clear to me how to arrange it. May be some of you have done this connection before and could help. Thanks
  14. Ethernet settings

    I'm trying to configure the ETN21 to access it trough VPN with no success. I know the problem may me in the routing table but it is no clear to me how to arrange it for VPN May me some of you have done it before and coud help me. I am able to connect to other PLC's in the network and also to connect to the ETN21 locally.
  15. CQM1H-ABB21

    Hi Pdl, Thank you for taking the time to read the manual and reply my post. Yes,you are right,this certainly answers my question. Shaul