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  1. C programmable PLC recommendation?

    The actual article was in new scientist (7th March Edition) on pg 20 written by David Robson
  2. C programmable PLC recommendation?

    Off topic here.. Was just reading an article on solar cells and about quantum dots, Making the solar cells much more efficient. Are u involved with this kinda thing?
  3. What does everyone use to backup there scada clients? Currently using acronis but seems to take forever..
  4. web site

    Absolute zero and u have free energy ;)
  5. Who u logged is as on the 2k machine?
  6. GE 9030 PLC Clock

    In your PLC use the service request #7 for reading the date/time of the PLC. The service request write the date/time into 5 or 6 word. In your Cimplicity project, create points to read the date/time words. Create a periodic Event launching a script. In this script use the Date function to set the PC date/time. Thats what i found from google, dont know if its any help :)
  7. If u cant change the sound via RS View cant u just replace it with the audio file u want to play and rename it?
  8. How come you did your NVQ 3 in mech maintenance? As i see you have done ONC in electrical, Are you multiskilled? I did HNC after ONC and really enjoyed it, if you want to do it defiantly do it!!
  9. Would a ps2pdf convertor do the trick? If so check this out Also is it a one off thing?
  10. Going to be giving this a look in the next few minutes
  11. Drop out current

    Here is what the question was based on; A relay PLC switch has an inductance of 2H and resistance of 4Ohms. It has a current of 0.5A, when switched off Determine the time for the relay to drop out when the drop out current is 0.1A I get something like 804.72ms
  12. Did actually enjoy reading that, nice post
  13. Drop out current

    Thanks very much guys
  14. Drop out current

    Thanks for the info guys. A friend PM'd me this a few minutes ago too (just to throw it in) James says: if i remember correctly... and dont quote me on this... but isn't it to do with spikes on a current signal