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  1. Hi All, I have problem about programming serial module Mitsubishi PLC using QJ71C24N. If I unconnect the cable from the module and connect again it show SIO error and the communication become lost or not sending data again. so i have to restart the PLC to make it normal again. Any other solution for solve this error without restart the PLC? Thanks Husanto
  2. A0J2/H CPU

    can you give me a medoc software??
  3. A0J2 CPU

    Can you tell me where i can downloaded MEDOC Software??
  4. A0J2 CPU

    I have tried GX and it no work for uploading program from A0J2 CPU series. My friend have to use MEDOC for do that. So what the soloution?? MEDOC Or GX Developer??
  5. Calculate RPM

    the highest RPM is 160 RPM and the minimum is 60RPM. How do you think??
  6. Calculate RPM

    But it very slowly.. I want to display it on touchscreen. How about if the RPM under 60 RPM??
  7. Calculate RPM

    But I think we can use PRV2 and it doesn't have in CPM2A. Maybe you have algorithm for calculate the RPM?? Thanks
  8. Calculate RPM

    Hi All, I want to calculate RPM from motor. I use proximity for read the input signal with CPM2A. Can any body tell me how to calculate RPM with this system using CPM2A?? 1 pulse is 1 rotation. Thanks Husanto
  9. Upload From C2000H

    Thanks for the help..
  10. Upload From C2000H

    You means use C200H - LK201 + cable DB25 to DB9 Connection can upload program from PLC C2000H?? Thanks
  11. Upload From C2000H

    Hi All, Any body know what the cable i have to use for upload program from PLC C2000H to PC?? Please refer with connection diagram. Thanks
  12. Hi All, I have a problem about communicate from PLC Master K30 to XP3-BTE. Can any body help me how to communicate this system?? configuration cable and software i have to use.
  13. Communicate PRoface To GE Fanuc

    Hi All, Can any body tell me what the cable diagram for communicate PLC GE Fanuc with type versamax microcontroller IC200UDR005-BG to Proface or what the pin diagram for GE fanuc with that type?? Thanks Husanto
  14. Software Hakko GD-80E

    Hi all, can any body tell me how to upload program from touchscreen Hakko GD-80E, what software and cable that I must to use for uploading this touchsreen?? Thanks
  15. Software for Shihlin

    Hi all, I want to upload program from plc with type Shihlin SEPLC-A-30MR but i don't have a software. Can Anybody tell me what the software I should to use for uploading program from SEPLC-A-30MR?and how about the cable? Thanks