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  1. Old Medoc and a F1/F2 plc

    Use Medoc 2.40, it's a win32 text mode app.  Works fine with usb serial ports.
  2. Wago 750-881

    Set the dip switches back to the default.  If they are set to an address, the 881 will use it. Also, download the "Wago ethernet settings" utility.  It's a better way to set up the PLC.
  3. F940GOT firmware

    Well, since no one else answered this... As I recall (and this has been a while), I was using the SW2D5C software, and that included the OS, which may or may not be newer than the OS that shipped on the screen. When you download, there is an option to install the OS.
  4. Unbricking an FX3G

    Revisiting this, while these plcs look really clean inside, looking at them again under a powerful magnifier, I found corrosion everywhere. I suspect they got exposed to concentrated ammonia or chlorine gas. Thanks for your suggestions!
  5. Unbricking an FX3G

    So Cal
  6. Unbricking an FX3G

    That's another problem, my long-time local MEAU distributor is no longer an MEAU dist, and the new guys know nothing (and stock nothing). The MEAU tech support guy wanted me to send it to them, but I suspect that'd be a waste of the shipping fee.
  7. Unbricking an FX3G

    Yes, I tried switching to stop. Bear in mind that the code worked fine for a year and then it bricked. It's the same code I have running on a couple hundred installations, all with no problem. On site, it's connected to two FX2N-4DA modules, but those seem to be working. There's a third, new plc in place now that's working fine, no changed to code, config, nor wiring.
  8. Play Music with PLC? or what else?

    You could just use one of these with a PLC, cheap and easy to connect:
  9. Unbricking an FX3G

    Hi, I have two FX3G plcs that died in the same panel. One lasted about a year in service and died, so we replaced it with a new plc of the same vintage (the serial is only 5 apart), and it died in about a week. So, both PLCs power up ok, but run is off and the err light is flashing. They won't communicate via USB nor serial, so I can't connect to see what's up. Is there a way to unbrick these given that they don't respond on the comms ports? Thanks!
  10. Hi, I've got 8 enclosures in a smallish room and 7 of them will have 4 fans each, 500cfm each. So obviously noise will be an issue. Does anyone know what the quietest 508a friendly enclosure fan is? Thanks, Larry
  11. UL listed RS-485 burial cable

    Ok, if anyone ever needs to know this... it doesn't exist, but Belden can do a custom run, 5000' for $4,475.00, and it's UL listed.
  12. I don't see a better place to post this, so here goes... I have several RS485 runs going through underground conduits. The local inspector is demanding that we use UL Listed direct burial cable, which I'm not finding anywhere. I can find many cables that are 100Ω, but I have several long runs at the end that are the proper 120Ω cable, and I'm concerned with mixing impedances. Does anyone know of proper 120Ω RS485 (Can bus, DMX, etc...) direct burial cable that's listed? Thanks, Larry
  13. FX3GE / modbus

    Funny, I just checked with the IANA list of ports, and port 502 is officially the "modbus tcp" port.
  14. FX3GE / modbus

    Thanks Crossbow! I knew you'd know all the answers. So, when you say I have to use the -P502 to do both, I'm reading this to mean that I can't do both on the plain ENET module, even if I use another port?
  15. FX3GE / modbus

    Hi, I have a couple of questions that seem to have stumped the MEAU guys... 1) Can I use the ethernet port on the FX3GE for modbus TCP? 2) If so, can I use it for modbus and programming simultaneously? 3) If not, can I add the FX3U-ENET (I know you can have only one enet card, I suspect the onboard one counts) 4) Did MEAU lift the port 502 restriction on the FX3GE? (Why did they disallow the standard port? Why do they sell a FX3U-ENET-P502 to fix this, and why only in the EU?) Ok, more than a couple of questions, and one compound question... Thanks! Larry