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  1. PAC Machine Edition v9.80 Build 8695 performance issues

    Yes, I have consulted the manual and my laptop surpasses the minimum requirements. Windows10 Pro 64-bit, Dell Precision 5520, i7, 2.9GHz, 32GB RAM... I have no problem with the performance of any of my other programming suites. I just think that PAC ME is a dog.
  2. I'm new to PAC Machine Edition so I don't know if the lack of performance of the programming environment is normal or is it my laptop. It seems like every mouse click, every anything has a delay to it. The literature claims that this is high performance but I've not experienced that. Does anyone have any advice?
  3. No X in my XFER

    It looks like that may be my problem, I'll let you know. Thanks
  4. No X in my XFER

    I can set the value in the memory view or with a MOV instruction but the XFER is just not working for the D/H word data transfer.
  5. No X in my XFER

    @XFER N = 4 S = D532 D = D732 @XFER N = 4 S = D732 D = D532 Both work fine. ???
  6. No X in my XFER

    N = 4 S = D500 D = H101
  7. No X in my XFER

    I am haveing no success writing data back and forth between the H and M memory areas using the XFER instruction. I have checked the A500 registers but there are no values written there. Any suggestions? ECM
  8. CJ1M as MODBUS RTU slave

    Thank you both for your replies. Jay, You are correct, the Modbus sections of code are well documented. I should have been more clear. The Main task of the program was a mess. The documentation clearly states that the .mem file must be loaded into memory, I did not have that file nor was I aware of it's significance. My first problem started when I was trying to test code written for a CPU12 on a CPU11 PLC. All that I can surmise is that the ladder or the subroutine was corrupted when the program conversion was made. Once the original code was loaded into a CPU12 and the CRC table was loaded into memory the PLC appeared to respond correctly. Sleepy, This is an oilfield SCADA system that normally only communicates every 5-10 minutes at the most. I don't know certain, but I imagine that cost and the lack of demand on the comm port drove the decision to use the Host port. Jay may be able to shed some light on that. I have downloaded the file and the utility and will research the subject. I appreciate you both. ECM
  9. CJ1M as MODBUS RTU slave

    I'm new to the Omron PLC way of doing things so please forgive my ignorance. I have inherited a project that was started several years ago by Omron in Dallas then handed over to their distributor in Amarillo. There has been very little documentation and almost no commenting in the existing program. My job is to organize the logic, document it, give the customer the functionality that they require and make the communications work with a pre-defined template. I'm doing pretty good until we get to the communications thing. We have Modbus Host set up with a direct connection to the host port on the CJ1M-CPU11. The Modbus slave task is cyclic, the address is correct. The Modbus receive task is interrupt. We are using Modbus RTU: 9600,N,8,1. Switch 4 is On. When we poll the PLC the Comm LED lights but we get no response. I have checked the Modbus receive memory address but the count remains at zero. I am missing something, can someone tell me what it might be. Thanks in advance, Clark