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  1. c more micro

    Thanks for the help, however I cannot fiqure out the V word concept. I thought that you programed the look up text to key off of a contact but the look up text only allows a V address and like I said "just learning" my instructor does not know much about screen display programming.
  2. I have just installed a plc (12vdc) om my homebuilt aircfaft. everytime I start the engine. my plc goes dead. I have tried a new battery but that did not help. Is there anything someone could suggest to keep my plc up when I am starting up? Thanks for any advise
  3. c more micro

    I am a novice. Just started second plc semester. I have purchased a dl05 and a c more micro touch screen to play with(self teaching). I am trying to get text to show up on the screen (lookup or dynamic?). Example when a maint. timer reaches 100 hrs I would like the text (maint due) to show up on the screen. If I could see an example I could probably figure from there. Thanks in advance
  4. what is the purpose of this forum. everything I ask for help on I just get negative replies from you. I paid for the unit I bought which included the plc if the distributor cannot supply support for the plc then it seems to me the door is open for me to ask for help. you people who put passwords on these things are just like the people who scam use on antivirus programs, work both sides. Crossbow I feel sorry for you, apparently you think everyone is out to scam the programers. I was simply in need of some help on something that I paid a hard earned $40,000 for.
  5. comm cable

    does that make not ok to try some other way to get a cable just what is the purpose of this forum. You are the most negative reply person that I has ever seen.
  6. comm cable

    Does anyone know the pin connections so I could make a communication cable or a place to purchase a reasonably priced one. The cable kit at automation direct is $95 seems like that is to much?
  7. I am still having trouble with the password on my twido. First the person that wrote the program quit. Now with my limited knowledge I do not see anywhere in the twido suite software to try and guess at entering a password. This is all bothersome since I paid over $40,000 dallors for this piece of equipment including the programmed plc and I can't even get in to change a setting in the program. Also this unit has a Man to machine interface that I can plug in. Does anyone know if I can get the password thru this? Thanks
  8. plc class

    I have just started a plc class at local community college. The first night started out going over how to convert binary, hex, oct, etc. Does this have a practical application to working on/programing plc's? second is there any program for computer or treo to help in these conversions? Thanks in advance
  9. Hello I am new to forum and brand new to plc's. We have hundreds of air compressors on the east cost with TWIDO plc's. Recently I found one with a stuck internal contact. Ordered a new one and at that time the supplier advised me that their programming guy had quit! So the supplier being no help and my very limited knowledge of plc programming. I ordered a comm cable and fiquired i could just download the program and upload it to the new one. was able to due this but found plc protection? The supplier has told me that they do not have anyone who can do this and do not know any of the passwords. They are currently looking to hire a programmer, however this does not help me and has made me very vulnerable in my ability to service the equipment. Is there any other way I can get the program into the new plc??? I desperitly need help and have almost no experience in this area. Thanks in advance