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  1. proface cqm1h problem

    Address LS 0000 are Proface internal memory addresses. It may be that the monitor word address device is set to #internal rather than PLC1
  2. *.ypm File type

    Hello Everyone Does anyone know of which software opens the file type *.ypm TIA
  3. Hi all Has any one had any experience with writing the modbus messages using the msg command within RS Logix When writing or reading the addresses within the lexium error code 83h is returned (invalid Data) If the communication settings are changed then the no response alarm is returned, so i am assuming comms is ok. The micrologix substitutes 1 from the decimal address set, but i do not no whether the Lexium adds this one back to the address. TIA
  4. More Mitsi F1 Help

    Anyone no what constant K55(F670) does Its Written in the followinf format M70 ----------------------------------------------------K711(F671) |------------------------------------------K30(F672) |------------------------------------------K741(F673) |------------------------------------------K55(F670) I know that K711 and K741 are data memory locations and k30 is a constant, but K55 leaves me at a loss
  5. Paradigm xl300

    Does anyone know the software needed to configure/program the Paradigm Controls Limited XL300 Operator Interface. Thanks
  6. F1 function Help

    Thanks for confirming my guess.
  7. F1 function Help

    Am working on project to translate Mitsi F1 to Omron CP1MA Need some info on what K61 F670 and K72 F670. I am guessing its a increment and decrement of some sort. because of input descriptions Code is as follows M100 - use as a clock pulse X403 - increment push button K710 F671 - Data Location K61 F670 - ??????? and M100 - as above X404 - Decrement Push Button K710 F671 - As above K72 F670 - ??????? thanks in advance