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  1. upload from c200h

    Thank you ECSI.
  2. upload from c200h

    Hi, I got c200h cpu21V plc and cqm1-cif02 cable. could i upload the cpu program with this cable? i use cx-one v2 software.
  3. upload omron program

    Thank you EasyButton, ECSI
  4. upload omron program

    Hi, i got a cj1m cpu11. i need to upload the program from plc. i use com 1 and connect to plc. i use auto connection. but could not connect. i got the plc progam from machine maker. but it was before commisioning. so i need the updated one. from the communication setting (program from machine maker) i see that the rs-232c port was set to custom mode rs-232c. i do not have the peripheral port question is what should i do to upload from plc?
  5. connecting omron plc with citect

    Thanks everybody
  6. connecting omron plc with citect

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH I did it , but one question, why i should put my plc in monitor mode in order to control from citect? I could not do it in Run mode.
  7. connecting omron plc with citect

    Read the Citect help. It has a very detailed section on every I/O driver, also Omron > Serial. It mentions how to setup the I/O device, ports etc in Citect project editor, how to configure variable tags, which cable diagram to use etc. You will have to put in some more effort yourself! I am totally desperate now. i have search the help file and i just could not get to how citect do addressing with omron. i could make the meter to work now, i.e. when i give input to the plc, the meter moves. when i give signal to digital input (to start the lamp), my motor change to green color which what i expected. my problem is when i click on the start button, nothing happen. in the variable tag, i use address 00000. i just could not find out what to write in the variable tags address. i use cio2001 for my analog input. to my surprise when i change it to dm000 it also give the same result. please could anybody just tell me how this omron addressing works in citect? or just point me in what section to look for. any help would be highly appreciated.
  8. connecting omron plc with citect

    hi all, i am totally new to omron plc and citect. but i have manage to program with cx-one. i got this cj1m-cpu11, cj1w-id201, cj1w-oc201, and cj1w-ad041 (configure in current 4-20mA mode). i make a simple start motor program: 1. input 0.00 as stop button 2. input 0.01 as start button 3. output 1.00 to activate a lamp 4. read analog input 1 value (cio2001) and store it in d100 5. communication protocol: sysmac-way 9600 with citect: 1. since i did not see cj1 when configuring comm, i use cs1 sysmac protocol 2. i set the port to use 9600 3. i make 4 variabel tags: name data type address stop digital 00000 start digital 00001 motor digital 00100 level int cio2001 4. i connect the plc to pc with serial port after compiling i could see the comm LED (yellow) blink, i assume it has connected with my pc (citect) my problem is when i click my start button nothing happen, also i do not see any changes in my meter. please see attach file. please help me.
  9. adjusting offset and gain of analog i/o

    Like i said, i am totally new to omron plc. just read the manual. do not know how to set the bit. but manage to do it now.
  10. Hi everybody, i am new to omron plc. i have cj1m cpu11, cj1w-ad081, and cj1w-da041. i have manage to read the analog input data, i also could output data to analog output. both of the analog i/o are configure in current (4-20 mA) mode. my question is how to adjust the offset and gain of the analog i/o. i have read the manual (w345) and could not understand it. my input reads like this: input current: read value 4 mA +4 20 mA +3994 my output : output value: read value 0000 3,96 mA 4000 19,85 mA please help me, if possible please give it in example. thank you.