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  1. FactoryTalk View SE VB Code

    Well, I am starting to have some success with this Rockwell KB Article: 23528 I am going to start with a fresh app and try to implement this......my previous app has so many previous attempts that it is pretty hard to follow. lol At least I can start the weekend with somewhat of a feeling of accomplishment. :) I will try to remember to post a follow-up next week.
  2. I have an application in FactoryTalk View SE and I am using an On-Screen Keyboard from MountFocus. The keyboard is launched and controlled via OLE and has three states or "pages": Minimized, Keyboard, Numpad. I am able to launch and control the keyboard on a single display without an issue, but when I switch displays I can no longer control the keyboard because each display is a different VB Project. I am trying to find a way to call a function in the first display from the code in the second display, but I haven't found a way to do that. Here is the code in my first display: 'Declare Keyboard Dim Keyboard 'Launch Minimized Keyboard Set Keyboard = CreateObject("Kbd.mfSoftkeys") Keyboard.LoadKeyboard ("C:\Keyboard.kbd") Keyboard.ActivePageName = "Min" 'Keyboard Control Public Function SelectKeyboard(Page as Integer) If Page = 0 Then Keyboard.ActivePageName = "Min" ElseIf Page = 1 Then Keyboard.ActivePageName = "Keyboard" ElseIf Page = 2 Then Keyboard.ActivePageName = "NumPad" EndIf End Function So I need to call the Function "SelectKeyboard" on Display One from Display Two. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  3. Correct. I see this problem after restoring a runtime application (.mer) using Application Manager. Would anyone be able to try this for me? It worked fine in v5.0.
  4. Ever since we upgraded to FactoryTalk View ME version 5.10.00, we have had a problem with the Parameter files. The first problem affects all Parameter files. The order of the parameters change. When the .mer was created, the parameter order was 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...... When the parameter file is restored, the order becomes 4, 10, 5, 11, 6, 12, 7, 13, 8, 14, 9, 15, 16, 17, 18, 1, 2, 3. The second problem seems to affect a few random parameter files. The contents are either Partial Deleted: Or the contents are completed deleted, except for a single equals sign: We did not have this problem in v5.0. We have contacted Rockwell Tech Support, but they deny that there is a problem. They say that it is an issue with our computer, even though we have four separate PCs that experience the same issue (Every PC that v5.1 is installed on). We can restore from .apa files without issue. Has anyone else experienced this? Any advice?
  5. I am now learning that it doesn't necessarily have to be a PDF. Just an easily read and e-mailed file format. I am currently working on setting up the MEDatastorePlus ActiveX control to see if I can get that to write a .CSV file with current operating information. If anyone has any other ideas, feel free to chime in. Thanks!
  6. We have been getting several requests for this from our customers, but I haven't found any way to make it possible. We are currently using PanelView Plus 1500s (non-CE). The customers would like to insert their USB Thumb Drive into the USB Port and press a button to take a "Print Screen" and save it to the USB Drive. They would like PDF format, but I would think an image file (.JPG, .BMP, .GIF) would work as well. I doubt that this is even remotely possible without the CE Panelview Plus. Does anyone know of an ActiveX control to do something like this or if it would be possible to write an ActiveX to do this? Thanks in advance!
  7. Well, I think one of the other engineers swapped the ethernet card into a different slot. The PLC is in a different room and is shared by 4 of us, so it is hard to watch what is going on. I pulled all of the modules out and made sure that they matched what I had in Logix. Tried again and it started communicating. I wish I had checked that earlier......It was correct when I started working on this.....I guess that is what happens when you assume. ;) Next step is to test it on an actual line to see if it works as desired. Thanks, again, for all the help.
  8. Alright, I swapped some hardware around and got it communicating. It seems like it is working now. ;)
  9. Still nothing going to the Destination. I am pretty sure that it is not communicating with the PV+, which would explain this. The PV+ is communicating with the PLC without any problems, so I know that they are "talking". It doesn't seem like the PV+ is returning the information that the PLC is asking for.
  10. Thanks for the additional information, I will play with it more this afternoon. Hopefully I can get it to work. I have already looked at those, as suggested previously. http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?s=&s...ost&p=74307
  11. Made the change, but unfortunately, it is still giving me the same error.
  12. Here is what I am seeing in Linx.
  13. It doesn't seem like it is even getting that far, nothing goes into the Destination. Do I need to add the PV+ to the I/O Configuration within Logix?
  14. I guess that was one of the things I was wondering about. What does the destination tag need to be? What is it actually used for? It didn't seem like you were actually reading from the destination. I tried adding a DINT tag for a destination, but that didn't change anything. Thanks.