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  1. hello yes only doing 1 word each way sup. wants only reads done so each plc does a read of the other. ok i verified few things today unity cpu=65150 noe=771-11 f.w=4.3 ipaddress=proworx noe ip address unit id=255 health timeout=1500ms repetitive rate=16ms rd master object=%mw150 rd slave index= 4499 (which is offset for the proworx plc reg.=404500) rd lenght=1 last value(input)=set to zero proworxnxt cpu=213-04 noe=771-00 f.w=4.3 ip address=unity noe card ip address unit id=255 health timeout=1500ms repetitive rate=20ms function =read fallback value=zero read ref. local=404505 read ref. remote=400155 (which is %mw155 address in unity ) read count=100 (when able will lower to 2) i did a check on scan times unity=29.9ms proworx=49.9ms think that it for now i have a ntron switch beteewn the plcs and will be changing that out when able
  2. hello thanks for the replys yea i have quantum setup the 651 50 has unity v4 and the other quantum setup is with proworx32 model ummm i forget it but is 1 of the older ones a 234 think. the setup isis using 2 noe cards 77101 these are setup in its own run of network cable now i have setup the discreets in proworx to a 4xxxx reg. this is to be read by the unity setup now the variables in unity have been declared and used with a "bit to word" then a "word to int" blocks which is to be read by the proworx setup. have setup the ioscan in both plcs and things seem to work for a while but then it seems i lose communication on the 1 bit that should be always on, it then causes the machine to lose auto we then reset and restart machine and things are fine again. when i run with the original hardwire setup ioscan disabled it runs good no problems. i do have the proworx "read count" set at 100 which i intend to set to 1 when iam able to do a start/stop of plc, the "read lenght" in unity is set to 1. the "health timeout" is 1500 in both plcs, the repititive rate iam unsure what i set those to right now but it will be around 20 is this a value which should be the same in both setups? the "last value" is set to fallback to zero in both setups. ok think i have most of it stated here anything else please let me know. wandering if scan time difference between the 2 plcs has something to do with it being that the unity setup should have a much lower scan time is the proworx setup with its higher scan time causing a error?
  3. have setup ioscanner between 2 plc's with noe cards for communication. have had problem with 1 of the bits not being updated it seems to me, this is a bit that should stay on all the time as a permissive for system to run. the others are on only when required by system when running ei: home position or extend position ..... now on thhe unity installed plc under the communications tab under noe i have setup the transfer of info to other plc. the one thing iam looking at is this has a "device control block" i have not set this up as i dont think this is needed ? maybe iam way off here any ideas? maybe i missed something quite basic and general to the setup of the ioscanner. the original setup using hardwire between the plc's works fine but when i switch to ioscanner and disable the hardwire setup is when i see the problem. thanks for any help
  4. ok have made some headway with some trial and error think i maybe fine
  5. does the health bit need to be used it defaults to a address when ioscan is used. i tried to leave this box unused but it defaults back to the address %iw1 iam unsure of how to use this even after reading the unity help topics, anyone have info to clear this up for me.
  6. ok think i have it am going to test it out see if iam on the right track
  7. ok aggattapauer you are big help with this but iam somewhat at a stall setting up a robot_dfb and setting up the parameters, again thanks for your help
  8. ok have made ddt and am able to give specific names to each as i wanted nice now have been trying to work with a specific address given too the ddt name ie robot but when i try it uses the adress ie %mw180 for 2 of the bool variables inside my structured ddt so this is what i have tried under the ddt tab created a ddt named "robot" with type "structure" looks good now still in ddt tab i click the + to start adding my specifc names under robot i want, looks good ie start run stop extend etc.... now i goto the variables tab now and create a variable called robot_ddt this comes up with all my variable names i gave earlier good again so now i would like to manipulate these to work with a single address ie "%MW185" so all my bits inside the variable name "robot_ddt" can be sent over ioscan as a single "int" address but when i attempt to give a address to the robot variable it uses addresses %mw185 for first 2 variables inside my robot variable %mw186 for the next 2 %mw187 for the following 2 etc...... so iam somewhat stalled here thanks for any help
  9. ok the plan is to simply transfer 32 bits of info 16 bits to one sys. unity the other 16 to a sys. proworx this will eliminate the hardwire required for these these bits are transfering info such as you stated run start stopped extending retracting home position fully extended few display alarms permissives that are required to enable operation these will be continuously transfered thru ioscanner and the rest is me learning and asking questions thanks
  10. hello have the ioscan working fine but i would like to give each bit in the array i make individual variable names. right now they follow the variable name given to the array variable i make. ie: array= ioscan_read now the 16 bits in the array are ioscan_read[1] ioscan_read[2] and so on .....to 16 maybe i need to use something diff. not sure. iam doing some reading up on this right now but have not found what i want any help appreciated thanks
  11. thanks aggattapauer for reply i started on the project today was able to use array to setup required bits and then moved this array to int. this enabled me to read the register %MWxx to my 4xxxxx register in proworx. seems to be working fine then did the revers for of this for my read from proworx 4xxxx register to a %MWxx register in unity, then moved the int to a array this also seems to be working ok. so ill continue on see if things work as wel as did this
  12. thanks for reply ok iam looking into this next day or so guess the question whichh i need clarification is to do with the unity plc setup. now thinking i need to find what %MW registers are avaiable for use also the %I/%Q -discreet input/outputs now i assume i can look at the used memory page or table in unity? now when i ioscan the 40xx reg from proworx which will be a table of outputs stored in the 4xxx to transfer over. i would need to transfer the holding reg. table to each its respective %i/%Q-I/O these each need to be setup in the data table first as a variable? this is the part i been thinking about iam sure iam making more of this then i should but this is what i could use help in. thanks for any help by the way the help file in unity not helping me have d/l the manual also
  13. hello looking for some info on setting up io scan between 2 plc's first plc -proworxnxt noe card installed second plc-unity pro 4.0 noe card installed need some info on setting up the i/o in the unity plc ie; what are the input and output numbers 40000 register do i look at using %I and %Q not clear on this. proworx plc i more or less have the proworx plc setup, with the i/o i will be using for the info being READ from the unity processor. now i also have the i/o setup in the proworx plc that i want the UNITY PROCESSOR TO READ. unity plc so now i need to setup the unity processor i/o for the PROWORX TO READ. and also the i/o to use for the READS FROM the proworx plc if anyone has some info or help please reply appreciate it iam still fairly new with the unity software have worked on this particular system of ours once before and did ok but now have this to setup.