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  1. I'm making some changes in someone else's PLC & HMI programs. I noticed a couple of lines in the PLC (ML1500) program that uses a certain combination of inputs to MOV a value into an integer location. The description for that integer location has panelview in it. I was assuming it is used to change a multi state indicator, just as some other similar lines do. I can't find anything in the HMI (PV700+) program that has a connection to this integer. Is there any sort of "find" feature in RSViewME that I could use to search for it? At this point I'm guessing it may not have actually been used but I don't want to miss it. Thanks.
  2. Missing decimal point

    I finally got it figured out. Uploaded the PLC program from the ML1500. Checked the scaling and it was 0-10,000, not 0-1,000 as I originally thought. Uploaded the HMI program (using a 1747-UIC and PM-02) and the location uses 5 digits with 2 decimals. The company I paid to back up the programs before a move just send me files they had and didn't do the upload as expected. I was working from their files assuming they were the latest. Thanks for the help.
  3. Missing decimal point

    I need some help uploading the program. The setup is an ML1500. Two connections coming out of that. One from the DB9 port on the left side a NET ENI One from the front right side 9pin min din to the first of four 1761-NET-AIC cards. That first one is connected to the next card. Each of the remaining three are connected to the panelview 300. There is also a larger panelview 550 which according to the wiring drawing shows that it's coming off the first 1761-NET-AIC, but I didn't see the connection. Can I connect to the plc or panelviews over ethernet via the NET-ENI card? I uploaded the configuration of the NET-ENI to get the ip address. I then changed my ip address of my computer to 1 different on the last segment of the ip address. I can't connect to the plc though. I'm trying to do two things. 1) Get online with the PLC. 2) Upload the panelview programs
  4. Missing decimal point

    Yes, I am showing it after import. I only have FactoryTalk ME, not Panelbuilder. Is that where things are getting screwed up? There is a co-worker who has Panelbuilder. I'll have to look at it on his computer so there is no conversion happening.
  5. Missing decimal point

    If I double click on the ###.# location on the screen to bring up the properties, It seems like it's a tag or variable. Not sure if I have that terminology correct though. In the "text" window where you would normally type, it shows a bunch of information but it's all one thing. I can't edit any of it, or select just a portion of it. It shows /*N:5 lwr_ch_psi ZEROFILL DP:1*/ If I double click on that text, it brings up the Numeric Variable window. That shows that the tag is lwr_ch_psi and all of the information driving the # of digits, decimal places, and zero fill. That much the be info generating the previous screen's text string.
  6. Missing decimal point

    The machine was inherited from one of our other companies so I don't know the background on it. I had a company backup the programs before we moved it. I don't know for sure if this is the program that is currently running or not. Even if the panelview program was set to show 2 decimal points, where would that 2nd one come from? The number starts as a 3 digit integer. it is then scaled by .1 so other decimal points exist. Is that thinking wrong?
  7. Missing decimal point

    PBA file is attached. There is only 1 screen. Any of the displayed pressure values are showing 2 decimals. PBA
  8. Missing decimal point

    I have an existing piece of equipment that I would like to retrieve some data from. I need to run a gauge R&R but I can't get all of the information through the panelview. It's a pressure decay test and I need the pressure at the start of the test, which is not displayed. It's an older piece of equipment, and with my limited programming experience, I don't want to change anything at this point. I can't afford any down/learning time if I screw something up. The PLC is a an ML1500 and the panelview is a 300. I can't seem to figure out how the correct info is being displayed. The pressure is displayed out to 2 decimal places (ex. 75.32 psi) and I can't figure out where the 2nd decimal is coming from. The transducer is a 0-100psi with 0-10V output. I found the SCP command in the program which takes the input from the transducer 0-30600 and scales it from 0-1000. That value is stored in N11:13. There is another MOV command that moves N11:13 to N11:5. The panelview displays N11:5 but scales it by .1. The panelview screen shows that location to be a 1 place decimal. If I bring up the properties of that value, it shows the number of digits to be 5 with 1 decimal place and zero fill to the left. As I watch, the display clearly shows 2 decimal places, and without doing so, it would seem that the resolution wouldn't be fine enough. Where is the 2nd decimal place coming from? I did have to import the panelview program into FactoryTalk View from a .pba file type. Would this transition lose anything that would indicate the 2nd decimal? Thanks.
  9. Barcode scanning question

    Oops. The barcode is semicolon delimited. Thanks for the info. I'll read about those commands.
  10. Barcode scanning question

    I have a barcode question. I use symbol barcode scanners to bring the data into a ML1100 or ML1400. In machines I’ve worked on in the past, I’ve always used fixded length barcodes. By that I mean each meaningful segment of the barcode is a definite length and in a definite spot every time. A simple example would be A5000100 which could be part number A5000 and a quantity of 100. The part number or quantity may change but they always occupy the same length and placement. I always bring the barcode into an ST location, and then split it up to a bunch of other ST locations. From there I can use ST compare to start determining what the product is and what to do. A new application I have uses a comma delimited barcode. I haven’t use this before and I’m not sure how to. A couple examples could be A5000;100 and B525000000000;1. They can be drastically different in length and content. Is it possible to somehow start at the first segment of the barcode, get it into an ST location, notice the semicolon, put the next chunk in the next ST location, and so on? I’m looking for help on how to code this if it’s possible. Hopefully this is clear enough. Please let me know if any more info would help? Thanks.
  11. I am planning on making a “trainer” box out of a ML1100 that I have for trying out some simple code without breaking into a production machine. I’d like to add a potentiometer on the front to simulate a pressure or flow signal. Just wondering what is the best way to do this? - A 4-20 ma signal. What would I need to supply this and can it run through a potentiometer? - Is a 0-10V signal easier? I have a 24VDC power supply in the enclosure already. Can I tap into that and run it through a pot? How do I cap it at 10V so I don’t go to high? - Any suggestions on a pot that will give me a lot of resolution? - Is there an inexpensive, small display I could add to show me the actual current or voltage so it’s not just a guess? Thanks.
  12. Interlocked button question

    I'll have a look at the help file itself. I looked in the Users Guide under help. It basically says put the buttons on the screen and isn't real helpful in fulling understanding. Surprising since I find the two user guides very helpful in most cases.
  13. Interlocked button question

    I've never used interlocked push buttons before. Questions..... - Can I have 10 interlocked buttons on the same screen? - In RSViewME I can drop a bunch of buttons on the screen, but how do I make them all different from each other? Change the button value so they are all a different value? - They all need the same tag correct? Can I have two different groups of interlocked buttons? - How do I differentiate between the groups? I suppose two different tags do that. Thanks.
  14. ML1100 connection to C300 Panelview options?

    I've been told by my distributor that it's not possible to do this in the ways suggest. The daisy chaining of the RS232 will not work because the panelview is always communicating with the PLC so the barcode scanner will never be able to communicate with the PLC. They suggested using a Real Time Automation ethernet to RS232 (p.n. 435NBS-D) to convert the ascii barcode scanner to ethernet. While that sounds like a possibility, It's about $650 so that doesn't make sense. I could just buy the C600 and it would be much simpler. Last questions I think: - Does the programming software (web based) on the C300 have a "string input enable" button similar to RSViewME? Seems like the screen would be so small it isn't likely. - If the C300 does have a string input enable feature, can the barcode scanner connected via usb to the back of the panel send the string. I though the usb ports were for program backup and more drive based use rather than input. - I've never programmed any of the C series panelviews. Is there a simulator available so I can check it out before buying? Thanks.
  15. micrologix 1100

    I'm not at my computer with RSLogix right now, but go to Help and then there is an item that is some thing like Instruction..... Take a look at those. It's every instruction with some good examples. That should be helpful for you while learning. It was for me! Also, I just found this. It looks very good. I've never seen it before but from a quick glance it looks like a great document.