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  1. 50+ Thermistors on PLC

    Get a PLC that has thermistor input cards.   Both the BRX and the Productivity series from AutomationDirect support Thermistor cards.   Both have remote IO capability if you need more cards than can fit in the base rack. https://www.automationdirect.com/adc/shopping/catalog/programmable_controllers  
  2. Do-More Designer

    Current date and time is all in a structure called $Now.  You can also use your own date and time structures or use the built in structure; UDTx..
  3. ASCII with BRX-DM1E-18ER3-D PLC

    Have you looked in the software help file?  There are examples in there along with complete descriptions of how each instruction works. Also there are videos on the AutomationDirect.com Youtube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/user/automationdirect
  4. Constant Firmware Changes

    Do-more BRX firmware changes only a few times per year.  If you are concerned about it, go over to https://forum.hosteng.com and talk to the guys that make it.  They love talking to their customers. For the record, here are the dates of the last few firmware changes.  Most coincide with new hardware releases.  https://hosteng.com/HW-Products/DM1/BX-DM1.htm#Firmware 8/14/2019 6/19/2019 3/27/2019 8/30/2018 6/13/2018 5/31/2018
  5. Pretty sure AutomationDirect.com doesn't have anything like that right now.
  6. EA7-T8C HMI and C-more

    You need the EA7 software.  You can use the same keycode as the EA9 software to install it.  http://ftp.automationdirect.com/pub/cmore_v278sp2.zip  
  7. Why no greater than (>) contact in DirectSoft?

    Koyo decided not to include one.  No idea why, it's just not there.  I used to wonder the same thing myself.  After the first ten years of using DirectLogic, I quit worrying about it.  The second ten years has got me to quit worrying about a lot of other things as well.  :)
  8. MR

    This site might help you out.
  9. Strange Program

    Also update your firmware. As jawoltuis said, this is a symptom of poor power. There have been firmware updates that help with similar issues.
  10. DL05 D0-05DR

    Write it out as a series of If/Then statements. Then try translating those to ladder logic. Maybe this will get you started. If Y3 is off and X3 is on and X1 is off then turn on Y3. If Y3 is on then turn off Y2.
  11. KOYO Brick PLC Bugs

    1. Sometimes 'bugs' are working as intended. Working as intended is not always how the user wants something to work however. Corollary; sometimes 'bugs' are considered 'features' by users and taken advantage of in code. When this 'bug' gets fixed it really upsets some folks apple carts. There is a delicate balance of what to 'fix' and what to leave alone. 2. In most companies that I have dealt with, minor issues or complaints don't get addressed until: a. There are enough of them to warrant a separate build, something which is very time consuming due to testing, deployment, etc. b. Something major comes up that warrants all of the labor that goes into a new software build. While almost everyone thinks they want issues addressed as soon as they pop up, I have met not one single person who wants to update software/firmware nearly every day or even every week for that matter regardless of what is 'fixed'. 3. Occasionally an issue just isn't something that can be dealt with easily. In the past I have ran into issues that required years of rework to fix. Obviously this is the exception rather than the rule, but long story short; things take a lot longer in the software/firmware world than we would like for them to take at times. Tangent on the testing, deployment, etc. There is a lot more to this than most lay people realize. It can take weeks to months to drop a new piece of software or firmware depending on what was changed or modified. Having seen firsthand a PLC software/firmware test suite; the amount of code and hardware required for testing a PLC software/firmware release is staggering. The kicker is that every time an error is found, it has to be fixed and the test suite re-ran from the top again. Considering that I was told that one (there are many) of the modules in this test suite took 3 days to run; well... you get the picture.
  12. IIRC IO points are not supported by C-more.
  13. Technical support will start at 9am Eastern time Monday through Friday and continue to 6pm Eastern time (800) 633-0405. There is a lot of assistance in the C-more Help file for how to set up the communications as well as quite a few white papers located on the Technical Support Website.
  14. Where are the icons on C-More Micro

    There are not a lot of bitmaps in the C-more Micro. The ones that are included can be found in the Bitmaps using the disk option.
  15. Cmore won't write to AB SCL5/03

    There is a great paper over on the AutomationDirect Technical support site for AB SLC to C-More.