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  1. So I have been using Tag Groups for a while But I have run into a problem that has me stumped I am trying to get the .value of a tag group item and use it as part of a file path Example   Creating a file name from a tag.value Set MyTagGroup = Application.CreateTagGroup(Me.AreaName) Dim Dfile As String Dim NewFile As Tag MyTagGroup.Add "Recipe\Recipe_FBK_Formulation" MyTagGroup.Active = True Set NewFile = MyTagGroup.Item("Recipe\Recipe_FBK_Formulation") Dfile = "C:\Access_DB\" & NewFile.Value & ".txt" 'name of  file End Sub Now the value of Tag Recipe\Recipe_FBK_Formulation is equal to "CF12GH" and will show that if I drop a string display object on the display But when used as above, Instead of the value, it seems to be trying to use /::Recipe\Recipe_FBK_Formulation as the value not CF12GH So what am I doing wrong  
  2. PLC5 indirect bit conversion to CLX

    No it is an array of Binary B10:0, B10:1, xxxxxxxxxxxx
  3. PLC5 indirect bit conversion to CLX

    I tried that, I created an INT index_A and assigned the N15[10] to it then tried B10.index_A does not work you see here the value of N15[10] represent a bit location of 0 - 1184 because B10 has 75 words so this is a pointer to any bit with in that range so if currently N15[10] is equal to 200 then it would read B10.200 in CLX or B10/200 id PLC5
  4. Any one have an idea how to convert this from PLC5 to CLX Thanks
  5. I included a picture How do I assign more than one variable to a transition Lets say I want Stop = 0, Run = 1 to be a transition condition Can not figure out how to put those two variables in the transition. Thanks
  6. GE Real-Time Information Portal

    Looking for someone with good background and has done some projects to do some side work creating a few templates for Real-Time Information Portal Can supply scada project, and wish list. While I do realize that PP is for the end user I need some extensive templates to start off with centered around Energy metric's and reporting. if interested send me a PM with some PDF examples and hourly rate Thanks
  7. I have some vba code written in RSView32 talking to a PLC5 The code works, but seems unstable I have posted the code here in hopes someone can post a more compact and stable way of doing this This code is in a MS Form that is called from the RSView32 display Option Explicit Dim WithEvents value1 As Tag Dim WithEvents value2 As Tag Dim WithEvents value3 As Tag Dim WithEvents value4 As Tag Dim WithEvents value5 As Tag Dim WithEvents value6 As Tag Dim WithEvents value7 As Tag Dim WithEvents value8 As Tag Private Sub CommandButton7_Click() cntForm.Hide Unload cntForm End Sub Private Sub ResetBatch1_Click() StartMonitor value8.Value = 1 ' reset batch counter and transfer data StopMonitor End Sub Private Sub ResetBatchNoData_Click() StartMonitor value7.Value = 1 'reset batch counter no data transfer StopMonitor End Sub Private Sub ResetTotal1_Click() StartMonitor value6.Value = 1 'reset master total with transfer StopMonitor End Sub Private Sub Update_Button_Click() StartMonitor value1 = PPRbox.Text value2 = Diabox.Text value3 = GBRbox.Text StopMonitor End Sub Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() StartMonitor PPRbox.Text = value1 Diabox.Text = value2 GBRbox.Text = value3 StopMonitor End Sub Sub StartMonitor() On Error GoTo ErrHandler Set value1 = gTagDb.GetTag("Footage\PPR") Set value2 = gTagDb.GetTag("Footage\RDia") Set value3 = gTagDb.GetTag("Footage\GBR") Set value4 = gTagDb.GetTag("Footage\MZR") Set value5 = gTagDb.GetTag("Footage\BRok") Set value6 = gTagDb.GetTag("Footage\MTR") Set value7 = gTagDb.GetTag("Footage\BZR") Set value8 = gTagDb.GetTag("Footage\BMR") Exit Sub ErrHandler: MsgBox "StartMonitor " & Err.Description, vbCritical End Sub Sub StopMonitor() On Error Resume Next Set value1 = Nothing Set value2 = Nothing Set value3 = Nothing Set value4 = Nothing Set value5 = Nothing Set value6 = Nothing Set value7 = Nothing Set value8 = Nothing End Sub Private Sub eMYTag_ValueChange(NewValue As Variant) MsgBox "MyDeviceTag Value is Now " & Str(NewValue), vbOKOnly End Sub
  8. I have been programming AB starting with PLC2's Now I need to learn Unity for a 140CPU547 I am having trouble figuring out the syntax for real world inputs The module is in slot 6 of rack 1 which is the first local rack. It is a digital 24 volt dc input I am thinking it is %I.6.0 altho that does now work. What am I doing incorrect.
  9. anyone have a Unity Manual they would like to sell Thanks
  10. 140CPU547 NOS 771 Ethernet Modules -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have two 140CPU547 processors running different programs located a few hundred feet apart. Monitoring the Ethernet line yields a random communication failure of both NOS 711 Ethernet modules at the same time. They stop communicating then reset and pick back up about the same time. Other Ethernet modules on the same network show no problems. Anyone have any history with something like this Thanks
  11. SLC 505 to CLX Instruction Conversion

    Yes I am aware of the There is scaling that you can use right in the module itself. Go to the module properties (right click) and then go to the configuration tab. Select the type of input 4-20mA, and then enter in your min and max engineering units. However in Gas regression a good scaling instruction is nice to have I will look at hose examples on Monday Have a good week end Thanks
  12. RSview Studio ME Edition

    Yea same thing here Now that would seem to be a bug That selection should be available from within Studio ME Thanks
  13. Controllogix i/o questions

    Warning here gent's I did a massive PLC5/40 to CLX 61 conversion keeping the 1771 racks A total of 64 block transfers were involved for the analog system in the remote racks using of course 1771-ASB modules When converting I used both the 1771-ACN modules to convert some of the 1771 racks to Controllnet, and used the DHRIO module to allow the CLX to control the ASB modules Either way YOU MUST still use BTR/BTW instructions in the form of MSG instructions I was able to grind the processor to a halt, because both the BC and the UBC memory was overloaded. You must write your code to sequence the message read and write requests, and increase the UCB memory using the first line of code in the main program. Walk carefully when you go at this...
  14. RSLogix 5000 Tag Question

    Export the program to a csv do a search and replace of the tag scope save the file delete the existing project create a new project and import Thats the problem you should always create a tag database first this way you have your structure created and can name the arrays the way you want Allowing the logic to create it on the fly will cause you grief later down the road.
  15. RSview Studio ME Edition

    You were correct, the computer I was using never had the enterprise installed. I ask why, they indicated they did not know it needed it if RSlinx was installed. I installed and I am fine now.. except, when restoring a application from an apa file, it does not create an rsv project file. So when you try to export to csv the tag database, it ask you for the location of the project you want to export from, IE no project file no export. How can you get around this. Thanks