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  1. Bought one. What can I find for free programming software for this PLC?
  2. Use this adapter to do RS485 multi-drop wiring.;products_id=51 There is a US quarter included in the picture for size reference. (Just in case you missed the DIN rail)
  3. Pinout Database

    Recently added Toshiba's PLC info.
  4. A regular DB-9 cable should work. The programming PC is a DTE device. The Panelview Plus 1000 is a DCE device. You connnect a DTE device to a DCE device using a straight-thru cable.
  5. There is a FREE pinout datbase for the automation community. This database provide pinout information for individuals seeking to make custom cables to connect interface between multi-vendor PLCs. You can access the free database by 1. Go to 2. Click on Pinout Database 3. Select a Manufacturer from the drop-down list. 4. Select the Model number of the PLC or comm product. 5. Print the pinout info and enjoy. Info encompasses RS232/RS422/RS485 and DB9/RJ45/MiniDIN
  6. Dan, There is a opening for the 485 copper cable on the polycarbonate cover. The hole is big enought for 2 cables ( for of multi-drop or daisy-chain wiring ) The elevator type terminal blocks have screws to secure the 485 copper in place. Scadaman
  7. Dear Colleagues, RJ45 ports are be used as serial ports in modern PLC and Gateway alike. Yet the individual pinouts remain unique to each vendors. To meet this new challenge, Industran has patented and manufacture a adapter that let you make a CUSTOM RJ45 serial cable instantly without tools. This adapter is universal and will accomodate an infinite combination of pinouts. Check it out at;products_id=49 Scadaman
  8. IDEC Micro-1

    Go to => Pinout Database => Manufacturer = IDEC => Micro-1 => VOILA ! Good Luck. Scadaman
  9. USB is a definitive modern convenience. However, for someone working for a large industrial automation company, it is not unusual for me to interface to many makes and models of PLCs, both new and legacy. The idea of a universal adapter comes to me after my tool bag becomes a large duffle bag filled with serial interface cables for all sort of PLCs that I have to connect to on an daily basis. If someone only specializes in a certain brand of PLCs e.g Mitsubishi, then a few pre-made cables should be sufficient most of the time. Cheers.
  10. I don't disagree. As a matter of fact, a RJ45-RJ45 adapter is already in the works. And a DB9-MINIDIN8 will come a while later. Cheers.
  11. With DB9 connector, the pinout does not vary much. But with RJ45, almost every manufacturer use different pin numbers to assign to DCD, DSR, DTR, TxD, RxD, GND, CTS, and RTS signals. To carry a 4-inch stub for every combination of those pinouts, one must have a very big laptop case. Even that doesn't guarantee that you will have one for every possible combination of RJ45 RS232 pinouts. But the adapter will guarantee that because it is truly UNIVERSAL. Respectfully yours.
  12. The universal serial cable adapter costs $19.99. A couple of other adapters the comes with DIP switches that cost $30. The site also sell RS485 adapters, in either DB9 or RJ45 form. These have terminal strip that let you insert two wires in each terminal block so that you can daisy-chain a multi-drop RS485 network. Look under "RS485 Adapter" category. The half-duplex version is the best. It has DIP switches that let you configure to match a specific pinout in seconds. There is also a 120ohm resistor on board that can be enabled/disabled.;products_id=10
  13. To all, INDUSTRAN sells an universal adapter that let you make a serial cable to any pinout in minutes without special tools. The cable will is used to connect a PC to any PLC. You don't have to make a cable for every PLC you want to connect to, just change the jumper to match a particular pinout. The cable has DB9 on one end and RJ45 on the other end. Check it out at;products_id=44
  14. Dear respected colleagues, I would assert that for a large Scada project, lots of money can be saved if one use bulk cables with universal adapters INSTEAD of custom serial cable. Most of the savings is in the ENGINEERING HOURS required to resolve each of the implementation phase BULK CABLE + ADAPTERS-----------------VS-------CUSTOM PRE-MADE SERIAL CABLES 1. Approximate total length + 25%-----------------1. How many cables/what pinout/how long each 2. No engineering support needed------------------2. Clarification often needed by technicians 3. Pinout prinouts from user manual--------------- 3. Approved engineering drawings needed 4. Doesn't work, re-configuration at site-----------4. Doesn't work, remaking of cable back at shop 5. Adapters are self-documenting*-----------------5. Details are hidden inside closed hoods Would you comment on this comparison based on your experience with 3rd Party serial interfaces??? Tom Tran