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  1. Thank you Dear, Really i got a very big confident after seen your reply,basically am in begging of the project now designing is going on,earlier i discussed with lot of guys thy said no issue start the design definetly its possible through ethernet network.Now your wordsd are boosting much for me ... thanks again... regards suma....
  2. Thanks Crossbow, Really i got a meaning for bumpless switchover but still am having some doubts in I/o scanning i reed some reference manual but it seems like you can tranfers data configured in network and also you do the same by using Master/slave concept another one is MCR function block.please brief me this concepts. thanks in advance regards suma
  3. Dear crossbow, thanks for your reply have doubt again.. IF am having NOE in both the setup's then also its not possible to collect data through I/O scanning! and what is mean by bumpless switchover? regards suma
  4. hi all... I am having a quantum hot standby sytem,i want to collect the data from another system having 140cpu 65150.I heard like through i/o scanning it can collect the data.I dont have any idea in this plz guide me how to do this one? regards Suma
  5. SOE means Sequence of events in schneider they call this as Time stamp module. regards suma
  6. hi all... I am going to do project in Schneiders SOE input module i dont have any idea about this.plz guide me where can i get the catalogue/datsheet for this meanwhile anybody can tell me what is the use of this module. regards suma
  7. Hi all ... Am Facing some problem in Factory PMI.. am not familiar in this.. Once the installation was over the gateway communication page was opened and connected successfully.. Then i was shutdowened the system and opened again from that itself its not communicating with the gateway server i dont know whts happening? plz guide me . thanks in advance.. regards, Suma
  8. hi.... Actually there is no proper answer for your query means you can design your own warm backup system.. ya oops suppose you have two typical main rack configurations as per in Hot Stand-by system but the thing in warm back only one is powered on once you can find any problem in primary then you can power up the next one in my view this also warm back... But in the case of premium it will act like Hot Stand by system but only thing is switch over time is quiet higher by using FIPIO adapters and can get this details in by searching Modicon Premium Automation Platform... regads, Suman.M
  9. hi arun, just open the Inductive automation site there you can get all the details. regards, suman
  10. hi.. This is the first time am seeing FactoryPMI,today morning i was downloaded am installed in my pc.once the installation was completed it was connected automatically to the Gateway then i shutdown the application and try to communicate to gateway but its not able to communicate wht may be the problem plz help me regards, Suma
  11. needs guide in iFix

    hi its really usefull i think will we go through this then its gud thank u frnd.. regards suma
  12. Hi all.. How can i find out the the scan time for quantum plc in unitypro this is my xpereince in unity. i was worked in Versapro,Proficy Machine Edition normally in this scan time will display in the bottom right corner.In this unity where can i find it. i have some doubts about Master Task,Fast Task and event task once i went through the manuals i got some idea about tht. but my question is it possible to check the pirorities of these tasks in simulation mode.if it means plz explain me how ? Expecting replies from all and thanx in advance regards, Suma
  13. needs guide in iFix

    hi.. if i got any suerley i will let you know. suma
  14. problem in ifix

    hi all... This is the first time am using iFix.. i went through the help file sand i done somethings means test project.. but its not working properly.. my first question is it possible to do the simulation like what in cimplicity.i just explain the configurations what i was done in my test proj.In System config. utility i was configured node,n/w and all. in the N/w Config. i was selected No Network because am not having any hardware then am not clear in the task config plz. let me know.After completing these i was created some tags in database mangaer and i was also configured tags in my screen with some conditions .. Once i run this system error is coming like error no.-2147186962 and output not allowed whats reason for this error plz guide me how to rectify this and explain me wht may the error and how to develop a sample proj. in a proper way.. expecting reply from all of you thank to all regards, Suma
  15. needs guide in iFix

    hi ... am totally new for this nice iFix, i was worked in cimplicity.i feel like help file is not so guiding good to build a scada project in iFix.. anybody can guide me to start working with ifix regards, Suma.....