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  1. Moving Values

    Thanks Micky I had worked it out my self actually. I was to obsessed with moving part of a word, as in - 0000 0000 0000 0111 > 0000 0000 0111 0000 It never occured to me to multiply or devide the integer by 10 first, then convert to BCD, followed by using a masked move to the output
  2. Moving Values

    Using RSlogix 500 and a SLC 505, I want to move different values to 4 7 segment digital displays conected to O:4.0. How do I simply move values in BCD so as to display on any of the 4 displays. ie 0000 0000 0000 0111 if moved to O:4.0 will display 7 in the first digital display from the left. But if i want to move it to the second DD from the left how would I do this. Thanks Gary
  3. Protecting Outputs

    where I work they some time go for over kill. Rather than use your standard teminal strip we always use fused teminals for outputs. It may be a little bit more expensive but how much is a AB output card!
  4. Adding integer cells

    Thanks once more snerkel I havent had chance to play arouind yet my kids have been taking up my time i am studying Advanced PLC at Uni at present Unfortunatly our teachers dont know that much themselves they are more like facilitators As you said it is best to try as much as you can, thats the best way to learn But some times I need a few pointers You certainly gave me a good one Thanks Gary
  5. Adding integer cells

    Thanks Snerkel I am impressed. I am learning fast and thought i was doing well but that shows me I have a long way to go I dont fully understand it yet but have got the jist of it I will play around later, work it out fully and applie it to my needs thanks again, it has saved me a lot of repetative programing Gary
  6. Adding integer cells

    Thanks Snerkle Where exactly do I type or paste this string It makes very little sense to me I was inclined to think you are puling my leg Gary
  7. compare count # to turn on output

    Use LIM EQU GRT GEQ LES LEQ As a sorce A use C5:0.acc and sorce B use the value yu require If you are still stuck Email me at garygale@optusnet.com.au I will attach an example for you. sounds to me as if you are still learning. the same goes for me Gary
  8. Thanks Once more Chakorules Is there any othere way around it I thought there was a program you can use Gary
  9. Thanks Azecraze and Chokerule Unfortunatly ii only have Rs linx lite Do you know where i could down load RS linx Pro or single node Thanks Gary
  10. Thanks Sounds simple but. I have no problem gatting on line. using an RS232 cable and df1 driver. Could you possibly show me an example of how you enter a link in excel Thanks Again Gary
  11. Adding integer cells

    Hi Guys I am looking for a way to add multiple intergers ie N7:1 to N7:13 or using indirect adressing N7:1 to N7:[N7:100] variable amounts If any one could let me know an easy way I would appreciate your input. Thanks Gary PS I am resonably new to PLC's but am learning fast if any one is at a simillar stage and wants to learn by discussing methods please feel free to contact me on ICQ no 311-094-848 (Hawkmoon42)