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  1. CJ1 - can't reset RS232 port

    I can confirm this behaviour is normal. The problem is that some Function Blocks use this restart bit (output is programmed in FB). If FB is locked you don't have access to source code and can't erase this in it. I was using Modbus_CPU function blocks for all functions Fn01,02,03,04, 06, and 15. Every one of FB's had restart bit in it. I erased them and used restart bit only in my main program, which works perfectly. Best regards, Gregor
  2. Hi, I use RS232 port to communicate with Modbus slave. Sometimes I get Port error flag (A392.04) and I would like to reset port with output A526.00. This doesn't work. I need to set PLC to programm mode and back to monitor mode to reset port. Has anyone experience on this matter? best regards, JinX
  3. Hi, I downloaded driver for Modbus TCP from Omron software download area. Installed properly. Driver connects to modbus device and retrieves initial values, but after that, no value is trasferred at all. Tried it also with Excel with same results. It doesn't matter if it is on Win Xp or Win7. Unfortunatelly technical support on MyOmron hasn't responeded for a week now. Has anyone a sollution? Best regards, JinX
  4. > 2GB CompactFlash card on CJ1 or CS1

    An update: it works well for a month now (test writes every minute), so I believe this sollution is OK. Best regards, JinX
  5. CX-Supervisor: CXDBMS and CDMSrvr problem

    Hi, memory usage can grow if you run some JScripts or VBScripts from CX-Supervisor. Any other suggestion on memory leakage? I am trying one new approach: I disabled Microsoft NGEN service (.Net 4.0). I read this service running on Win XP can cause problems on network and slow app. running. It's to soon to post a confirmation (running for 12 hours now). Regards, JinX
  6. CX-Supervisor: CXDBMS and CDMSrvr problem

    Hi, thx for helping... yes, I get a message with red circle and a cross. Application error, Event ID: 1000, Application: cdmsvr32.dll, address: 0x52004500 I checked memory usage, but it seems OK. Also there is enough PC memory. This application runs very stable on another computer. Only communication hangs, CX-Supervisor still works, and I can call pages and login/logout ... I suspect there is a problem with hardware, but the problem is, everything (system Windows XP) seems to work without problems. Best regards, JinX
  7. I have severe problems with CX-Supervisor on some computers. SCADA hangs every few days reporting problem with CDMserver (communication stops), and when I am closing cx-s application I get error: CXDBMS.exe "could not write ...". The same app is installed on 6 computers on the same FinsGateway network for several days, and I get this error only on one of them. Does anyone have experience what could cause this. I suspect a HW issue, but WinXP system works without problems. Anyone solved this, suggestions? Best regards, JinX
  8. Nowadays CF cards have higher capacity than supported by PLC, also PLCs use FAT16 file system, and don't support FAT32 or NTFS yet. This is a tutorial on how to get CF card working in CJ1 or CS1. I bought 4GB CF card Apacer (photo series). 1) Use a program to erase partition on CF card. I used ActivePartitionManager "from" (free). 2) Create new - smaller partition (I created 2GB partition). I left other space unpartitioned. 3) Format newly created partition in FAT16 file system. 4) Test / use it in PLC. I haven't done serious testing on CF card in PLC, but writing CSV file every minute is working well for now (writing is done with the PLC program). Best Regards, JinX
  9. It works, but I had to use different UDP port number to start communicating! I couldn't use UDP port 9600! Great component for simple applications. Thx!
  10. Hi, importing CSV file into DataLog Viewer ( is showing data shifted for one hour (my local time is GMT+1). In my opinion DataLogViewer checks the local time zone and shifts time to show as GMT! Strange and not welcome at all. At least there should be some property to set for this to happen (this setting is also stated in a help file, but isn't available in application). Best Regards, JinX
  11. Thank you PMCR, my manual is W342-E1-11. I still hope/wish Omron will "enable" Modbus RTU for built-in serial ports. I got SCU unit, and everything is working as it should. Thx, JinX
  12. Hi PMCR, thx for your answer. That is exactly what I thought CMND should do. I expected it to work also with CJ1 built in port (please see specifications: link in my first post). FINS commands manual states:
  13. Wow !?! That is a twist! I bet majority does not understand serial gateway like this. I mistakenly thought CMND function does what you clarified (just like PMCR function can). Especially because on CP series PLC you can use a program to communicate with Modbus protocol (easy modbus) on CPU serial port. Please refere us to the manual where we can read this. Does this mean I can use a software on a PC, sending FINS commands (like 2804 for Modbus) to the CPU RS232 unit, which will strip off FINS header and forward Modbus message through serial port, and then return it back? thx, JinX
  14. Hi, I am looking at specification in this site: Omron CJ1 specification linkl It states: So I can use built in serial port (host link port) for serial gateway communication / modbus RTU? Does this depend on CX-Programmer version I use? Someone please confirm, since I am trying to do this but am having lots of problems. Best regards, JinX
  15. CX-Server with problems!

    I found very strange behaviour with CX-Server. I am using old CX-Supervisor v1.33, and this is what I found out: - CX-Server 1.7.2.. - on starting CX-Supervisor sets many points in a PLC to zero - or empty (I only checked text points - I/O) - CX-Server - comm. works for few days, than it stops communicating - CX-Server - comm works for few days/hours and then stops. I can use Open PLC to open connection again (this is PC1). But it somehow blocks CPU communications to another PC (this is PC2) with CX-Supervisor and Cx-Server - on PC2 I can't reestablish connection with PLC Open, until I restart comm from another PC (PC1) using CX-Server Even restarting PC2 doesn't help in establishing connection! - CX-Server 4.2... - comm works for a few days, then stops. STRANGE as in CX-Server 1.7.2.. it sets many points in a PLC to zero (I only checked text points - I/O), when starting CX-Supervisor. I really feel Omron should post info on CX-Server upgrades and FAQ on changes made and bugs! I would also expect CX-Server upgrades available to users! Best regards, JinX