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  1. Citect / Historian Backfilling Strings

    Sounds like Citect are thinking similar to me, to be honest if they have no answer then its going to be unlikely that anybody else has got a workaround. Sounds like the customer is asking the software to do somethig thats outside its scope, i know that does not help you ! Cheers
  2. Citect / Historian Backfilling Strings

    Hmm, interesting one, i dont think you will be able to get a workaround for the backfilling, why does the SCADA have to be disconnected from the Historian server ? Only thing i can maybe thing of doing is writing the strings on change to a temporary DB which sits on the Citect machine then is read and uploaded on schedule to the Historian DB, might be a bit messy and require a bit of thinkng about but should work ? Have you spolen to Citect support, they are pretty good and may give some pointers.
  3. Alarm in Citect when communication error?

    Gambit has the answer, just be careful though as Citect will retry the comms every 30 seconds or so, this means your alarm list can fill up pretty quickly with comms alarms if you dont manage it well.
  4. CiCode quest! Open Excel file from a tag.

    In its simplest terms it would be: Function File_Name() Exec("C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\Excel.exe C:\My_Files\"+FileName+".dbf",3); End
  5. FileXXX in Cicode, lagging?

    I would be tempted to put a Sleep(1) in between each command to give it some time to do the copy etc. and see if that makes it any better
  6. Cicode problem

    The Citect help file is generally a good place to start for Help Your event will not run until the trigger is true: Trigger The Cicode expression (or Variable tag) which is used to determine whether the event Action is executed. This expression is checked every one second. Enter a value of 64 characters maximum.
  7. Help - Energy consumption

    Have you got power meters fitted to the supplies already ? I would suggest that this should be your starting point, then you can decide what software you want to use from there I dont know anything about Konsys, Schneider are very strong in this area you could take a look at the their products: Specifically powerview, it will integrate with their power meters well: PS: I dont work for them
  8. Read bit from Word CITECT

    Automation, sledgehammer to crack a nut ? As far as i am aware internal disk devices are not counted as points, correct ? So create a disk device called 'Decode' or whatever, read the word from the PLC or real world device, in this case %MW54 which we will call 'Real_Variable', in your internal Disk device have a %MW54 configured which we will call 'Decode_Variable' (can be anything but its easier to work with if you have the same address) Then create tags against the internal Disk device word at the bit level: Internal_Variable_1 - %MW54.1 Internal_Variable_2 - %MW54.2 Internal_Variable_3 - %MW54.3 Internal_Variable_4 - %MW54.4 etc. etc. Now run a piece of code at a time interval of your choosing to basically do: Decode_Varable = Real_Variable Job done, unless of course Citect now treats disk device variables as points !!
  9. CiCode quest! Open Excel file from a tag.

    You need to use the Exec function, for example like this, you can just run this direct from a button, not quite sure why you would want or need a tag to trigger it though, sure you can work out how to do that if you really need to: Exec("C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\Excel.exe C:\My_Files\My_File.dbf",3);
  10. Unity Pro simulation

    It works locally, of a fashion. I have had Citect, the PLC and an HMI simulator all talking, you just need to change your SCADA and HMI programs to have as the IP address as the simulator runs on localhost by default, what you wont be able to do is use IO scanning or other functions to read a modbus slave etc. as this requires communications which the simulator does not support.
  11. I/O scan NOE0100

    I think you are asking the PLC I\O scanning service to do too much, you are trying to read and write to the same device in 60ms intervals, change your repetitive rate step to an odd number, 17 for instance, then back off the repetetive rate to 1017ms for device 1, then a multiple of the repetitive rate ms for the second and so on, that way they are not on the same repetitive rate.
  12. Programming cable for Q series

    Why dont you pick the phone up and ask your Mitsi distributor, thats what they are there for and what you are paying for.
  13. Vijeo Designer question

    Just export the variable list, all the text relating to the alarm is contained in it.
  14. Citect,Cicode Forms,

    If you dont mind an honest answer.......I wouldnt have done it with forms I like to see what i am doing and as there is no graphical develpoment environment for forms in Citect thats pretty hard. I would have just developed my own page and popped this from the event, if there are lots with different text etc. i would have used a supergenie to wrap it all in. You could even just use the message() function, it will return 0 if the OK button is pressed. I know thats not much help but i think its a bit cleaner than using forms for a simple task like you have.
  15. Licence error

    Hello again, still not self sufficient on the basics ? You keep asking a lot of questions about Citect and getting a lot of helpful answers but not giving any feedback as to if it solved your issues or much thanks for the help you get...... Check your network addresses in the project, if in any doubt set it to