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  1. CompactLogix L35E Serial Port

    Hi everybody, Thank a lot for your suggestion, but it was more tricky than it looks. Like mention in the first post, there was an error "Invalid attribute value" each time I download the serial configuration. There was no information with this error. Tech support group from RS I've no clue about my problem, but they told me to try the following thing and it worked. -Export the program in .L5K and reimport it in .ACD. So, when I've reimported it, I've received the following warning: Warning: Line 6767: An error occurred while setting attribute TOKENHOLDFACTOR of DF1 DF1 (Value too small.) Complete - 0 error(s), 1 warning(s) It make sense, since this attribute is related to the serial port. Finally, I've download this program (doing nothing for the warning) and now I can change the serial port configuration (online) like I want. Thanks again!
  2. CompactLogix L35E Serial Port

    Hi TWControls, I'll have to check if there is a confidentiality agreement on this code before sending it to you. But, remember that when I download this code in the spare PLC, I've no error and I change the serial configuration like I want.
  3. I need to change the configuration of the serial port of a CompactLogix L35E. Every time I try, I receive the error "Invalide attribute value" and then the parameters go back to the default value. The serial port is not used, and a PV1000 is networked by Ethernet. But, when I'm using the spare PLC and do the same thing at the office (without the PV), I've no dificulty to change the serial port configuration. On the field, I've try different way to change it but no result. Any ideas? BUG_RS232.bmp