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  1. What is the settings you have for the connection parameters? What did you select for the ethernet device in RS5000?
  2. I agree. Usually numbers running up and down mean noise(AC) or other. Are you using shielded cable? May require isolators.
  3. Ethernet Networking

    Without digging real deep into how large the plc systems are or the specifics of transactions and drivers I can offer some basics things to look at. RPI's or tag update times. Ensure that all items have update intervals that are not all set at the same times or multiples. Use prime numbers. Set items that don't need frequent updates to longer times. Default on I/o can be 20ms. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. I have had devices set at intervals and every couple of hours I had a comms storm and then everything locks up. Drivers. I have seen some third party drivers cause comms irregularities. In controller properties under the advanced tab. You can adjust the time slice the processor devotes to comms or use a fixed amount for comms. This needs to be adjusted and watched to ensure no adverse effects occur. I have used this in systems with large communications overhead and minor control requirements. Download some freeware like wireshark and monitor the packets and see what is causing you delays. It takes patience and then more patience. If you can break the network and watch the comms packets. Basic troubleshooting can apply by halving the network. You could be surprised that some unknown device is causing you grief. I have had operators plug in computers and ethernet loops into unmanaged switches cause all kinds of grief. Good luck
  4. automation direct

    I have used them for simple applications. The math functions are a little rough but you can do allot with them. I use the drop I/O like their tech support. I love their screens.
  5. Yaskawa

    I have specified and used them many times. They are easy to set up and solid running units. I have some working in really harsh environments and they just keep working. Can't say the same for AB or others.
  6. Strange Ethernet/IP "blips"

    All ethernet switches and hubs are not alike. I have learned, the hard way, that you should test them off line. N-tron is a solid product and reliable and my experience with sixnet from the past was not a good experience so I won't comment as I have not used them for years. The best way to trouble shoot is using a managed switch. Take a diagram of your network and look for bottleneck points. All devices should be configured for a fixed transaction speed and not auto-negotiate. The fixed speed should be the slowest device on the network. Place the managed switch such that you can monitor most of the transactions and look for the device that is generating the most requests. The switch is one place I would look first. Then have you performed any software upgrades? Look at the update rates on the devices. See if something has changed. I redownloaded the program to a L61 and lost the RPI settings so check those to make sure they haven't been changed or lost. This is general testing I have used. Some may or may not apply and without a hardware layout and configuration settings it is dificult to point you in a specific direction. There are some monitoring software you can get online that looks at packets and transactions. Some have costs. Good luck as AB ethernet is not easy to troubleshoot and may take some time and patience.
  7. Without knowing the number of devices and brands, or if you plan to expand the system, I would say no. Allen Bradley Ethernet is marginally deterministic and the more units you place on the network the more difficult it becomes. Mixing this with other devices such as Operator interfaces and such devices, especially if they are not AB devices it becomes worse. A Managed switch can assist with predictability, again is device, and transaction dependent. Depending on the control logix you are using and the Ethernet card there are additional limitations. Your best bet is device net or control net. That is my 2 cents
  8. Cimplicity controlling redundancy between 90-30 PLC's

    It has been a while since I dealt with Max-on so here goes. Switch over time is a function of the amount data that is mapped in the max-on software configuration. Volume Dependent More data = longer time to transfer data. Max-on has no overhead as it is a separate software that creates the files that are part of the code downloaded to the PLC's. Typically the scan time impact is minimal but the network time is again Data dependent and based on the configuration of the amount of data and the rates selected. My recollection is that the code determines the primary. You might be able to set the ladder logic to not switch back to primary. I always treated the GE 9030 series as Primary secondary system. I would test this before trying it tho. I have found the 9030 hot back up system to be finicky to get it set up but works well once completed. Hope this helps you.
  9. Registering an old copy of VersaPro

    I think you will have difficulty here. I would just reinstall the software every four days. The way to transfer a license is to go to new computer and create a license transfer disk. Then go to old computer and transfer license and it will place the license on the disk. Then go back to the new computer and move license. Without the original computer you are stuck. Your remaining option is to convince GE to activate an out of date non-supported software. I had no luck with this in the last two years. I have just imported the programs into Proficy software Cleaned up the documentation and moved on. There were features of Versa pro I missed . Oh well.
  10. L63 Losing its program

    Had a problem once like this. When they installed the cabinet and drilled the holes in the enclosure the electrician did not cover the PLC. The PLC and cards had metal shavings inside the cards. I had to blow all of the cards out and the problem went away. Something was either loading the power supply internally, down in a way that defeated any battery backup or UPS.
  11. VersaMax Expansion IO Not Being Scanned

    Silly question. Which side of the expansion rack did you plug the cable into. It does make a difference.
  12. This may be a long shot. I had an issue using Ge screens(Cimplicity) and found that the touchscreen driver was updating based on what the screen was currently showing and some other random factor GE could not explain. never mind I had remaped all of the data in CLGX to prevent this. The long and the short was that GE was not optimizing the transactions and so every request to the Control logix was different and not optimized. The Control logix Ethernet card could not buffer the data ahead of time based on a repetetive transaction and so there were delays getting the data off the back plane and routing it. Bandwidth had little effect. To discover I started pulling users off the circuit until the comms stabalized and then added them back to narrow the search. GE's driver was part of the issue. This was two years ago and they may have patched it by now. What I found was the control logix ENBT card supports both AB CIP and AB ethernet transactions and the combination of both plus changing requests on the same network slowed everything down, and I am not sure if IFix allows prioritizing transactions or has set updates. Good luck I have felt your pain and it is not fun. Keep fightin
  13. Without knowing which Siemens you have it is difficult to know which protocol. I have had good luck with protocol conversions with these guys http://www.prosoft-technology.com/
  14. load cell to PLC

    Thanks for the input.
  15. I have an application that requires load cells to weigh a liquid. It has been many years since I had to do this. What is the best way to an AB PLC. Millivolt card or load cell with 4-20ma out. Who do you recommend as a supplier of load cell hardware. Thanks