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  1. Hi 504bloke, can you help me with the installation of the PanelBuilder 1200 software? I need to do backup an application to migrate this later.

    I hope you can. Thanks.

  2. Control Panel Codes for ANSI /UL508

    Thanks Again
  3. Control Panel Codes for ANSI /UL508

    Thanks What about an EWON gateway and Redlion DSP ? GW & DSP ?    
  4. Doing a Panel for North America, read most of the stuff I need to but can't really find an answer to this Circuit Breakers labelled CB on drawing, T is transformer, F is Fuse, B induction motor etc etc  What code do i Label a Siemens PSU 120AC/24Vdc ? ie code lettering on the drawing ?  What code letter for PLC and IO cards and HMI ? I found the eaton/moeller reference manual for ANSI but it still doesnt specifically list the PSU and PLC etc..... Only one I can see which would be used is A for separate assembly ??? All USA help appreciated........
  5. PLC cable?

    You may want to know At present the 200 is still current but siemens have bought out the 1200 now and it's better (IMO) and on the whole cheaper Also runs with very different software step7 basic
  6. Computer Lab

    Cant help you with the computers bit as im in the uk BUT can give a tip or two Once your pc is installed XP, Vista, 7 etc and up to speed, use disk imaging or spare disks for easy swop out backups Try CloneZilla its linux based boots from cd or usb and is a million times better than ghost and all those other wonderful windows bits of software !!! Another thing is use VMWare virtual machines on the installed operating system My 2 penneth
  7. There is another way for the multiple logins Password managers Roboform is superb for windows 1Password is superb for macs (also now released for windows) And 1Password can sync your password encrypted file with dropbox, links to your laptop, home pc, work pc, ipad, iphone etc Another option Mine - I use 1Password
  8. Convoluted ladder logic

    Seal in is fine, set, reset require special attention and an understanding of how they work, including how they work in different plcs You would be wise to read rons post more than once and have a play See if you can get on one of his courses, it will pay dividends.....
  9. Been VERY slow here in the UK where i am for the last 6-8 months Took advantage by doing some updates and courses, also have become a siemens BMS partner as i keep turning these jobs down.... But still slow, all my longstanding customers are very very slow Mainly Maintenance and Breakdown work... Ron: My dad still works with me, He's 73 next Feb...... Hang in there, your still young On a serious thought and you'll probably not like it but have you thought of doing some training over Skype ? I don't know how practicable it would be and it would not be hands on in your class but it would certainly give you a wider audience ?
  10. S5-110 EPROM with PG675

    Which 110 ? This may help http://support.automation.siemens.com/WW/llisapi.dll?func=cslib.csinfo&objId=2205332&nodeid0=10805082&load=content&start=751&csSort=DOCBETREFF&subtype=130000〈=en&siteid=cseus&aktprim=0&objaction=csview&extranet=standard&viewreg=WW
  11. S7-200 Pros and Cons

    Buy the S7-1200 The S7-200 is better than Mitsi, the 1200 is even better, the 1200 is programmed with TIA Step7 Basic 10.5 and it does the HMI's as well, a bit slow at times but nice windows software GX Developer sucks I am biased, i really have a hate hate relationship with mitsi Its only my opinion which means nothing but Siemens wins hands down
  12. Help - Energy consumption

    You may also want to look at Siemens Energy meters, not the cheapest but really good and link easily to a seimens BMS (Building Management System)
  13. KASPRO HMI's

    STRANGE "International Headquarters" has the same address as these guys... http://www.usabox.com/instructions1583.asp And your UK address is that shown on the site of Offizz Virtual Offices... http://www.zyra.org.uk/ofiz.htm And your South African address is that of Regus Virtual Offices... http://www.regus.co.za/locations/ZA/Johann...yClubEstate.htm Tell me, how many people do you have at each of these locations? :) Not being funny but i have heard bad things about these guys, if you look over at plcs.net where i post a lot more you'll see i rarely diss anyone... Heads up for anyone wanting to buy this stuff - Beware....
  14. Wich is the best inverter brand?

    I would say SSD for me. Although to be realistic i would really say whoever gives the best support in your area...
  15. Red Lions PLC and HMI

    I have used quite a few G3's now from the 3" to the 10". I would not use any other make unless the customer specified it and i couldnt convince them to change. Great product with fantastic support.