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  1. CS1W-EIP21 OR CS1W-ETN21

    PCMR, thanks for your help on this project. Everything works out as designed. The WE70 wireless AP and client setup are similiar to the ones you would buy for your home so it wasn't hard to setup. No special setup like routing table and FINS. They're rugged with din rail mounting and 24VDC power so you can install them in control panels. Thanks again for your help.
  2. Tranfering to and from PLC

    I think it pretty easy to see if you're online or offline in AB's. Just curious, doens't most other major brands show their values offline? It's kind of annoying when you try to read the code offline and have to switch back and forth to the memory window to see what value an address is. Hard coding them in is not a good idea when you have hundreds of setpoints and recipes that are changeable at the HMI.
  3. Tranfering to and from PLC

    Thanks, I did see that. Would be nice to see and change the values in the ladder offline.
  4. Tranfering to and from PLC

    Hi, I'm just getting familiar witht the CX-Programmer software so bare with me on this. Am I correct to say that when I transfer the program to the PLC, only the logic and other configurations are downloaded but not the memory? I would have to use the PLC Memory Data Monifor to download and upload the values? Does the Data Monitor saves to and reads from the cpx file?
  5. Online to DeviceNet Card with CS1W-ETN21

    Thank you
  6. Online to DeviceNet Card with CS1W-ETN21

    Good catch! Sorry for the typo. It's an EIP21 and I'm using Ethernet/IP.
  7. I have an Ethernet/IP card CS1W- ETN21 and also a devicenet CS1W-DRM21-V1 in the same rack with a CS1G-CPU45H CPU. What I want to do is go online to the DeviceNet card via the ETN21 but can't seem to make this happen. Not sure if this is even possible. There's an Ethernet/IP network selection for going online to the CPU and that's pretty straight forward and I got it working correctly but I didn't see one for the DeviceNet software CX-Integrator (v2.33). The only way I can go online to the DeviceNet card is via Toolbus and t he serial cable.
  8. Control Panel Main Breaker Sizing

    Paul, thankyou for that explamation but my question is can I oversize the panel's main disconnect breaker by say 200-300%. I want to be able to add more loads in the future.
  9. I have a couple 5HP VFD's in a panel with their own fuses for short circuit protection. What I want to do is over size the main circuit breaker for the entire panel instead of using 115% of the sum of the motor's FLA. Is this possible and if yes, how high can I go?
  10. Micro CP1L and Mitsubishi FR-E740 VFD Wiring

    Thanks for the explanation, Bytes. I have other inputs to consider so I guess I'll just use the drive relay output ABC and reprogram it for running status.
  11. Can someone check what I'm doing here is correct. This is my first time with a Mitsubishi drive and Omron PLC so I am trying to get use with all the notations from the manual. I'm trying to wire the VFD running status off a Mitsubishi FR-E740-120-NA VFD to the DC input of the Omron Micro PLC CP1L-L14DR-D. It appears I have to hook up the VFD RUN terminal to one of the PLC input terminal and the VFD SE terminal to the PLC COM terminal. The control panel 24VDC power supply common is also hook up to the PLC COM terminal. Is this correct? Also I want to wire up the VFD Alarm dry contact so the panel 24VDC goes to VFD B terminal and VFD A terminal goes to the PLC input? Thank you for the help.
  12. CS1W-EIP21 OR CS1W-ETN21

    PMCR, I'm going to spec out the CS1W-EIP21 for this project. Also I am adding an NS8 for Micro CP1L. Do you see any problem with the CP1L interfacing with the NS8 and using SEND and RECV to talk to the CS1W-EIP21 wirelessly using the WE70? There's at most 10 words over wireless and about 40 tags with the NS8. Thanks for all the help.
  13. CS1W-EIP21 OR CS1W-ETN21

    Thanks again PMCR! The NS screens only communicate with the CS1.
  14. CS1W-EIP21 OR CS1W-ETN21

    I'm trying to spec out a system consisting of a CS1G-CPU45H CPU and I want it to be able to communicate with: 3 NS12-TS01B-V2 operator interface 1 Micro CP1L-L14DR-D with Ethernet adapter CP1W-ETN01-US Would either the CS1W-EIP21 or CS1W-ETN21 module allow me to do this on Ethernet? What I would also want to do sometimes is hookup my programming terminal and do online programming and troubleshooting at the same time. Is this possible or am I asking for too much? Thank you for any advice.
  15. CPM2A and C200HX-CPU44 on Ethernet

    Thank you