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  1. I am having difficulties setting up MVI56E-MNET card to send and receive data from/to my touch screen via Contrologix 1756-L73S processor. Info that I received from costumer is as following: From PLC to AGV: Address ID 32769 16bit R/W Address ID 32770 16bit R/W From AGV to PLC Address ID 33280 16bit R only Address ID 33281 16bit R only Address ID 33282 16bit R only Address ID 33283 16bit R only Address ID 33284 16bit R only Address ID 33285 16bit R only My module is setup as follows: Error/Status Pointer 4500 Read Register Start 3000 Read Register Count 600 Write Register Start 2000 Write Register Count 800 Failure Flag Count 0 Initialize Output Data No Pass-Through Mode 0 Duplex/Speed Code Auto MNet Client 0 Commands 1 Enable yes, Internal Address 3000, Poll Interval 1, Reg Count 10 , Swap Code No, Node IP, Serv Port 502, Slave Address 1, Modbus Function FC 3-Read Holding Registers (4X), MB Address in Device 1 MNet Client 0 Commands 2 Enable Yes, Internal Address 2000, Poll Interval 1 Reg Count 10 , Swap Code No, Node IP, Serv Port 502, Slave Address 1, Modbus Function FC 16 Pre-Set (write) multiple registers (4x), MB Address in Device 1 Not sure if this is correct since I tried different settings and I cant get this to work, if anybody had similar problem would appreciate correct answer or setup? Thanks

    All the best to you my friend.

    Thank you very much.Everything is working just fine.And I apologize again for my comments before I guess I am bit stress out. If you ever come to Canada you got a self a beer. THX Sasha

    My Apologizes, I am building packaging machines and this is my fourth one and they all have incremental encoder from 0-1000 and flag on I:0/2 that sits on main shaft to reset encoder back to 0. Encoder is used to determent glue length , stitch control, feed position.Everything is hooked up and encoder is working fine. Costumer asked me to add read out on HMI to say Boxes per minutes and I am not really sure how to convert encoder pulses to box per minute. I no, it is probably not that hard but I am very limited on time rite now.Machine has to ship in 2 days and I am still having mechanical issues and that is the reason way I am asking for help otherwise I will probably sit and solve this problem myself but I don't have time. If you can help I will appreciate a lot? Thank you in Advance

    I don't remember asking you for a help!!!If you don't want to help don't COMMENT on it.

    This sound very optimistic but I am very confused unfortunately!What would it take for you to make some example of this procedure?I just need something to start with I will probably pick up the paste after. Thank you in advance

    They were, but I need more info! Thx
  8. Hello, Can somebody please give me an tip or quick file on how to convert incremental encoder value 0 to 1000 to SPEED per minute using MIcrologix 1500? Thank You All
  9. Siemens TiSoft Dos version

    I tried, but nothing is coming up! This is the first time I hear APT.Any suggestion? Thx
  10. Siemens TiSoft Dos version

    Does anybody knows where I can get copy of the TiSoft Dos version for programing Simatic 505 Thanks in advance
  11. I am having problems with HSC reading Encoder 1000ppr. I am using micrologix 1500 processor and encoder is hooked up at Input 0.It works fine 2/3 hours than it stops reading encoder. I tryied to change input filter time but it simply want do it, after couple of shut downs of hole systems it starts to read againg. All wiring is done properly and there is no lose connection.I can see signal coming into the Input 0 but PLC just doesn't want to read it sometime.Files is attached for review. Does anyone nows if there is some another settings except Input Filter time to be done. Thanks in advance QUANTUM_QMAX_JULY_30_2009_REV_1.RSS
  12. rsview 32

    Hi! Hope somebody here can help me. I am trying to install RSView on my Windows XP Pro (Service pack 2). However after entering serial number and selecting components to install, I get this popup message: Your existing system path is too long. Please modify your path using control panel-system dialog-environment tab before running setup again. Existing path length is: 426 characters Setup needs to add: 29 characters Maximum NT path length: 256 characters Setup will exit now Hope somebody can help me. Thanks in advance. Regards,
  13. Panel Builder 1200 Software

    I am in desperate need of Panel Builder 1200 software. I have old Panel View Classic 1200 and need to do some programming on it. I am wondering is there a chance that somebody has this and I can borrow the copy of it. Thx to everyone Sasha
  14. Panel Building Rates

    Are you still interested in getting the quote from somebody else? Let me know by e-mail or phone 1-905-208-0591 I am in Canada but that does not matter our rates are cheaper here. Thx Sasha Haljkevic Panel Shop Manager CEC Controls Company Inc. 2401 Royal Windsor Drive Oakville Ontario Canada L6J 7X6 Tel: 905-339-3221 Cell: 905-208-0591 e-mail:shaljkevic@cceccontrols.com