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  1. GOT1000 Networking

    Thanks for the quick response, this side of things is new to me working with individual PLC's etc is relatively simplistic but this ... well it gives me something to think about I was under the impression i could input values into specific data registers on the GOT which would then be transferred to the PLC similar to what i have done with the Proface screens hence i could send each specific cell a value and have that transferred to the plc via the GOT from the remote PC. So far all i have been tasked with doing is having a central point for production to input build requirements and to view actual o/p (ie 1st period build=108, actual=90 etc) so it's quite removed from a full SCADA system at this point but i guess i can see them wanting to expand it later. I have been looking through the Mitsi website but it's obvious my knowledge on this is limited at this stage, so can any other resource be suggested? Thanks again.
  2. GOT1000 Networking

    Hi all, I have a approximately 10 robot cells all running Mitsubishi Q series plc's and all have the GOT 1000 HMI (GT1565-VTBA) at the moment all ten cells are seperate however i am looking at networking all ten via the GOT display using the ethernet comms module (GT15-J71E71-100) The idea is for each machine to pull off the build figures onto a centralised PC - i guess this will grow into a full featured SCADA system but at this early stage i'm just working it out. Now then this is where i begin to encroach into new territory, i can fit the cards easily, assign them all an IP address and wire all into a network switch ready for feeding back to the desktop PC but what next? How do i retrieve the information am i looking at using VBA + a device driver module or a SCADA program such as that supplied by PACESOFT? Any pointers would be gratefully received. Thanks and merry xmas. Lee
  3. File Name: gpmitsi_q.pdf File Submitter: Lee_H File Submitted: 13 Dec 2006 File Category: Manuals, Tutorials Details on how to connect a Proface GP2xxx HMI to a Q series CPU via the QJ71C24N comms card Click here to download this file
  4. gpmitsi_q.pdf



    Details on how to connect a Proface GP2xxx HMI to a Q series CPU via the QJ71C24N comms card
  5. Mitsubishi Q02H to Proface GP2600

    yeah :( proper termination and a change in the hex switch settings, i had the termination on the plc side originally but took it off because it did not work, then posted here and re-added it. The key was the one on the hmi side and then a change in parameter settings. Thanks again for patience and pointers. Lee
  6. Mitsubishi Q02H to Proface GP2600

    Hi, Firstly thanks to all who responded I have now got it successfully working and have posted a webpage up at http://www.lhalls.co.uk/gp26-mitsiq.htm Note there is nothing else on the site at the moment as it was all being worked upon but i thought i'd take a few screen shots and give a reasonable description for others to reference, i'll create a pdf file when i have time and upload here too. Briefly i got it working by setting it up as follows; On the Gp2600 side choose Mitsubishi MELSEC QnA(LINK) as your type and set-up the comms as 4 line, 19200, 7 data bits, even parity, 2 stop bits & DTR/ER control. On the PLC side set up the switches as SWITCH 1 & 3: 07FC SWITCH 2 & 4: 04 SWITCH 5: 0 The connecting cable should be twisted pairs but i managed to get it working with normal screened cable however ensure the resistors are correctly utilised and note that on my original cable i had pins 9 & 10 connected but on the working version they are not. P7 - SG - SG P10 - RDA - SDA P11 - SDA - RDA P15 - SDB - RDB P16 - RDB - SDB P18 & 19 JOINED P20 & 21 JOINED On the plc side connect SDA & SDB with a 330ohm resistor and also RDA & RDB. On the GP2600 side of the lead connect pins 10-RDA & 16-RDB together with a 330ohm resistor. Eventually if all is set-up correctly you will see both SD & RD lights flashing on CH2 of the QJ71 card. Hopefully the above helps some other poor sole struggling with it, one recommendation i would have is look into getting GX Configurator as this should simplify your settings calculations and never forget the importance of resistors ...... Regards, Lee
  7. Mitsubishi Q02H to Proface GP2600

    OK then further to the previous response ... i have now fitted the resistors and still suffer from the same issues The GP26 still displays an 02:FE error with PLC not responding and the QJ71C24 card shows the following; RUN light = ON NEU light = ON (both channels) RD light = flashing SD light = OFF (never even blinks) I've re-checked all the settings, re-calculated the switch settings for GX-Developer, cleared all PLC & GP memories and started from scratch. Using GXDEV's system monitor i have confirmed the switch settings in the comms card and ensured no errors are reported. I have even altered it to 8 bits,no parity,1 stop bit,19200 and still nothing. To say i am stumped is something of an understatement, i am only using the GP screen because i have a few spare though i am beginning to wonder if i should dump it for a GOT but i refuse to give up. If anyone has any further pointers i'll gladly follow them ....... Thanks, Lee
  8. Mitsubishi Q02H to Proface GP2600

    Sorry for the delay in replying, thanks for all the pointers .... i think i see what i've done wrong, i've missed the termination resistors but i was buggered if i could see why it wasn't working and felt it had to be simple will try this Monday/Tuesday and let everyone know. Cheers and thanks,
  9. Hi all, I have a bit of problem that i am hoping someone can help me solve, currently i am fortunate enough to have a test rig/training setup comprising of; Mitsubishi Q312B rack Mitsubishi Q02HCPU Mitsubishi QJ71C24N RS232/422 card occupying slot 0 GP2600 HMI connected via the 422 terminals on QJ71C24N Self made connection lead with the configuration GP2600 PLC P7 - SG - SG P9 LINKED TO 10 P10 - RDA - SDA P11 - SDA - RDA P15 - SDB - RDB P16 - RDB - SDB P18 & 19 JOINED P20 & 21 JOINED I have downloaded all the available manuals from the Proface/Otasuke support site and have worked through them however i am still having difficulty in getting any communication between the GP2600 and the QJ71C24N and i am waiting (3 days now) for a response from Proface. The settings i have been trying to use are as follows; Device types GP2600 Mitsubishi-MELSEC Q CPU Extend SIO Type - NONE Communications settings COMMS RATE - 19200 DATA - 7 BITS STOP BIT - 2 PARITY - EVEN DATA FLOW - ER TYPE UNIT - 0 4 WIRE Which if my interpretation of the manuals is correct gives me the following switch settings for GX-Developer. Comms rate 19200 = 07h Switch 1 & 3 Transmission settings B0 Operation setting Independant(0),Linked(1) = 0 B1 Data bit 7(0),8(1) = 0 B2 Parity bit No(0),Yes(1) = 1 B3 Odd(0),Even(1) Parity = 1 B4 stop bit 1(0),2(1) = 1 B5 sum check code No(0),Yes(1) = 1 B6 Write during run No(0),Yes(1) = 0 B7 Setting modifications No(0),Yes(1) = 1 Above settings give BCh Combined gives 07BCh for switch 1 & 3 Switches 2 & 4 Communication protocol Default value of 0h Switch 5 - Station number Default value of 0h Despite all of the above i still recieve 'PLC Not Responding 02:FE' I have been struggling with this for several days now and assume i am missing something which once pointed out will be embarassing cheers and thanks Lee