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  1. Hello i am new on this forum and i am interested to see the file   CJ1_PID_Bumpless.cxp but i don't know how to proceed. Can you inform me ?

    Thank you


  2. Hi Nibroc:

                       I read the 2008 post on CJ1W-EIP21.

                         I am trying to use Beckhoff PLC(PC C6015-0010) Ethernet/IP as a master to communicate with CJ1W-EIP21. I was told by Omron, there is no such EDS file as slave, OMRON PLC will act as Master. I think it is crap.

    Do you have any idea how i can do it?

  3. helo nibroc i find this file but not in fourm please attached again thnanks in advance

    Nibroc PowerOffNS2_1__1_.cxp

  4. NS FTP Access to Log Files

    Thanks Jay, I did have the .pdf data but not the .ppt. I ultimately wish to put a shortcut on the desktop to open: This will allow my customer to open the shortcut and copy the log files. However, the ftp defaults to the /fr1 folder and does not allow Windows explorer to navigate to the above? I can navigate to the log folders using command line ftp, but not windows explorer. Is there a way I can add a shortcut to the log file folders - (do I need to use a third party FTP client?) Thanks,
  5. NS FTP Access to Log Files

    Hi All, Happy New Year. I am trying to create an FTP link to the Data Log files stored on an NS Memory Card. Currently I am unable to navigate to the folder '' via the windows explorer, although I can using ftp via the command line. When I try this via Windows exporer I get the error per attached screenshot - not sure why it adds the /fr1 to the path? Thanks, Nibroc
  6. CJ1M-xxx-EIP

    Hi Bob, I have been to the Grampians - stayed overnight at Halls Gap - Lovely spot! Yes, Omron showed us Ethercat on a visit from Oz earlier this year - I have also seen it at the Hannover trade show (Beckhoff Stand etc). Looks good. It appears the Omron ethercat will initially be Motion Control, hopefully general purpose I/O and a general purpose master will be added to the range. At the moment, we are using third party Ethernet IP remote IO, and third party ethernet IP VSD's ! Although I think I may use profinet and smart slice on the next project. What about adding an Ethernet IP master to the smartslice range? We are spending this weekend nursing a 'sick' SCADA server PC, which sufferred multiple BSOD's earlier in the week and last weekend. It has been reloaded from scratch, and is running great, we hope. I am from Hawkes Bay - we grow great wine here! Think we should arrange a swap! (One day we should have a MrPLC get together) Hope the surgery is a success, I wish you both well from our team here in NZ. Unfortunately I too have some bad news in my family on the health front - not looking good. Tim.
  7. CJ1M-xxx-EIP

    Yes EtherCat looks good. We need more ethernet I/O options. Cheers. Tim.
  8. CJ1M-xxx-EIP

    Hi Bob, Hope all is well in the land of Oz. Plenty of Red's on the horizon? Yes, we are going to add an Ethernet unit to the 'rack' for our project. This will give us the two ethernet ports we require for our project. Thanks, Tim.
  9. CJ1M-xxx-EIP

    Answer - no you can't add an ethernet port, serial ports only. (found by an esteemed colleage). Nibroc.
  10. CJ1M-xxx-EIP

    Quick question: Can I fit an ethernet adaptor to the option port on the CJ1M-xxx-EIP CPU? The hardware manual shows the fitting of RS232 or RS422 type ports, but not the ethernet version. Thanks in advance. Nibroc.
  11. Smartslice GRT1-CP1-L - supply question

    ... You will have to use an external 5V power supply for the E6B2-CWZ1X Encoder(s) - this will work fine. (Note that the Inputs and Outputs will remain at 24V) Nibroc.
  12. Smartslice GRT1-CP1-L - supply question

    Hi Pawel, (Without looking up any manuals) We have used line driver encoders with 5V-RS422 output, which have 4.75-30V input. This type of encoder would be fine with 24V supply. There are many encoders on the market, do you have an existing encoder or are you free to select a new one? Nibroc
  13. Indirect Tag Addressing

    Hi all. Using CX-Supervisor V3.0 (28), windows XPP. I am trying to use the ^Tagname[xx] syntax to dynamically reference an element in a particular array. I have several I/O array points: Array1 Array2 Array3 each of say 200 BOOL elements. I have a dynamic 'Tagname' memory text point. Set Tagname = "Array1" Then say a Toggle Button with ^Tagname[10] works fine (per the manual) and does change the PLC value fine. But animation blink property expression set to ^Tagname[10] doesn't work, no errors, no events etc, nothing happens? Should it work? Manual gives example for Toggle button, does not mention whether this type of indirect addressing can be used for animation expressions? The script manual does mention this syntax can be used within expressions. If it does work, this will make a tidy project for me ... Thanks, Nibroc
  14. Omron Modbus Slave on Ethernet

    Hi, I have not used the modbus slave software you are using for testing however: I do note from the picture that you have the slave(server) set with 'Quantity: 10'. The example PLC code is requesting #10 (hex 10) = 16 decimal. Ten would be #A. Perhaps try with the quantity set to a larger number such as 16 (or even 100!) for your slave setting. Or reduce the PLC setting. Nibroc
  15. Omron Modbus Slave on Ethernet

    Hi Again, The example program requests 16 registers starting at address 0. It uses function 04. It is requesting from Modbus address (server) number 01. These values are set in the first 'rung' of the program. Yes, the received data does arrive starting at DM230. You may need to add some temporary words to the function block status/error output attributes to help debug your application. Nibroc