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  1. RTD fluctuations

    Thanks for the reply. I am going to call AD and see if they have an answer. I will post the resolution here. If I find one :)
  2. RTD fluctuations

    I'll give that a try and get back to you. Thanks!
  3. RTD fluctuations

    This is a new application. they all come back to the same input card on a terminator IO which is a slave to a DL205. The RTDs (5 of them) are fluctuating anywhere from 50deg to 100deg in temperature. We have grounded all of the cable shielding. We do have a VFD and 75hp vent fan in the area, would that have a negative effect?
  4. You might think about ethernet ring switches. That way you get some fault tolerance.
  5. RTD fluctuations

    What would cause an RTD (several actually) to fluctuate wildly? By wildly I mean 40 - 100 degree jumps every few seconds. I am using 3 wire RTD's hooked to a terminator IO talking to a DL205 and a WPLC running TnD. The cable being used is STP. thanks!
  6. Searching study mates for PLC study !

    Has anyone given any thought to 'translating' his book to work with Automation Direct PLCs or even to work with think and do (flow charting)? There is a lack of materials / examples out there for using WPLCs and the Think and Do software. Just a thought.