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  1. RsLinx works with Windows CE?

    Hi all! After a long time... now I am back in the source... This amazing forum Now I'm developing an application with VB.Net and WinCE (handheld PC) and I need to communicate with a SLC 500... Usually, if i'm working in a PC, I install Rsling and configure a driver(serial, ethernet, DH or whatever) but i don't know if exists a RSLinx version for this environment, or if normal rslinx can work Could you tell me if it is possible?? Thanks in advance!!! Best Regards from Mexico!
  2. 1747-PIC Equivalent

    B&B Electronics have a replace for only 169.95! Its model is 232ABRJ45
  3. Wan Between Plc's

    nileshsurya: Maybe you can try using some ProLinx products. They have DF1 to RF or DH-485 to RF converters, and RF to -any protocol- converters, too. Check it from their homepage: or more exactly: Regards!
  4. Dh+ Network Load

    You can use a HMI in order to scan only alarm tags (I.E. WW InTouch or RSView) or even in excel, using an OPC Server like Kepware. Here in my job, we are monitoring all network using WW InTouch and this network is about 60 nodes.
  5. Basic question - need lil help!

    If you don't find the trial version, I have a copy and i can upload it in a free server, let me know if you want it. Additionaly, I can share a few manuals and example codes Regards!
  6. Loss for words

    In an application, I compare all the word and enable a bit. Maybe this logic can work for you: You only need an inverse logic. Regards!

    Maybe is a "pirate" PLC Like Raebook tennis shoes or Tommy Halfmaker jeans
  8. SLC 5/03 is not coming on network

    Hi, dude! With a similar problem I tried unplugging all PLC's from Network, and then connecting one by one, verifying that all PLC's are detected by RSLinx. This procedure works fine for me. Regards!
  9. ZelioSoft & TwidoSoft

    I have PL7 demo ver 4.0 (downloaded from Schneider site)
  10. Hi, all Now I need to work with a TSX Micro 3721001 PLC But my demo version of PL7 Pro can't upload or modify the PLC program And I also have TwidoSoft ver.1.13 and ZelioSoft, my question is: Can I use one of these softwares to program my TSX Micro? Or I need exclusively the PL7 software??? If someone of you can provide me a full version of PL7 I'll be greatful I already have PL707, but I think this software is exclusive for TSX Nano Is it right??? Thanks in advance Regards!
  11. PLC 5 Communication Problem

    Have you tried to go online witha PC, or with the laptop connected to AC power? Because I found a similar problem with my laptop. When I am connected with a laptop powered only with the battery,after a few minutes, the connection is broken. Then I connect the laptop to AC supply, and the connection works fine. I suppose that, because the battery power is decreasing, it don't support the serial connection. Try it. It could works. Regards
  12. Solid state relay to Plc input

    Maybe you have a wrong polarization for the PLC input. Check if it is PNP or NPN, and if it match the Opto22 polarization. Regards!
  13. You can use a temperature controller with a dual output. With the 1st output you can control temperature and you can set the 2nd output inverted, i mean when the setpoint is reached, this output is enabled to reduce temp, but you must connect a timer, such as mgvol said in his post. I have experience with love controllers, specifically Love 16A (it costs about $300) But Automationdirect have a substitute for this one: Regards!
  14. Micrologix 1000 DC Inputs

    In this forum exist an article about npn-pnp: It was useful for me! Regards
  15. Micrologix 1200 com problem

    In order to keep your two devices connected, you can attach to PLC port a device from ProSoft which can duplicate DF-1 port, and then you can attach your panel and your PC. Their webpage is You can take a view from it.