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  1. Datalogging in RSViewSE.

    Hi guys, I really need some help on this. Has anyone used ODBC datalogging in RSViewSE? Has anyone logged data to MSAccess from RSViewSE? Please respond mates...... cheers........
  2. RSView ME 4.00.00 Panelview+ 700

    I have done this kind of work with RSViewSE. But not with RSViewME. In SE I used the VBA component to implement this feature. VBA would not be available in ME so I dont reckon it can be done.
  3. Datalogging in RSViewSE.

    I am trying to log data to ODBC data source from RSViewSE. I have done the same earlier from RSView32 to MSAccess thru ODBC data logging, and it works fine. When I do the same with RSViewSE, I can create the tables in a new MSAccess project thru RSViewSE but when I run the RSViewSE project the data does not get logged and I get the message: "Switching model 'Attempt to connect to datasource failed' logging back to primary ODBC datasource" in RSViewSE. I am only using the primary path for datalogging. Anyone done this before? Any ideas on what might be going wrong for me?
  4. Random Number Generator

    Never needed a random number generation in control, but it could be done with scan time bits, as the scan time in usecs keeps changing even for a static program running with no change of states. Even a periodic task takes different times for execution every scan. Since there is an inbuilt randomness in the scan times due to the hardware design, this would be the best inbuilt randomness that you can feed off to develop an algorithm for a rand generator. It depends on the characteristics and frequency of the random number you want to generate that would determine the applicability. I have developed a PID loop simulation algorithm in RLL. I used the trig functions with system times to generate a randomly fuctuating PV (scaled appropriately). The system seconds, minutes, hours etc. they keep changing, it is impossible to predict the result of the trigonometric functions at the system second level, as the scan times of periodic tasks are not perfect, hence you get a randomly fluctuating value. Of course in my case the frequency was to the tune of 10 Hz or so. If you need a higher frequency then you can of course try using the scan time bits directly.
  5. PBuilder32 Tags

    I only work on PV+ so dont know the exact addressing syntax for PV std. But just a thought. You can cut and paste the tags from program section to controller section. Or if it is a few tags then you can make some controller tags and alias them to the program tags.
  6. SLC 505 to CLX Instruction Conversion

    You also have the SCL instruction in FBD that works the same as SCP. Although it does consume memory.
  7. how to get data from siemens to AB plc

    Will an OPC client like RSView32 also be needed in this solution with KepServer to link the tags from the 2 PLCs, i.e. read from Siemens and write to AB or vice versa or can it be done without OPC Client? I have done this earlier to connect a 3rd party PLC (dont remember the make) on Modbus ENet to FlexLogix controller on ENet I/P, thru Kepserver, using derived tags in RSView32 to write the tags from 3rd party PLC to FlexLogix data table, so I know this can be done with Kepserver + RSView32. Since there already was an RSView32 station in the project accessing data from Kepserver via Modbus serial from field devices, I did not investigate further, but can this be done without RSView32 or any other OPC client?
  8. RSView32 & CLX

    See the thing is that you have to import any graphics in your project that you want to run. Just copying and pasting wont work. Search the knowledgebase for any utility you can find to do this. Or if you can explain to the guys how to import graphics and csv file (for tags) into the onsite project, then your prob is solved.
  9. Connecting physical HMI to PLC

    Glad to help mate....
  10. RSView32 & CLX

    You can try using the dos xcopy command and copy files without overwriting. i.e. only copy 1 or 2 graphic files or database files, that have been modified later than the original files. Modem speed would allow transfer of 1 or 2 graphic files. Basicaly this method would not copy the entire project but only the modified or new graphic files. Not sure abt tag database but you can try with csv method. type xcopy/? in dos prompt to get a list of the parameters that you would need for the exact command. I have used this method to backup project files without the dbf trend and alarm history files. Let me know if you need any more help with this.
  11. Connecting physical HMI to PLC

    I am assuming that your PV+ would have an inbuilt ENet port. But your controller does not? Is that the case? RA had told me that theoretically the DF-1 Linx driver can co-exist with the driver of LinxEnterprise but in practice it does not work. So you might have to turn off 1 or the other and turn the other service on. Also might have to use separate COM ports. Even with this you might get haphazard errors, like corruption of LinxEnterprise. Driver failed to load. Its a software issue which has nothing to do with cable selection. Trust me i beat my head against this wall enough 3 yrs ago. Even after the project started working properly, after some time there were communication issues between PV+ and PLC. Unless you are using a PLC where ENet is just not available, which should not be the case unless its a very old PLC, just get any converter if PLC does nt have inbuilt ENet port, and transfer entire system to ENet. Throw away all the other serial cables. And then see if it works. The cost might add for the ENet card but convince client its only way to go as i did. I had deployed 2 Flex 1794-L34 PLC + 2 PV+ on serial ports 3 yrs back at a site. I had to spend 2 weeks at the site figuring out why it is not communicating properly before switching entire system to ENet. After ENet system never gave a problem again for last 3 yrs working fine. After that experience I never had the balls to trust serial cables on PV+. So summing up whatever needs a ENet card PLC or PV+ try to get the system on ENet. You will see much better comm performance that will justify the cost add.
  12. Anyone here purchase the OEM Toolkit?

    Why not use a phone based activation like MicroSoft is using for WINXP? Internet activation is quite a pain for sites where net access is not easy. And anyways the plant PCs hosting programming software and hmi usually never have internet access for security reasons. Why not go to a phone based alternate option activation method like Microsoft is using? And as far as the bootlegging goes not sure if the new method will discourage them, people who have the incentive to find a method to copy master disk based activation will surely figure out a way to copy net based activation too. Maybe hardware dongle might help, even tho i know ppl bootleg these too. Any thoughts?
  13. RS Emulate and Windows XP

    Turn your firewalls off. RSLinx usually has the problems with firewalls for downloadinh
  14. Connecting physical HMI to PLC

    I have used the PV+ on serial port configuration. I required 3 separate cables for this. 1 for PLC to PC. 1 for PC to PV+. 1 for PLC to PV+. 1 of these cables was standard RS-232 cable. 1 was NC13 cable (as far as I remember). So you would need to check the cables you are using. Even on using these cables communication was intermittent and the client faced massive problems. There are some communication limits faced by the serial ports due to which only one port can be connected at a time. We contacted RA and they suggested converting to ENet. Once we converted all communication to ENet then we never faced any problem. I have implemented PV+ / Logix Pocessor / PC / RSViewME / RSLogix5000 deplyment all on ENet at numerous places and never faced any problem at all. Is your problem Serial port related or something else?
  15. Issues with RSView SE VBA

    I did use a lot of VBA for SE recently. I had an application that required reducing trend screen count. For this I used the SE VBA to show only group of tags selected by the screen. Do not remember active pen property, do not recall if it exists. But how I used the pen selection is by pen count method, which gives you the total number of pens in the trend. The pen number property can be used to make selected pens visible / invisible etc. or some other type of required manipulation on them. If I get time to look into it I will let you know. Guess you can search some more in the meantime. BTW VBA in SE does not have any issues as such. Only issues are that you sometime might see some irregularity while coding. For this you might need to reboot your machine, or stop / start running SE server / client. Probably the online editing features for VBA are not as well incorporated in SE as they are for Non VBA editing. And probably this feature will improve in future releases of SE.