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  1. Hi, you have to put ON the "linger" bit in the Keep alive definition during TCP open. FBs do not accept the linger bit, you have to modify the FBs. Harald P.S. nobody likes resetting the whole unit.
  2. UDP communications problem

    Hi, of course, a PC can send and receive on the same port number, only it seems, you don't know how to do it? In FINS-communication only one should be active (the PC/ it is the client), the PLC should only answer questions(server). If the PC waits on something changing in the PLC it should poll. A SEND should go to annother PLC, not to the PC. A PLC has a FINS-Server and FINS-client. If you want to send a SEND also to the PC you have to program a FINS-Server also. And then it has to have the same port number. May be it is easier for you, to program a TCP-FINS-Client with one port number and additionally an UDP-FINS-Server with annother port number? (SEND is always UDP only)
  3. CJ2M Ethernet/IP

    Sorry, I also misunderstood the original question. I cannot help you with EIP compatible messages. I am only familiar with FINS messages, Multiway and the manual W342 could help you. http://support-omron.fr/MultiwayE.php
  4. CJ2M Ethernet/IP

    Hi, yes, a good point of ETN21 was, it was possible to configure over the Ethernet itself with a browser. With EIP you need to send a FINS or CIP message to the EIP-module itself. It is difficult but not impossible to create such a message with socket service.
  5. remote access via VPN and sending data between PLC in LAN

    Hi, the screenshot shows the IP-address table, not the FINS routing table. You have not enabled the table. Please set 'Combined' under Conversion. The IP-address table is only needed, if you would like to download new NS-projects with CX-Designer. In all other cases you can use also Ethernet/TCP and you don't have to care about FINS node numbers.
  6. Can I use MOVR in Functional Block, without AT settings?

    Hi, the correct instruction to find out the address of a variable in a FB is GETID. It works also with non absolut addressing. Please see the Omron-FBs from the library for example. (Sorry, they are not easy to understand) Harald
  7. VPN, CX programmer, scada - access via ethernet

    If the Visualisation would be an OMRON Software, or making communication via CX-Server OPC, the CX-Server would handle the multiple access. If UDP port 9600 is occupied by your Visu-Software, still TCP port 9600 is free for OMRON Software. Choose "Ethernet FINS/TCP" instead of "Ethernet" as Network on your Omron-Software. (Or the other way arround) Regards
  8. RTU Modbus With CJ2M PLC and 3G3RX Drives on RS485

    Yes, easymodbus and sertial gateway with modbus does not work with CJ2M-CPUs-serial interface. You need SCU! You can try also the special version of Refresh-FB: http://www.myomron.com/index.php?action=kb&article=1278
  9. FB + structured text and array question

    Hi, you can define an array as IN/OUT in the FB. (Not possible with old CX-P versions)
  10. VCTF cable for Compobus/S and CompoNet

    Yes this is correct, it has to be 0.75 sqmm. It can be also normal electrical or audio cable. It has to be below 25 Ohm per km. No Impedance specified, so all possible. I made some tests, cable with 0.75 sqmm works better than thin communication cable!
  11. Supervisor v2.1

    Sorry, correct is to use a minus sign in Supervisor for the bank number behind the address, so address 100 on bank E1 is E00100-1 Harald

    Please try to download W135 from www.omron.ca On page 8 you see multilevel is , if you have one PLC with 2 PCLink units. switch settings begin at page 25. Wiring is on page 39 connect a shielded twisted pair 5 - 5 - 5 - (B= + ) 9 - 9 - 9 - (A = - ) (Shield on FG)
  13. Supervisor v2.1

    NO NO NO E=0_0 is good. CX-Supervisor works fine also with EM-banks, if I am not wrong, you have to specify only first the address and then the bank number e.g. for address 100 on bank 0 it is E100_0
  14. FB Udp_Send help please

    Hi, please try to use IP-addresses without Zeroes. An UDP-Send to e.g. does not work. (FB bug)
  15. Ethernet Network (CJ1, C200HX, RsView32)

    Hi, C200HX does not support FINS, but Hostlink. The ETN-to-serial-converter will provide a driver software on your PC to have a virtual COM-port. You can access the C200HX through the OPC-Server Host Link, the virtual COM-port, ETN, ETN-serial converter, RS232-port on the C200HX. The CJ1M- can be accessed through the OPC-server-Omron-FINS-Ethernet Harald