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  1. IEC Developer Online Edits

    Hello all, It's been a while since my last post and this one might be a bit vague. I'm pretty new to Mitsubishi, we are still,using IEC developer from I think v6 to v7.04. There are limits to online edits regarding the CPU memory, can these be overcome with a memory card? Can this be used just for the edits then removed from the CPU? Thanks in advance.
  2. ProWORX NxT Error

    Thanks again for reply Quant. I had to make a new virtual XP image and start from scratch with the install, all now seems to be well and I remembered to back up the working image!
  3. TSXCUSB485 Windows 7

    Hi Quant Thanks for the reply. I have the driver installed I think there may be an issue with the order in which I installed the drivers. My problem now is that I can't delete the drivers as I get the following error message. Error 1920. Service NA_Service (NA_Service) failed to start.
  4. Hello all, Is anyone using the TSXUSB485 successfully with Windows 7? I have all the relevant drivers installed but the device comes up in error every time I plug it in. Thanks in advance.
  5. ProWORX NxT Error

    Hi , I have v2.2 and all the upgrades I can find. I have uninstalled and reinstalled with no joy. Thanks
  6. Hello all, I am using ProWORX NxT, it has been working for a while but now whenever I go to Controller : Communication Setup I immediately get a Path/File access error and the program shut down. Any ideas welcome thanks.
  7. STL Help

    Thanks again Groo, After several hours changing/testing/breaking I understand a lot more, I just have to improve on my German now!
  8. STL Help

    Thanks Groo. This could be a silly question but what is the relevance of the #? I've searched online but can't seem to get a specific answer.
  9. STL Help

    Hi All, I'm struggling to get to grips with a bit of code written in STL, can anyone give me a quick overview of what is actually being done in network 4 in the following pics. Thanks in advance. plc_2.bmp
  10. Another Siemens Starter

    Thanks Rod.
  11. Another Siemens Starter

    Hello all, just starting out finding a little about Siemens by downloading S7 LITE and was wondering if there are any sample programs available for this software? Searched but can't seem to find any. Thanks for your help.
  12. Connecting the ground on screened cables.

    Thanks for replies all, Veganic, I'm not 100% positive how RCDs work, I know the theory of difference between currents in N and L but we have RCDs supplying three phase motors (mennekes plug sockets from RS http://uk.rs-online.com/web/search/searchB...&R=0491204) with obviously no neutral don't these monitor current flowing in the earth circuit? Again, sorry for my naivety. Thanks
  13. Connecting the ground on screened cables.

    Thanks for replies Mickey, I was under the impression that if there was curent flowing in the earth circuit (above 30mA) that the supply RCD would trip, several of our panels have RCD protection on the supply and we've never had any problems. We might just have been lucky. Cheers
  14. Connecting the ground on screened cables.

    Have you had any experience of current flowing in a grounded circuit? In my previous job we had 100s maybe 1000s of devices with screen grounded at both ends with no problems on any circuit. What about VFD cables are these to be grounded at one ond only too? In what instance would a screen become a current carrying conductor unless under fault conditions? Wouldn't a screen carring current trip the RCD? Sorry if i sound naive. Thanks for reply.
  15. Hi all, recently I have seen more projects that state the cable screen should only be connected to ground at one end. Up until now the screen was grounded at both ends and we've never had any problems. Just wondering what experience people have had. Cheers.