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  1. HEMCO_PID_V2.ACD Hi Guys, I have tried speaking to Rockwell regarding PID instructions, but received no sensible replies. The manuals are not very clear and even the sample PID program example is undocumented ! I have a Variable Speed Pump (PSV1010) that is used to top-up a tank. The Feedback for the loop is the Tank Level (LT-1080). I need a Manual / Auto facility so that the PID is used in ‘Auto’ and the Operator enters a required Speed (0 to 100%) from the SCADA system when in ‘Manual’ control. Auto and Manual Control are selected via suitable psuedo pushbuttons on the SCADA system. I have several other loops to program, but want to make sure this one is correct before programming them. Normally, we would test the program prior to it’s usage, but this is a site update, and we do not have a chance to test it prior to emailing the revised code. So I was wondering if one of you kind gentlemen would just take a look and let me know if I have any errors etc. in the attached (cut down version – have deleted all the logic) .acd file. Thank you in advance for you assistance. Best regards, Rich.
  2. RSLogix5000 PID Instruction

    UPDATE Hi Guys, I have moved the PID block into a Periodic Task, updating at the same interval as the PID update value. I think the only outstanding query is should I use the .SWM or .MO bits to switch between Automatic (PID) or Manual Control. Rockwell suggest using the .MO and place the required manual value in the 'Tieback' tag, but I have read on this forum NOT to use the .MO, but the .SWM instead. Any comments ? Best regards, Rich.
  3. RSView32 - Eurotherm 2208

    Hi Guys, I have an RSView32 application that needs to read the PV and set the SP of a series of Eurotherm 2208 Temperature Controllers (24 in total) from a Touchscreen. The 2208 Controllers are wired together using 2 wire RS485 communications through the onboard HE & HF terminals through to an Adams 4520 unit (RS485/RS232 converter) then over a standard RS232 cable into the Industrial PC running the RSView32 application. I can only assume that I need to set up some sort of OPC driver in RSView32, but that is as far as my experience goes on RS232/RS485 comms. Any help, would be greatly appreciated. Rich.
  4. Hi everyone, We need to get online with our client's Allen Bradley SLC5/04 to do some programming changes. Unfortunatly......SOMEONE..........has reconfigured the RS232 port as DH485 and lost their DH+ PMCIA card !!!! We cannot gain access through the RS232 port ! Any ideas ? Last resort is to remove the battery, wipe the memory and reload the program again. ANY help would be very much appreciated. Richy.
  5. Panelview Plus 700 HMI

    Panelview Plus 700 Colour with Ethernet Comms. Third unit to crash with the following message: Runtime.mer has performed an illegal operation and will be closed. Cycle power, same problem. Unit has to be replaced or .mer reloaded. AB (UK) cannot help. Any assistance gratfully received.