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  1. SLC 5/03 Clearing Faults

    I'm trying to help out someone that has the same setup as i do clear a fault light on a slc 5/03. What happens sometimes when we loose power is the fault light comes on and the program won't run...all i do is hook up a laptop thru a AB-PIC, go to processor status and "clear major errors"...light goes out and everything is fine again. Now we have the same setup 800 miles away from me that is having the same problem. I've been trying to talk them thru it but their laptop is a mess and i'm having no success getting the drivers for the PIC to work and what not so there is no going online. So the simple question is "can you clear major errors without going online with RSlogix 500?" Also for future processor faults, what whould be the best way to setup a manual push button on the panelview or whatever to clear errors? or would you just set the s:1/8 bit to 1 and reflash to eeprom?
  2. SLC 5/03 Clearing Faults

    thanks for the help i should have mentioned it is a flashing fault light key method & cycling power didn't to AB (after getting a free 90 day trial for tech support) and they said that's the only 2 things you do without going online. The only other thing is to jumper VBB to GND on the card but that will set it back to factory defaults and clear the ladder. looks like it's back to play with RSlogix