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  1. SLC 5/04 Major I/O Error

    jstolaruk It is a 1746IA16 Input Module and it dosent recognise it anymore. Until today it worked perfect but today when i tried to Read I/O in that specific slot where the card is it says OTHER
  2. SLC 5/04 Major I/O Error

    Hi all. Does anyone knows how to clear this error "xx55h" i tried a couple of times to clear the fault and it still faults when switching on run mode. When i disabled the slot by setting S:6/11 to '0' it works but i cannot use the input card anymore. Im starting to think that the card might be the problem and has to be replaced. Does anybody know what can i do so i can get it working again? plz see atatchment pic Thank you
  3. Panelviw Plus 1250

    swimmy67 Thank you very much. I will try that as soon as possibile. I hope its gona work
  4. Panelviw Plus 1250

    Hi all. Im a student that is trying to learn industrial electronics. I have a PVPlus 1250 that i want to learn on and i also have a RSView Machine Edition demo software from rockwell automation. My problem is that every time i try to enter the configuration mode of the pvp it tells me that the firmware which i don't have is corrupted. Now i tryed to explain my problem to some A-B supplyers around Toronto if someone can help me with the firmware but they were actually surprised that in order to download the firmware from you need the original cd's serial# and i only have a demo version of the RSView ME. So...they couldn't help me. I really want to learn these devices and im asking anyone if there is a way that i could have the firmware for my PVPlus 1250 so i could start working with it plz let me know. thank you all...