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  1. Thank you very much. I will try this instruction as above. Regards Danny
  2. Mike. Than you for help, what do you mean operate the comms. reset pushbutton for 1 second to restore the factory defaults? Can you please give me more idea please. Thanks again. Danny
  3. Thank you for your help. But I want know can I clear the controller memory without going online. Like short the jumper or removing the battery? Thank you Danny
  4. Hi. I have AB Micrologix 1200, Did anyone know how to clear the controller memory by shorting jumper in the board? Or any other ways to erase the controller memory back to factory default mean nothing in the controller (CPU). Thank you Danny
  5. Craig W. I would like to try to use different ports, how can I select different port like port # 4. Can you please give me some idea how to change it to Com port # 1 to port #4. Thanks again Regards Danny
  6. Hi Craig W Before I reinstall the DF1 driver for the ML1000, ML1500 or SLC 500. I have deleted the DF1 that configured to the RS5000 / Contrologix. It still not working. Thank you Craig W Regards Danny
  7. I did not use this notebook as fax and not connect to Internet too. By way how can I check it has been used by the fax or the inetrnet???
  8. Hello AB Users, Who can help me to solve this problem please - I try to configure a RS-232/DF1 device driver using rslinx to connect to my micrologix 1200 , 1000 and slc 500/4. In the configure screen in the rslinx I have selected as below- Comm Port : Com1 Device : SLC-CH0/Micro/Panelview Baud Rate : 19200 Station Nummber : 00 Parirt : None Error Checking : BCC Stop Bits : 1 Protocol : Full Duplex The next thing I do is click on Auto-Configure button then a pop up massage showing ( Unable to open the specified com port for configuration testing ) and also I have try to change the seting above it still the same. And then I try to configure the rslinx driver (RS-232/DF1) connect to me contrologix PLC and is working. And no problem go online using rslogix 5000 software. I hope some can resolve this problem for me. Thank you very much Cheer!!!