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  1. Hi There, Wondering what this is. My customer has one of these PLC 's and I'm going to have to support him remotely as he is on the east coast and I'm in Oregon. I'm planning on using an ewon cosy 141 .... and any feedback on using this device would be great as well Thanks in advance
  2. Does anyone know if there is still a demo version of this software? Thanks
  3. Hi, I'm trying to figure out which programming software I need in order to open the following PLC files... please dont ask what kind of PLC the files are from because I dont know! :) Here are the file extensions, there are 17 files .CPF CPF File 19.5 KB .DCF DCF File 2.4 KB .DDF DDF File 12.0 KB .DPF DPF File 79.1 KB .DSU DSU File 640 bytes .LDF LDF File 9.9 KB .LGF LGF File 250 bytes .LPF LPF File 9.8 KB .MDF MDF File 6.0 KB .NDF NDF File 390 bytes .RDF RDF File 7.4 KB .RPF RPF File 5.5 KB .RUF RUF File 3.0 KB .TDF TDF File 67 bytes .TFP TFP File 549 bytes .TSF TSF File 210 bytes .TSP Thanks for any help!
  4. Analog in micrologix 1100

    Thanks, that is perfect except it is not an insertion type....this app calls for insertion into a pressurized hot water line. I wonder if there is a way so encase it in something
  5. I'm trying to find an inexpensive temperature sensor for this controller. Since it only has a 0-10 volt input, if anyone else has done a lower end project and discovered a cost effective solution I would appreciate the help! It needs to be an insertion type. Thanks again
  6. I'm changing pc's and have several 984's on a modbus plus network that I have to connect to using a Wonderware app. I have the USB module listed in the title and need to use it to connect to the mb+ network. Has anyone done this? I have tried a few searches and had no luck so far. What I need to know is which Ww I/O server or DAserver to use. Thanks for any help
  7. DH+ Network to wonderware

    Thanks a ton for all the input. After reading your comments and talking to ww tech I have decided to go the way of the 1756DHRIO card and put it into an existing CLX chassis that is already led back to my ww pc via ethernet ...so all I have to purchase is the 1 card. Also the ww ABCIP DA server without RSLinx just makes for less "stuff" to deal with. Thanks again
  8. Looking for some advice on going from a DH+ network to probably ethernet...replacing the existing kt card in the pc as newer pc's dont have the bus system for the old kt card. The new pc will be running win 7. Probably the most help I need is with which Wonderware I/O server to use with the ethernet communications to the DH+ nodes in the plant.... Thanks for any help
  9. Well, as the title suggests I'm trying to access several PLC's and SLC's with wonderware on windows 7. Wondeware no longer provide I/O servers for win 7 so I'm not sure how to go about this. I dont want to use a KT card as the PCI bus is probably on its way out and my new PC does not have it anyway. Thanks for any feedback
  10. What I'm trying to do (and hoping someones else has already done so!) is connect to several different PLC's using this adapter over DH+. My DH+ network consists of SLC 500's and also PLC5. Currently I use RSLinx AB-DF1 to talk to the GW1000 adapter through a USB port.... and this works great, but now I need to use the adapter with wonderware. Thanks for any feedback
  11. I'm having a problem with this module. In traffic cop the module will occasionally flash "configuration module unhealthy" or something very similar to this. As the module has been working with the existing code for some time I dont think it is the code. My question is: can this module be removed and inserted with the rack powered up? Also, this is in a remote I/O rack and the "ourbus error" light is flashing Thanks for any help
  12. I had a problem yesterday where I was called in and found the 984-485 with the power on, but not in run mode. I cycled the power and the plc then did go into run mode but there was an ourbus error light on the remote rack. Also the modbus plus port and modbus port were unresponsive. I rebooted again and this time the ourbus error light went off and everything except the modbus plus and modbus ports was working. The modbus plus light does its normal blink blink blink routine as if there is nothing connected but there is. Also - I cannot connect at all on the modbus port with my laptop. I eventually downloaded the program to a spare 984-485 and installed that - it ran fine. My question is: is there a default modbus setup that the plc reverts to.....? I still cant communicate with the old 984-484 that is now in our test rack.
  13. Micrologix 1000 scaling

    Thanks Mickey
  14. I'm working on a project that uses a micrologix 1000 and a panelview c300. I need to figure out a way to create an "scp" in the micrologix....has anybody tried this? Of course I cannot scale in the c300 and the micrologix does not do floating point math Thanks for any help