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  1. Anybody have experience with this combination? The MVI46-DFNT is a prosoft ethernet module Thanks for any help
  2. GX Developer help for newbie

  3. GX Developer help for newbie

    Sorry to keep bugging - is there a way to see unused addresses.......I looked through the manual briefly and could not find anything. Thanks again
  4. GX Developer help for newbie

    Thank you
  5. GX Developer help for newbie

    Is it possible to insert a rung or shift the next rung down? In the attachment I want to extend the branch where the cursor is, down.... Thanks for any help gxdev.doc
  6. Converting Time on MicroLogix and PanelView

    Yeah - I never ran it, just rattled it off. Should work with a few modifications like you have done though :)
  7. Converting Time on MicroLogix and PanelView

    Could you do an integer to string and then a concatenate? See attached example ST14:1 and 3 would contain : The last ST14:9 would be the full "hour:minute:second" STRING_TIME.RSS
  8. Xycom quickpanel model GP270-SC21-24VP

    Thanks - thats what I ended up getting
  9. Bit Shift

    Can you post the logic that sets the bit in the stack? What TW means is this I think... BST XIC B3:15/7 NXB XIC B3:15/8 NXB XIC B3:15/9 BND OTE B3:0/5 If b3:0/5 is the reject solenoid and B3:15/8 is the "red marked box" or "unload bit" then just add the above two XIC's (B3:15/7 and B3:15/9) The bit that is set to 1 ie red marked box has to move through all three positions
  10. Does any body know where to get information on software for this product? The xycom website is not very helpfull and their tech support line is very one has gotten back to me. I have the app (e-mailed to me) but dont know which software I need to open it. The app has the extension .prw The guy who e-mailed the app does not know. Thanks for any help
  11. fx2n-4da

    Thanks for all the help!
  12. fx2n-4da

    Thanks - this helped a lot. Question - are the modules allways addressed by their physical position? ie K0 in your example is allways the first module attached to the PLC? Reason I ask is I have several TO instructions referencing KO K1 K2 modules but only one module is attached to the PLC. Iam thinking this is code for a different version of the machine that has 3 expansion modules. All the documentation is in German so not easy to understand whats going on!
  13. fx2n-4da

    How is the whole module addressed? Like in AB you have slot word in the TO instruction I have [TO K1 K1 D0 K4] Does this first K1 mean module 1 (first physical module attached to main plc?) Then second K1 means first output referenced? D0 means data in D0 will be written to first output K1 K4 means 4 words of data starting at D0 will be written to channels 1 through 4 (K1-K4)?
  14. fx2n-4da

    Thank you...what does BFM mean?
  15. fx2n-4da

    Hello mitsubishi users! I have to make some changes to a program that references one of these modules. I have not worked with these PLC's at all and having a heck of a time getting my head around the instruction set. What would a write to one of these look like? So far I have read that I would use the TO instruction. what do the other words in the instruction mean?... The existing code looks something like this -|M8002|------------[TO K0 K5 H11 K1] Thanks for any help