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  1. PLC to PLC communication

    simple PLC comm is easiest just setting up parameters and communicating over the standard ethernet port  
  2. Connect remotely to an OPC Server DA

    Are you using a Mitsubishi OPC server  ?
  3. In that case just use the jog FB from the module FB's.  M+FXSSC_JOG
  4. You can download them free from the Mitsubishi site. you will need to register for a free mymitsubishi account: this would be the file: iQ-F - GX Works3 - Positioning, PLCopen - MEU+PLCOpen_FX5-__SSC-S_00C  
  5. Can't alter program A series.

    The stations you mention are remote i/o right. So they don't have to be X or Y. Which network is it CC-Link ? when you alter something you can't write it into the PLC.... what happens exactly. You don't have communication ? do you get an error ?   
  6. Gx Configurator Dp and creating new Dp2 file

    Yes there should be a verify button on in the online tasks menu. The i/o number is not completely the same as the slot number. it's an I/O number which you can set in the io assigment under the PLC parameters If you do not it count from 00 and add the I/O of each card. Say you have 3 16 input card  Then the I/O address of the cards would be 00H - 10H - 20H  But if the first card is 32 (hex 20) Then  it would be 00H - 20H -30H If you don't want to calculate it or set it in the I/O assignment then you can see the I/O number via the system diagnostics.    
  7. R04CPU old firmware

    But why not use the latest version ?
  8. R04CPU old firmware

    juts out of curiosity why would you want to use older firmware ?
  9. GX Developer

    That is an English version. You can also try GX works 2 Trial version which is the successor of GX Developer.
  10. Collision avoidance R04CPU R16RTCPU error

    How are you connected to the R04 CPU ?  When do you het the error ? Can you connect ? monitor ?  
  11. Collision avoidance R04CPU R16RTCPU error

    I am confused Collision  avoidance  is a Mitsubishi Robot Function. R04 is a PLC and the  ES error is an easysocket comm error.    So you are having problems downloading into the R04 PLC PLC ?    
  12. FX5U Link to WinCC RT Advanced

    this info should be made available from the siemens help. But they are probably using the  SLMP driver. Which settings have you made at the WinCC for the FX5U?  

    GT Converter for ........ Depends which one you want to convert. But only Mitsubishi Electric FA has these converter programs !!
  14. only the document of the RFID card reader can be downloaded. I can't see the attached pictures

    Sure no problem

    The tool is only available at Mitsubishi factory automation. Just send them your projects.
  17. FX5U MODBUS-TCP Communication with Jetson Nano

    To bad you didn't get it working via modbus TCP but all quickstart documentation  is welkcome 
  18. Q170MCPU problem

    Just a warning that some new features are not supported by the version of motion software in the cpu. So unless you want to use any of those functions it’s ok 
  19. Mitsubishi Fx5uc

    Ok thanks :) But  It will work I've  done it many times.
  20. System forgets servo position

    But isn't the home position 0??? By default this would be  0  
  21. Mitsubishi Fx5uc

    You don't need a FB the Weintek will be the client and the FX5 the server so all you need to do is set the parameters. You will only need te FB is the FX5 is the client 
  22. Mitsubishi Fx5uc

    Well all you have to go to the parameters setup an ip adress and then in the setting select a modbus port.  That's all  
  23. Mitsubishi Fx5uc

    The TCP/IP port on the CPU support Modbus TCP/IP. But the Weintek will probably have a dedicated driver (SLMP)
  24. Mitsubishi PLC does not connect to PC.

    Like I Said before " Just give you the ethernetcard of your computer an IP adres. (For direct connection it won't matter) " The FX5 is not a DHCP server it won't give out IP addresses.!!!! You will need to give your PC's ethernet card an IP address Than the direct connection will work !!! After you've given the FX5 the IP address you want it to have you can than create the ethernet connection. In that case the IP address of your pc  and the one of the FX5 should be in the same segment. for instance 192.50.50.xx      
  25. FX5U MODBUS-TCP Communication with Jetson Nano

    Any modbus device will work. As for the modbus address you need to write to This you should find in the manual of the modbus slave