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  1. CX Programmer (CJ1M CPU12-ETN)

    pedroborges, did you get the solution for this???  
  2. need help with programing a cp1w

    Hello, try and read this post, it may help you i hope..
  3. modbus address register of inverter 3g3tc

    With Modbus Poll try f4 instead of f3. F3 = function 3. f4 = function 4. Try with f4, which should let you write to the registers one by one, until you find what you need. I hope I helped and that you find what you need.
  4. How to connect weighing machine to CP1L

    Hi, do you know what type of communication this scale uses? I'm no expert but I can try to help you.
  5. LOGO!SoftComfort - Help with Analog Instructions

    Hell i don't know if this help's but try it : Inferno, não sei se isto ajuda mas experimenta:
  6. LOGO!SoftComfort - Help with Analog Instructions

    Can you tell me which LOGO you have, I know that some of them do not have DO, for that you need a proper expansion
  7. CJ1M PLC not communicating with PC

  8. CJ1M PLC not communicating with PC

    So, let's see if I can help. To communicate with a CJ1M through the rs232 port, 9-pin port, you must configure the type of plc, the type of cpu corresponding to your hardware, then you must choose sysmac-way in the network type tab, in settings, right next to the network tab type, you must choose the port you are using, for example, if you use a usb-rs232 adapter like me you must say what port it is and / or if you use a usb-rs232 cable you should choose usb. Hope this helps. I could send some printscreen but I don't know why I can't, sorry.
  9. Olá a todos, mais uma vez necessito da ajuda de todos para estudar e entender como se implementa uma comunicação entre plc cqm1 cpu 43 e um 3g3mv. O meu objectivo é aprender e implementar uma comunicação tal que a partir do plc eu possa enviar a frequencia de trabalho e ligar /desligar o variador, a frequencia ira posteriormente ser calculada em função do fluxo de peças que iram passar numa passadeira. Sei que funciona pois lembro-me que já vi isto implementado numa situação identica mas como já poderam perceber não sei como o fazer. Já li e reli os manuais que encontrei pela internet, ja tentei perceber atravez de exemplos que fui encontrando mas ainda não percebi. A forma que mais estou abituado a programar é em LADDER, porque ainda sou muito inesperiente e se calhar é por isso que não encontro muito informaçaõ. Desde já agradeço toda e qualquer ajuda que me possam dar. Hello everyone, once again I need everyone's help to study and understand how to implement a communication between plc cqm1 cpu 43 and a 3g3mv. My objective is to learn and implement a communication such that from the plc I can send the working frequency and turn the drive on / off, the frequency will later be calculated according to the flow of parts that will pass on a treadmill. I know it works because I remember that I saw this implemented in an identical situation but as you can see, I don't know how to do it. I have read and reread the manuals I found on the internet, I have tried to understand through examples that I have been finding but have not yet realized. The way I'm most reluctant to program is in LADDER, because I'm still very unexpected and maybe that's why I don't find much information. I thank you in advance for any and all help you can give me. Translated by Google  
  10. Dear friends, I would like to have help with a problem I come across, leave attached an example of my difficulty, which is how Unlockable one digital output in the program, a profibus slave SEW, ref. MFP21A more point out that the entire PROFIBUS network is working well, minus the digital outputs. Thanking already all help possible Rui Silva profibus c200he-cpu32 + mfp21a.rar
  11. hmi tema vt56

    Yes, i contacted the vendor but they don't tell me nothing at the moment.
  12. hmi tema vt56

    I need help to find this program for the tema vt56 hmi. I tray to find in the web site of tema and i can´t download it. Can any one help me, please?!?!?! P.S.: Sorry about my english
  13. Ntxs program example

    Hi MPM Thank's a lot for your help, after examen your file and try to understand out it works, i realise out's missing on the plc, i've change it and it's work perfectly. Now i just have to put all of this in the machine anr try it. Once more thank's a lot. Rui Silva Portugal
  14. Ntxs program example

    Hello MPM. Can you send the program with your corrections. I'm new in this thing's and i try to learn by my self, so you can see were is my dificultys, my englys it's not so god as you can think. Thank's a lot. Rui Silva Portugal
  15. Ntxs program example

    Hi my douth is how to program a nt3s-st124b-e to represent some alarms from a cqm1 cpu43. if some of you can help, please send a little ntxs program for i can see what to do. Here is a copy of the program that i try to do. Sorry, i can't send the file in the last post. Saida_f1_cqm1_cpu_21.rar