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  1. A1S Hardware failure

    I've just been playing with a machine that has an old A1S system (I can just about remember putting it in!) that a customer would like to put back into operation. As I was testing it through I took out a redundant A1SJ71C24 comms module without turning off the power supply Now I can't communicate at all!!! I've tried all the usual power up options and even removed everything bar the PSU and CPU off the backplane and tried but I continue to get the error "The connected PLC could not be recognized" <ES:15061102> The Error LED lights continuous and when switched to Run the Run LED flashes. I've googled it but can't find anything. Any ideas? Cheers Paul Ked
  2. E1101 Recipe Not Saving

    Thanks for that.
  3. E1101 Recipe Not Saving

    Update. Firmware of Working Terminals is 1.50 B170 Firmware of Wonky Terminal is 1.52 B211 Is it possible to Downgrade the Firmware? Cheers Paul Ked
  4. E1101 Recipe Not Saving

    Hi All Every time I try to save a new recipe the terminal re-boots. I've had this trouble before and I cleared it by re-setting the terminal to factory defaults and then loading everything back in. This, I thought, was a 'one off' but it has happened again. We have 3 E1101 terminals, all with very similar programs but it is only this one in particular giving us grief Any ideas? Cheers Paul Ked
  5. FTP error to E1101

    Hi all. I am having trouble with uploading recipes to an E1101 using FTP client (supplied with HMI Tools). I transfer a recipe to the HMI from a PC and the recipe transfers fine. To test this I uploaded a recipe file, deleted it on the PC and then downloaded it back to PC. I get the same file back. However. When I try to load the recipe on the HMI the two String fields do not appear. If I enter them manually from the HMI then they stay there (as do any recipes created on the HMI) When I download files created in the HMI to PC they look exactly the same as the files I'm having trouble uploading Any ideas? Cheers Paul Ked
  6. HMI Mirrored Graphics

    Hi all. I'm just completing a couple of systems each consisting of an oven and conveyors to move the products through the oven. The systems are 'mirrored' as per: ¦ ¦ x x ¦ ¦ D ¦ ¦ D ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ The HMI's are at position x. D is the oven, each with 3 burners (1,2 & 3 from top to bottom). My question... Would you mirror all the pages on the HMI (See attached) or keep all but the Manual Conveyor Operation the same? Neither myself or the client can decide!!!! Cheers Paul Ked Conveyor Manual.bmp Oven Manual.bmp Oven Working.bmp
  7. Need to send ASCII code via com port

    Does this work? FX2NC-232ADP RS232 serial communications module
  8. E1101 HMI

    This happens when you only send part of the project to the terminal. If, for instance, you only want to send block 1, then make sure the "Fonts" and "Message library/ multiple languages" check boxes are checked. This should prevent it from happening. Cheers Paul Ked
  9. FR-D700 Offset/Gain Control

    Great, you've saved me a 140 mile round trip tomorrow. Have an Ice Cold one on me Cheers Paul Ked
  10. FR-D700 Offset/Gain Control

    Hi all. I'm sorry this is 'off topic' as I need help on a drive. I'm on site and have limited access to info and internet! I have a 0-10V signal from PLC to drive (term 2) and have a need 0V to represent 20Hz and 10V to represent 50Hz. The Telemec ATV's do this automatically when you set the minimum speed of the drive to 20Hz but the Mitsu's just sit at 20Hz until the voltage goes above 4V. Any help? Cheers & many thanks Paul Ked
  11. E1101 Errors

    Many thanks, will try it tomorrow and let you know how it goes.
  12. E1101 Errors

    I have had a system up and running for 14 months without problems. I installed Remote Viewer for the client and then started getting the following System Errors (randomly) on the HMI: A_I#4.0 and WRITE FILE IN FS_CHSIZE FAILED DISK FULL Anyone any ideas? Cheers Paul Ked
  13. E1032 HMI connectin with S5115 CPU

    You could try this CAB1 Sorry, enter S5 in the search box and it will give you the CAB1 for RS232 and CAB7 for current loop
  14. QJ71E71

    Thanks for reply. In a situation such as this, which type of Communication would you use? Cheers Paul Ked
  15. QJ71E71

    With Simultaneous Communication, can the data being sent to to two PLC's be different or does it have to be the same? eg I have two recipes stored in PLC 1 and one is sent to PLC 2 and the other to PLC 3. Likewise, Can PLC 2 send one set of logging data to PLC 1 and PLC 3 send another set of logging data to PLC 1 at the same time? Sorry to be an idiot, but I have never done this before. Many thanks Paul Ked