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  1. Profibus

    Hi: Omron Profubus DP Master is V1, can it be use with device with V2? Thks
  2. Continuous Weighing

    Hi: I'm wondering have anybody wrote any program on continous weighing? What and how the calculation look like? Scenario: a moving conveyor (control by Inverter ) ferrying example sand or any powder where a load cell is weighing the weight continously, the belt travel distance can be measured by means of Encoder. Now If I set a weight Target say 1000 kg, how can I create the formulation to achive the set target? by Kg/meter ? if so if the weight varies from time to time then the value become dynamic? Can someone share some thought ?
  3. Syncronization

    HI: Can the Motion Group and Motion Instruction be used with normal Analog Ouput and External Encoder? I read some sample but those are link to power flex. I have a difficult task as current hardware limitation. The Controllogix equiped only with 1 Analog Output Card (4 Channel of +/- 10v) and 1 HSC Card (2 Channel). I could not figure out how to syncronize the 2 axis (well accuracy may not seems to be a problem). Both Axis (1 rotary and 1 linear (horizontal)) will have to be syncronize in order to complete individual task in sync. As the Target for Both can be vary depending on setting . Can Some one provide me some guidance? Thanks Library_VR_2Axis_PF700_L6x_V01_01.ACD
  4. Guys: I would like to know how to make two Servo Motor syncronize making use only Analogue Output and External Encorder and a Fast Counter Module with Controllogix. ( Pls don't ask me why Axis Driver is not used, there is no way to change the module at the moment, NO BUDGET! HA HA). Two Encoder with 1000 pulses/rev Scenario: Rotary Movement 0 to 5000 ( which translate to 5000 -->1 revolution, well) with speed control by means of Analogue Output. Horizontal Movement in milimeter . Case---> If Horizontal movement target is 20mm, but will have to tie with Rotary Action. i.e rotary action is master, say the target is 1000 at the speed 0f 30%, if it achieve target, the horizontal movement must be hitting the Target as well (20mm for example). How do I write the formulae?
  5. Method of Positioning

    Linear positioning. I'm using a Analogue Output Card (-10 to 10v) that drive an existing Servo Drive. Actually, there are 2 Axis (If you consider the Rotary action as an axis ), the Rotaty movement is to open a rotary Pump (kind of special fabricated mechanical actuator). Both running using Analogue Voltage. Both using External Encoder. Accuray? I guessed 0.5mm to 1mm for Linear, as for the Rotary valve is the angle of opening. I have no experience on how to manage Encoder. Linear action will perform Homing ( 2 end point Sensor). I'm wondering how to treat or calculation especially if the Rollover value because no of revolutions of servo will definately more than one. Can you help? Thanks
  6. Hi: I have a Fast Counter Card( Controllogix, HSC) that linked to a Omron Incremental Encoder with a resolution of 1000 P/R. I'm using it for Positoning. What is the right method to do a relative positioning? Does Anybody have sample program? Thanks in Advance
  7. Hi Guys: I would like to know how can I do this in Controllogix. Electronic Cam Positioner with Absolute Encoder. Which module should use? What Instruction in Ladder That I should use? I did that with Omron PLC using Omron Gray Code Instruction. The Absolute Encoder is 8 bits (8 input to a normal discrete input (transistor type). The Gray Code Instruction will convert the value into Degree, using comparison instruction, I could check for Start and End Angle! So I could as many combination that could be use for machine operation. Is there any similar funciton in AB? I came across Electronic Cam Profile in RSLogix5000, I thought that is use only for Servo Driver, Am I correct? Thanks
  8. Yes, DF1 protocol and a message instruction.
  9. Hi: Is there any way to have communication between PLC5 and Micrologix? Using which protocol and what command should I use in the Ladder? Thanks
  10. String in Micrologix

    My intention is actually sending string to a printer. Date Time Data1 Data 2 Data1 =Float type Data 2 =Integer If I would to place the String at specific location, I'm more concern some one accidentally deleted or overwrie the value store at ST By the day, how do I convert Float into string? Thanks
  11. I need to place character or string in the ST (string table), beside directly key into the the string table, which is easily erase or modfiy accidentally. I need to know how to "move" say character "i" (=hex 69) or space into ST table. ? how Thanks
  12. Hi: Now I'm able to Read single/multi word, Write Single Word BUT..............................NOT MULTIPLE WORD!? LD 1 [%MW0 := 16#010C ] [%MW1 := 16#0007 ] [%MW2 := 16#0210 ] [%MW3 := 16#0010 ] [%MW4 := 16#0009 ]-----> Start Address MW9 (400010) [%MW5 := 16#0004 ]-----> 2 Word [%MW6 := 16#6566 ]-----> First Word Value [%MW7 := 16#6768 ]------> Second Word Value LD 1 AND %MSG2.D [EXCH2 %MW0:11] LD %MSG2.E ST %Q0.0 Can some one tell me where is the Bug? Have some one experience this kind of Problem?
  13. Hi: I have 6 unit of scale with Modbus RTU acted as Slave, with Twido as Master. I'm trying to figure out how to use EXCH2 (Using Port 2) to Send Query to Slave and Write Value to Scale. the Syntax of Exchx: [EXCHx %MWi:L] where: x = port number (1 or 2) L = number of words in the control words and transmission and reception tables I read through the Manual, I understand NOTHING! The Control Table : Command and Length, What Command? There is no Detail. The Example is far worst, the Explanation is near to Zero! LD 1 [%MW0 := 16#0106 ]----> What is 01? What is 06? [%MW1 := 16#0300 ]-----> ? [%MW2 := 16#0203 ]------>? [%MW3 := 16#0000 ]------> [%MW4 := 16#0004 ]-----> 4 word ? I guessed? LD 1 AND %MSG2.D [EXCH2 %MW0:11] LD %MSG2.E ST %Q0.0 END I'm Stuck! Can Someone Help?
  14. RS485 Communications between CJ1 and NS5 (CPM2C and NT31)

    Try to Get a RS232 to RS485/422 converter (Advantech Adam 4520). Either U convert to RS232 to 485 and then from 485 to RS232 or RS232 to 422 and then to RS232 You must buy 2 unit of ADAM4520
  15. Calculate Total flow out from Flowmeter